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How To Get The True Ending in Lies of P

How To Get The True Ending in Lies of P

No true Soul-like game is complete without multiple endings, the same goes for Lies of P. There are three endings in this game. Similarly to other Soul-like, there is one true ending that requires a specific set of actions to trigger. How can you get this true ending in Lies of P, let us find out.

To get the Rise of P ending you must maximize your Humanity before reaching Laxasia in Area 11 and talking to Sophia. Listening to records, choosing to lie in dialogue options, and solving riddles all raise Humanity.


Select the “Give her Peace” option when talking to Sophia. After defeating Simon Manus, and selecting the “I liberated her from Arche Abbey” option, meet up with Geppetto and “Refuse” to give him your heart. Then fight the Nameless Puppet boss to receive the ending.

Raise Humanity

Raising Humanity

The first and most important step to getting the true ending is that your Humanity needs to be at its highest level before you interact with Sophia in Area 11.

There are 4 levels of Humanity. The message displayed after your interactions with certain NPCs and choosing the right option will help in specifying your Humanity level. These messages are:

  • Level 1 Message: Your Springs are Reacting
  • Level 2 Message: The Ergo is Whispering
  • Level 3 Message: You Feel Warmth
  • Level 4 Message: Your Heart is Pounding. This message will only appear after you have interacted with Sophia in Area 11 so don’t worry about it.

There are essentially 3 ways of gaining Humanity:

  • Listening to the Records you find while exploring the world. Take the records to the Gramophone in Hotel Krat and make sure to listen to them from start to end. There is a Feel meter that will fill up as you listen to the record. The Humanity message will pop up after you are done.
  • Choosing the “Lie” or its equivalent dialogue option when interacting with NPCs. Some of these options are only available after you have gone through the NPC’s quest objectives.
  • Solving riddles given by the King of the Riddles over the phone.

You don’t have to lie for the entire run. It is just recommended to save yourself from any surprises at the end. Your Humanity just needs to be high enough. For this reason, we have posted the video above that goes over all the Humanity-gaining instances and the right choices if you don’t want to take any chances.

Interacting with Sophia

Sophia - Lies of P True Ending

After defeating Laxasia in Area 11, when you get the opportunity to talk to Sophia choose the “Give her Peace” dialogue option. You must do this step and select the given option only to get the true ending otherwise you will be locked out of the ending.

With enough Humanity, P’s hair color will turn to grey in the ensuing cutscene. If the color stays the same it means you haven’t earned enough Humanity and must start over to get the true ending. Conversely, if you choose the “Let her Live” option then you will be locked out of the true ending.

Make sure to complete any NPC quest before reaching Sophia. Additionally, listen to all the Records as it is a good way of accumulating extra Humanity points.

Simon Manus Boss Fight

Simon Manus Boss Fight - Lies of P True Ending

Progress through the story until you come face to face with Simon Manus, Awakened God in Area 11. After defeating him, talk to him and choose the “I liberated her from Arche Abbey” dialogue option.

Nameless Puppet – Final Step

Nameless Puppet - Lies of P True Ending

After doing everything mentioned before, you will be taken to the final area of the game Under the Abyss. Here you will interact with Geppetto. When he asks you to give him your heart, choose the option to “Refuse” him.

Doing so will trigger a secret boss fight against the Nameless Puppet. He is essentially the final boss of the game. Simply defeat him to unlock the true ending Rise of P of the game.

The Rise of P ending is the quintessential ending of Lies of P. For that reason alone, it demands jumping through some hoops. There are a few ways of failing to unlock this ending which we have mentioned above so make sure to read them and take the necessary actions to minimize any unwanted surprises.