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Is the Callisto Protocol Open-World?

Is the Callisto Protocol Open-World?

With the release of so many open-world games recently. Many of you might have anticipated that the Callisto Protocol would be open-world as well. You might still be confused about what type of game the Callisto Protocol is. So in this article, we’ll discuss whether it’s open-world or not.

No, the Callisto Protocol is not an open-world game. Instead, the game is a linear survival horror action game. And is a spiritual successor to the Dead Space franchise.

Fans of the Dead Space franchise have long awaited a game that made them feel the tense action, exploration, and world-building they felt in USG Ishimura. The Callisto Protocol promises to be all that and more. Continue reading this article to find out more about this game!

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Is Callisto Protocol Open-World?

Jacob Lee - Callisto Protocol
Jacob Lee – Callisto Protocol

If you’ve ever been a fan of the Dead Space franchise, then the Callisto Protocol is all you’ve ever wanted. The game is a long-awaited spiritual successor to that franchise and is being developed by Striking Distance Studios. This team was almost filled with developers who worked on the original Dead Space.

Many of you, and us, were incredibly excited to hear about the development of the Callisto Protocol. But a question on everyone’s mind was whether the game would be open-world. This particular type of game has dominated the gaming market recently, so many people wonder if we’ll get a truly immersive Dead Space experience.

However, despite the game being massive, with several different chapters of play. The Callisto Protocol is not an open-world game. Striking Distance studios opted instead for a more linear gameplay approach. They believed that an open world simply wouldn’t be able to capture their specific vision for the game.

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Callisto Protocol Chapters

Chapters in Callisto Protocol
Chapters in Callisto Protocol

The world of the Callisto Protocol has instead been divided into different chapters. There are eight distinct chapters within the Callisto Protocol. Each of the chapters allows you and your character to traverse a dark, haunting, and brutal landscape that is filled to the brim with grotesque alien enemies.

The original Dead Space franchise was also constructed with chapters in mind. This is why the Callisto protocol is made with a similar vision. The eight chapters in Callisto Protocol are divided as follows:

  • Cargo
  • Outbreak
  • Aftermath
  • Habitat
  • Lost
  • Below
  • Colony
  • Tower

Each section plays differently from the last, and you will have to face different enemies and environmental hazards depending on where in the story you are. For most players, you can expect to spend upwards of 15 to 16 hours trying to complete the core game and story alone.

Afterward, there is much additional side content, various collectibles, and implant bios that flesh out the story and the world of the Callisto Protocol. So if you’re wondering if you won’t have enough to do within the game, then put those worries to rest.

Callisto Protocol Story

Dani meets Jacob - Callisto Protocol
Dani meets Jacob – Callisto Protocol

Without delving into spoilers, the Callisto Protocol’s story requires a chapter-wise layout. The game tells an enigmatic story that follows a pilot, whom we play throughout the game, who finds himself trapped in the Black Iron Prison. All the while, a deadly outbreak occurs, turning the inmates into zombie monsters.

Your task in the game is not just one of absolute horror, but that of survival. and unwrapping the mysteries of the Black Iron Prison. Due to the restricted prison setting, the game simply could not be set in an open world. as every facet of the world is meant to restrict you.

It is only through your cunning, ingenuity, and skills that you will be able to escape.

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Which Platforms is The Callisto Protocol Available On?

Graphics Comparison - The Callisto Protocol
Graphics Comparison – The Callisto Protocol

Despite the game not being open-world, it is highly engaging. If you’re wondering how you can jump into the action then you’ll want to know what you need to play the game. Despite the Callisto Protocol looking stunning it is not solely meant for next-gen hardware.

The Callisto Protocol currently is out for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and the PC. Sadly, the game is currently not available on the Nintendo Switch. However, much like what happened with games like Dark Souls and Witcher 3, it can be expected to come to that platform at a later date.

It is advised by me though that to experience the game in all its glory. That you attempt to play the Ps5 and Xbox Series X|S versions. As these are the ones with the most graphical and technical fidelity.

The Callisto Protocol might not be open-world. But this does not make it a game to be ignored. If you’re a fan of the survival horror genre then you owe it to yourself to check this game out.