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Is Golf With Your Friends Worth It?

Is Golf With Your Friends Worth It?

Golf with Your Friends is a fun little indie game that doesn’t look very big, but it is filled with a ton of things to do. The best part of it is that it is very cheap if you want to get it as well. When you think of golf, you might think that it is probably boring, but I am telling you that it is different from any golf game you have ever played. There are other games like it that are out there, but none compare to how good this one is. Here is everything that the game has to offer to anyone who buys it.

It is not normal golf

When you think of golf, you usually think of either mini-golfing or the actual real game of golf. This game is more of a mini-golfing arcade game with a huge spin on all things gold. There are no clubs, and you basically aim your ball in the direction you want to hit it and then use the power meter to make you either hit the ball harder or softer. There is soo many different things to do that it will not feel like golf.

I actually don’t like playing real golf, but this game is really fun. Everything is designed perfectly and each map has different ways to complete each hole. I don’t really think of it as a golf game, I think of it as a game I can just sit down and enjoy either by myself or with friends. The game is a pretty simple concept, but there is a lot to it. I would give it a try if you like games that are relaxing and fun to play.

All the different courses

There are currently 10 courses in the game and there will be more in the future. Each one of them has a specific style to them and music to go along with the theme. Think of it like you are going to a mini-golf course and that course has a theme. It is the same way here. From a candy land to a haunted house, there are just soo many courses to play. I got the game when there were only 2-3 courses in the game and I still had a blast. Imagine a new player playing the game and starting with 10 courses. I would say that is worth the money.

Customization for your golf ball

The golf ball can be customized to the way you want it to be. You can set it to be any color you want it to be. You can also put hats and trails on the ball to customize it that way too. There are different game modes that change the shape of the ball to so there are endless possibilities for customization in the game. Plus, your friends will know who you are by how you customize your ball to.

Play by yourself or with friends

The best part of the game is all the different parts you can do either by yourself or with friends. You are also able to open up servers for random people to join in if you are bored playing by yourself. Playing with friends makes all games 10 times better so if you have friends, have them get the game to and download some mods to change up the game. Also, check out the downloadable levels that players created because there is a lot of content to check out.

The map creator

They now have workshop working with the ability to save/load and publish maps to the workshop with images (taken using cameras in-game) Publishing maps takes no time at all maybe a second or two and downloading maps also only takes a few seconds which now allows players to join custom workshop maps instantly. They also currently have 5 themes working and will have 6 very soon once the Graveyard set is ready.
Alongside the assets we already have in the classic game we now also have a ton of extra assets which is super exciting, these items also include revamped old assets such as the housing in the forest!

The constant updates by the developers

Recently, Team17 bought out the company that made the game and they are making it better. They are making new maps for the future and are getting ready for the release of the game in Quarter 2 of 2020. I would say that if they stopped all the content now, I would be satisfied with all the stuff in it. What is cool about it is that there is more content planned for the future. If you are thinking about buying the game, the cheap price tag for the game is totally worth all the content put into it. Developers who keep the updates going and listen to the people are more likely to be successful than the people who ignore the people.

The Dunk game mode

Dunk is a special game mode in which your ball is still a golf ball, but instead of holes, there are basketball hoops. The twist is that you can make the golf ball jump in the air to fly into the hoop. It is a difficult game mode, but it is pretty fun when you know how to play it. When you look at the game, it seems like there is not a lot of content, but when you see all the stuff you can do, it will give you something to do for a long time. Just the golf mode alone is worth it to me.

The Hockey Game Mode

Hockey is pretty cool too because it makes everything slippery like ice and turns your golf ball into a hockey puck. The holes turn into a hockey goal and it places a gingerbread man in frot moving back and forth like a goalie. This is a great mode to play with a ton of people because it is very easy to hit another player out of the way. The node makes for some great competition between friends.


In conclusion, the game is definitely worth it for the price it is now. The price is currently $6.99 on steam and is very cheap when looking at other game prices. If it still is in early access, buy it now because they might raise the price when it officially releases. I would definitely say it is worth it and if you have a bunch of friends, have them get it to so you can compete to be the best arcade golfer.