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Is Bioshock 2 Worth Playing?

Is Bioshock 2 Worth Playing?

Bioshock 2 got a lot of negative feedback from a lot of players just because it was not as good as the first game. Yes, the game had a lot to live up to, but I don’t really think any game can beat the masterpiece of a game that the first one was. Bioshock 2 is still a great game when looked at as a standalone title. When I played the game, I just fell in love with everything in the game from the weapons to the atmosphere. Here is everything that the game offers to a new player.

The similar but different story

The story in Bioshock 2 is obviously different, but a lot of the things you do in it is the same. The best part of the game is the fact that you are a Big Daddy instead of just a regular guy, and that brings a lot of cool aspects into the game. You can carry weapons that you would not be able to use like a giant drill or a massive Bolt gun. You still have the choice to save the Little Girls from the Adam or you can harvest them just like the first game, and the ending changes depending on what you do.

This game is less of a horror game and more of an exploration game so that is why most people liked the first game rather than this one. I actually loved both of them because if 2 was just like the first one, it would sort of be a little boring and repetitive. If you want to know more about the story, just play the game and find out yourself.

The new Weapons

You have a powerful arsenal in BioShock 2, from unstoppable melee attacks to devastating ranged weapons. Unlike the first game, the player will have access to a quick-melee button, which causes you to swing whatever weapon you are holding in front of you. Although usually faster, this attack deals less damage than if the player is using an actual melee weapon. All ranged weapons have three different ammunition types. You have to learn how to use each weapon the best you can because you will e using them for the entire game.

Here are all the weapons you can get in Bioshock 2:

  • Drill
  • Rivet Gun
  • Machine Gun
  • Shotgun
  • Spear Gun
  • Launcher
  • Hack Tool
  • Research Camera
  • Ion Laser

The new Plasmids

Plasmids are special serums made from processed ADAM, that introduce modified stem cells into the body, allowing for genetic modification and mutation, giving the user what some might call “superpowers”. Up to eight Plasmid slots are available, with three slots already available to the player from the start.

Upgrading a Plasmid to the next level also unlocks an alternate method of use for that particular Plasmid. Plasmids available will each have a unique upgrade tree, and most can be upgraded twice. While several Plasmids can be found in the environment, most will have to be purchased from a Gatherer’s Garden at a cost in ADAM.

Here are all the Plasmids you can get in Bioshock 2:

  • Cyclone Trap
  • Decoy
  • Electro Bolt
  • Hypnotize
  • Incinerate
  • Insect Swarm
  • Scout
  • Security Command
  • Telekinesis
  • Winter Blast
  • Summon Eleanor
  • Gravity Well

All the different enemies you need to fight

There are soo many enemies that you need to fight in the game. A lot of the game is optional for you to do but it is more fun to try and complete everything you can. There are 3 Little Sisters in each level to find and take, and then you can either take them around to the different bodies and use them, or you can let them go or harvest them right away.

You obviously get more Adam for Plasmids if you keep them around longer, but it is a lot harder because a lot of enemies try to kill you and take the Little Girl. Even though there are only a few enemy types, the different enemies that are in that specific enemy type are very broad. Just watch out because you can get cornered very easily if you are not careful. Always stock up on ammo and health packs.

Here are all the enemy types in Bioshock 2:

  • Big Daddy
  • Big Sister
  • Little Sister
  • Splicer
  • Security Devices

All the optional exploration

Like the first game, there are a lot of optional things to do. The game does not tell you to explore every corner of the area you are in, but it is something you should get into the habit of. One thing that exploring does for you is to extend the time it takes to beat the game. The longer the game the better because you know you got your money’s worth out of it.

Even helping or harvesting Little Girls is optional too, but it is really fun to just explore and find new ways to do things. You might just open up a secret that gives you the money you need to get ammo again. Always be patient with exploration because you might get something really good from it.

The many upgrades you can get

Power to the People is a one-time use weapon upgrade vending machine. They are scattered throughout Rapture. Each gives one upgrade to a weapon of the player’s choice, after which the station cannot be used again. The first Power to the People machines was installed in 1957, created by Fontaine Futuristics. They were installed as protection for the citizens of Rapture, although they may have been built by Frank Fontaine in a cynical and self-serving attempt to spur armed conflict between the citizens of Rapture.

They were used by various combatants many times during the war and were a successful business venture for Fontaine Futuristics. Power to the People stations have returned in the sequel, and are able to upgrade your arsenal. However, the upgrading structure has changed: each weapon now has three upgrades, and the third can only be purchased if the player already possesses the first two.

The similar atmosphere to the first game

Bioshock 2 takes place in the same place the first game takes place in, but the area is different. It has that same eerie feeling to it, albeit not as scary because you are in a Big Daddy suit. The scariest part of this game is when the Big Sisters come after you. Your vision starts doing weird things and the music gets super intense. They are not bosses but they are pretty hard because they can jump everywhere and they can hit hard, but you get a ton of good stuff for defeating one.

That is the closest horror feeling this game gave me, but the game is not made to be a horror game. The big mistake people make in the game is going into it with other games in mind. If you start the game with a clear mind, then the game will be 100x better than you ever imagined. There were some parts that I liked better than the first game. It is all about how you look at things.


In conclusion, if you are a huge fan of the first Bioshock, then I would definitely try the second game. Yes, it does a lot of things differently, but that is what makes the game unique. In my opinion, this game is more violent than the first game and that is what I love about it. You can get the whole Bioshock Collection for a pretty cheap price and the whole Collection is actually gonna be on Switch very soon. Bioshock 2 is definitely worth your time and money.

*All photos are taken from the Bioshock 2 Fandom Wiki*