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Is Hitman 2 Worth It?

Is Hitman 2 Worth It?

Hitman 2 is just one of those games that you can spend hundreds of hours in and not get bored. I’ve got to say that the graphics are amazing and the maps are just created very well. There are some maps better than others, but ultimately, they are all good in there own ways. If you liked Hitman 2016, then you will definitely like Hitman 2 because it is the same, but much better. Here are some questions about the game that people might ask.

Is Hitman 2 worth it? Yes, especially if you own Hitman 2016 because all your maps transfer over to the second game. This game is totally worth buying if you like games that challenge you and let you figure out your objective in hundreds of ways.

How many maps are there to master?

If you own the 2016 game, all the maps from that game transfer over to Hitman 2. You will have a total of 14 maps to play if you own Hitman 2016 and the Season Pass for Hitman 2. If you just own the base game of Hitman 2, then you will get access to 6 maps. It does not seem like a lot, but if you have ever played a Hitman game, then you will realize just how much time you can get out of 1 map. By the way, the DLC maps for Hitman 2 are absolutely amazing,

There are also a couple of new additions added to the game that was not there before. There is a sniper mode that also has tons of replayability, kind of like Hitman Sniper on mobile but soo much better. There is also a new multiplayer mode called Ghost Mode, in which you go up against another player to take out the same targets. It is all very interesting and there is just soo much content packed into it.

What is the goal of each mission?

Each mission is packed with tons of ways to complete it. Some objectives require precise timing and knowledge about how everything works. Each mission has you assassinating a couple people and you can do it however you want to. From dressing as their bodyguards to slipping some poison into their food, there are just soo many ways you can complete your mission.

Not only do you have to assassinate your targets, but some missions also have other objectives that go along with the story of the game. All the maps are linked in some way by people or objects, and each time you play a map, your experience will be different when you try completing it another way. The fun of the game is just the sheer number of ways you can complete each mission.

Is the gameplay smooth?

The gameplay is very smooth and the game is really optimized. There are a few maps with a ton of people, but you can excuse that because there are just soo many people. From the inventory system to the movement system, you will get to know every inch of the game very early on. The way to play is not hard to learn, but it is hard to master. The more you play, the better you will be at the game.

The gameplay is insanely fun too. The more of a map you uncover and explore, the more stuff you can find to complete the mission. It is just so satisfying to have finally eliminated all the targets and you finally see that exit symbol. You escape and nobody knew it was you. No other game can beat that feeling.

What do you get for mastering a map?

Mastery progression is a game mechanic first introduced in Hitman. In Hitman and Hitman 2, all locations feature levels of Mastery which serve as measures of completion of their respective location. Advancing through a location’s Mastery Level is accomplished by beating challenges, and doing so unlocks new options that allow you to take different approaches when tackling a mission.

Sniper Assassin game mode also features Mastery progression, in the form of sniper rifle upgrades. Unlike the standard sandbox locations, leveling up a Sniper Assassin location’s Mastery Level is not done by completing challenges, but rather by completing its respective mission repeatedly. The score earned when completing a mission is used to progress and complete challenges instead of offer score multipliers.

Is it open world?

I would say that the game is open-world in its own way. You can go anywhere the game lets you go at your own pace, but the worlds are not big enough to classify as a fully open-world game. It makes you feel like the worlds are massive, but they are pretty big. There are soo many things to do and ways to complete the mission that you will spend hundreds of hours in just one single mission.

The developers did a really good job pulling you into the game with everything you can do and I would definitely say that the game is totally worth it. Yes, it is technically open-world so you won’t have to follow a specific path throughout each mission. Don’t worry about exploring because the game generally wants you to explore to find new ways to take out the targets and complete your objectives.

What are mission stories?

Mission Stories are optional guided paths through missions in the game. They primarily assist the player in the completion of mission objectives, but can also simply assist the player in obtaining a certain disguise or item. In addition to helping the player progress through a mission, Mission Stories may also uncover plot threads that weave into a mission’s greater narrative.

Mission Stories typically reveal themselves after eavesdropping in on an NPC conversation, or after examining an object. Once a Mission Story has been revealed, it can be manually tracked. Not all missions have Mission Stories. Most of the Mission Stories are really fun and they are all different from each other. It is really cool to see all the different cut scenes and ways that they come together in the mission.


In conclusion, Hitman 2 is a work of art that lets you do basically anything you want to. From the environments to the take downs, this game is generally way better than the 2016 remake. If you liked any of the Hitman games, then this game is definitely for you. If you do get the game, enjoy mastering every level. Also, the Season Pass is worth it to if you can get the Gold Edition because the new missions are just absolutely amazing.

*All pictures were taken from the Hitman 2 Fandom Wiki*