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10 Best Base Locations on The Center in Ark: Survival Evolved

10 Best Base Locations on The Center in Ark: Survival Evolved

The Center is the busiest spot in Ark Survival Evolved. It offers flat lands and abundant water resources. Having a base here can be quite helpful and will make navigation easier. That’s why we’ve selected some of the best base locations on The Center map of Ark Survival Evolved for you to build on.

Center offers the best base locations in the Ark Survival Evolved world map as it provides direct access to other areas with less traveling time, and it’s best for PVE.


So now, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into some of the best possible base locations The Center expansion has to offer and how you can get the most out of them.

1. Lava Island (13.1 – 70)

Lava Island

This place is kind of rocky and has a dry surface all around. But the water is closer to the area so you won’t have to face water shortage. It is a  space between the rocks type structure but has a small room to build a base.

It is a great hidden and base location despite some shortcomings. You may feel open to threats here, but it also depends on the way you build it. It has only one entrance and is all covered from the above.

So no one can raid you from the upper side. Lava Island also has resources in sufficient amounts. You may need to do some work to make a better base here.

2. Jungle Base (26.8 – 56.7)

Jungle Base

This one is located on the northern side of the jungle, and it is highly recommended for beginners. So if you are new to the game, it will be the right place to begin base building here.

The central location lies inside the cliff, which makes it hidden and safer as no one can spot it easily. The space is perfect for the early game bases and is in the jungle, surrounded by trees, giving you an edge.


Water and other resources are also available but not significant, so if you fall short of any resources, you will have to go somewhere else.

3. Hill Base (33.4 – 58.9)

Hill Base

This location is also in the Northern region of the jungle, on a hill beside the river. To figure out the mountain in this area, you must look for the one that has trees on the top. The entrance lies at the bottom,

But it is perfectly hidden that cannot be spotted quickly unless you know the exact location. This best base location is spacious from the inside and has enough room for you to keep things here.

On the upper side, there are more hidden areas where you can hide your essentials. The water is close to your residing area, and the other resources can also be attained.

4. Underworld (32.8-54.6)


This best base location is in the underworld, specifically on a ledge near the waterfall. It is an open area. It is not hidden but offers you a large space for a base building. The underworld seems sound and reliable place to have your base built here.

The water is closer to your base location, and the resource availability range is medium. So overall, it’s a nice place to try out and good for those who like to construct bases on higher yet safer places.

5. Bear Cave (33.9-52.0)

Bear Cave

Another excellently hidden and best base location is Bear Cave. This is one of the most recommended places; we will tell you why. You come across the wide, well-built area by passing through the extensive entrance.

It so many other sections to make a distinct base here. This location has two entrances: front and back side and also has another big area inside for you to explore and utilize. This cave is not known by many people,


So it’s the right time for you to get there and start building your base. The resources are in good amounts here, but you will have to go at a distance for water.

6. Floating Island (39.7-31.4)

Floating Island

Our next best base location is on this Island. Face towards the rock mountain or whatever you may feel like calling it. Then on the left rock pillar, a narrow opening will lead to the main location.

This isn’t too big, but having a 2×2 base here seems sufficient. It also has one entrance and is closed from all sides, which makes it hidden and barely noticeable. The water is available at some distance from this place, but it is rich in resources so far.

There are trees and a resourceful environment, so you don’t have to travel distances to bring necessary items.

7. Waterfall (42.9-41.8)

Waterfall 1

This location is inside the waterfall and is the best base location. There is main water in the middle and surrounded by the waterfalls. This whole area seems big and provides good space to build a base.

And you can keep the essentials here along with your creatures. The water flowing outside puts your hidden location out of the side and serves as a great cover. The area is almost surrounded by water and stones, so your water-based needs will be fulfilled.

However, the resources are low in this area, so make sure to bring them here on time whenever you may need them.

8. Snowy Biome (60.9-26.1)

Snowy Biome

This best base location is in an extremely snowy place where you can get to face harsh weather as well as other extremities. There will be a ledge beside the metal, and at first, you will see only a ledge there,

But from there, you have to go up through some assistance or climbing strategy and then pass through the passage, and you will reach a large base area. You can effectively establish your base here and carry out the desired activities.


And as you know, its deep inside the mountain, making it an amazing hidden base location. The downside is that water is not nearby your place, and also, there are medium-range resources.

9. End of Redwoods (76.2-96.0)

End of Redwoods

Here you go with another best base location which is distinct and far from other locations. This place is not visited much, and there are chances that very few people are aware of this location.

That’s what makes it unique and hidden. You can find any suitable spot here to build the base away from everyone. There are a variety of areas: large and small, so pick the one accordingly.

As this location is at a greater distance, the resources here are extremely low, and you won’t be able to get them conveniently. However, the water is near, but still, for resources, you will have to bear some difficulty.

10. End of The Map (90.5-21.2)

End of The Map

Well, the map ends here, but the best base location doesn’t. There is also one of the most fantastic base locations that you must check out. There is a spacious flat ledge on that cliff area where you can build numerous things while being hidden.

This point is unique and significant in itself as well and is located in a wonderful area. There is also a waterfall on the other side and a lot of water at the bottom. Again, this is also low on resources due to being a farther location, but it is still worth considering.

Are These Areas Dangerous?

The Center is a great spot for PVE, and even with a bit of threat of predators lurking around, you can still build great bases and have a safe experience.

Should You Always Build Toward the Center of the Map?

Yes, Building towards the central part of the map means access to valuable and rare resources without much hassle. It will also help you save time and cut the distances short for you when getting back to your base after all the grind.


So always make sure to find base locations that are towards the center, as they are the ones that provide the most value if used properly.

These were our picks for the best base locations on the Ark Survival Evolved The Center map. Visit the coordinates and check them out yourself before deciding where to settle down.