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How To Get the Azoth Staff in New World

How To Get the Azoth Staff in New World

The Azoth staff is one of the most important items you obtain in New World. Start expeditions and participate in events with them. If you’re wondering how you can obtain this necessary item. Then our guide will tell you everything you need to know about it.

You can get the Azoth Staff in New World by completing all the quests of the hermit angler called “Yonas the Hermit.” To meet this character you must follow your Main Story until you are sent to the west of Windsward.

There are several requirements and components to the quests you receive from the hermit angler. If you want to know how to be prepared for all the quests, then I suggest you continue reading this guide!

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Getting the Azoth Staff in New World

The Azoth Staff - New World
The Azoth Staff – New World

You’ll need a few items to complete the quest chain related to the Azoth Staff. I’ll list everything you need to make sure that doing the quest feels as breezy as possible. The quest chain recommends that your character be level 23, but I’ve noticed you can get away with completing it from level 19 to level 22 as well.

  • 3 Water
  • 5 Silver Ingots
  • 3 Petalcap
  • 3 Rivercress Stem

Note: To obtain each of the items mentioned above, you will need to level your skills to a certain degree. You will need a Mining Skill of 20 and a Harvesting skill of 30. If you don’t meet these requirements, you can purchase the items above from the Trading Post instead.

Main Story Quest

Promotional Image - New World
Promotional Image – New World

You receive the Azoth Staff as a reward for completing the quest “Forge Your Azoth Staff.” This quest is directly tied to the Main storyline of New World. Even though this quest itself happens much later in the story, earlier parts of its quest chain come earlier in the story.

There are eight main story missions that you should keep your eye out for if you wish to obtain the Azoth Staff.

  • The First Component
  • The Living Seed
  • Adiana’s Fountain
  • Weakness of the Ego
  • Plains of the Pestilent
  • Nature’s Gift
  • Argent and Aether
  • Forge Your Azoth Staff.

These quests will not be tackled in order, unfortunately, because certain quests occur before others. You can tackle The First Component, Adiana’s Fountain, and Argent Aether before the other quests in this chain.

The First Component

Traitor's Hold Cave - New World
Traitor’s Hold Cave – New World

Quest Location: Traitor’s Hold (Monarch’s Bluffs)

Once you reach the location mentioned above, you will be tasked with finding the Haft of the staff in a sea cave This will be located to the north of the Monarch’s Bluff. The quest begins when you talk to Yonas Alazar, who is a fisherman in Windward.

You will be set off to find the Haft of the staff, so you must go to the neighboring country of Monarch’s Bluff, defeat the pirates in the north of the coast and enter the Traitor’s Hold Cave. There you will find the Haft in a box.

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Adiana’s Fountain

Fighting Clotting Carapaces
Fighting Clotting Carapaces -New World

Quest Location: Canary Mine (Everfall)

Your primary objective in this quest will be to destroy 3 Corrupted Tendrils and then later destroy 2 Clotting Carapaces. Adiana will mention to you that her Azoth Fountain is being blocked by some form of corruption. You have to then head to the Canary Mine, which is to her west, and clear it out.

The Corrupted Tendrils can be quite dangerous if you’re under-leveled. If that is the case then consider using a ranged weapon. The Clotting Carapaces do not fight back when it. Return to Adriana when done.

Weakness Of The Ego

Arcane Repository - New World
Arcane Repository – New World

Quest Location: Everfall

To complete this quest, you must get 3 Water, a Petalcap, and Rivercress Stem. Find the First Light area. At the Arcane Repository create the Corrupted Tincture 3 times. When you’re done take the tinctures back to Adriana.

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Argent and Ather

Fighting Ezra the Forgemaster - New World Azoth Staff
Fighting Ezra the Forgemaster – New World

Quest Location: Amrine temple (Windsward)

After speaking to Yonas, he sends you to Windsward. To the east of the city, you will find the Amrine Temple. You will find the second part of the staff with 5 Silver Ingots. However, you will come into conflict with the Forgemaster Ezra. He is a mini-boss and can be quite challenging.

Forge Your Azoth Staff

Shattered Obelisk in Ever Everfall - New World Azoth Staff
Shattered Obelisk in Ever Everfall – New World

Quest Location: Shattered Obelisk (Everfall)

Your task for this quest will be to go to the Shattered Obelisk and then forge your Azoth Staff. You can find the Shattered Obelisk to the Southeast of the city of Everfall. Simply, enter the Obelisk from the south entrance and you must join the two halves of the staff you received from earlier missions.

You can now form the Azoth Staff. After you’re done with the construction return to Yonas the Hermit. Hand in the quest.

Almost all players should have access to the Azoth Staff throughout the main story. I hope you find yours soon, adventurer. See you in Aeternum.