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Will Hogwarts Legacy Be on Game Pass?

Will Hogwarts Legacy Be on Game Pass?

With the booming popularity of Hogwarts Legacy. Many of you might be wondering if it’ll make its way to Xbox’s Game Pass. The subscription-based service holds many spectacular and jaw-dropping games on its servers, and Hogwarts Legacy will be no different. But will it find its way there? Let me tell you.

Hogwarts Legacy will not be coming to Xbox Game Pass. The only way to play the game is by purchasing it. You can buy the game from the EA store, Steam, Epic store, Microsoft store, or PlayStation store.

Unfortunately, the highly anticipated Hogwarts Legacy will not find itself coming to Xbox Game Pass. If you want to know why precisely that is and learn everything you want about the situation then keep reading this article!

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Will Game Pass Get Hogwarts Legacy?

Promotional Image - Hogwarts Legacy
Promotional Image – Hogwarts Legacy

Even as I write this article, there currently are no indications that the critically acclaimed and highly anticipated Hogwarts Legacy will come to Xbox Game Pass. Neither Microsoft Xbox nor Avalance has indicated that the game will come to Xbox Game Pass.

The developers, producers, and Microsoft Game Pass have not released any intention regarding bringing Hogwarts Legacy to the Game Pass. This was mostly expected because the game is currently only purchasable at full price, and the producers would want to make as much money as possible from the initial release.

Instead of getting the game on Game Pass, it is currently available to purchase on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. The game does look fantastic. There are many Spells, characters, and stories to interact with for dozens of hours. So unfortunately you can’t play it without paying full price.

The game might still be released on Xbox Game Pass in the future. But whether that will anytime soon remains to be seen and is not very likely. For now, you will have to purchase the full game. And you will need to purchase the Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition to be able to utilize the Dark Arts Battle Arena and the Thestral Mount.

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When Does Hogwarts Legacy Early Access Come Out

Early Access Time - Hogwarts Legacy
Early Access Time – Hogwarts Legacy

If you simply cannot wait to get your fix of Hogwarts Legacy. Then you might want to get your hands on Early Access. On both Steam and Epic Games, Hogwarts Legacy gets a 72-hour early access starting from the 7th of February. This is only for those who have purchased the Deluxe Edition.

For everyone who has not bought the Deluxe Edition. The Standard Edition of the game will launch on the 10th of February. The HogwartsLegacy official Twitter Account will be posting updates regarding this period, for anyone interested.

How Much Does Hogwarts Legacy Cost?

Promotional Image for Hogwarts Legacy PlayStation Deluxe Edition
Promotional Image for Hogwarts Legacy PlayStation Deluxe Edition

You can Pre-order the game to receive some incredible rewards. We’ve listed a few of these down below for your convenience.

  • Onyx Hippogriff Mount
  • Felix Felicis Potion Recipe

The above-mentioned rewards come as a courtesy from the PSN store. You can purchase the Standard Edition for £49.99/$59.99 on PC via Steam (prices can vary between regions). If you wish to purchase the Deluxe package then that costs £74.99/$79.99 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, meanwhile it is £59.99/$69.99 on PC(prices can vary between regions).

The Deluxe package includes the following rewards:

  • Dark Arts Pack
  • Dark Arts Garrison Hat
  • PS4 and PS5/Xbox One and Series X/S versions

Hogwarts Legacy might not be coming to Xbox Game Pass, but that does not mean the magic has to end.