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Is Warzone Worth Downloading?

Is Warzone Worth Downloading?

If you are following all the Battle Royales out there, you will definitely have seen Warzone. It is Call of Duty’s second Battle Royale that has been made, but it is different with this one. From the guns to the gameplay, everything is just amazing. The game is so well polished that it almost does not feel like a Battle Royale at all. If you played Modern Warfare before Warzone came out, you will know why Warzone is soo great. I am here to answer some questions people have about Warzone.

Warzone is definitely worth downloading. First of all, it is free for everyone. Secondly, it is by far the best and most polished Battle Royale that has ever been developed. If you have the space on your PC or console, definitely download it and try it for yourself. You will be blown away by how good it is.

Is it free?

Yes, the developers made the game free to anyone on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. I feel that it was a great choice to go free to play with the Battle Royale because it will bring a lot of people back to the franchise. It will also let other people try the game out for themselves so they have a chance at buying the full game. If anything, just download it and try it out. It is free so it won’t cost you anything.

What is especially good about it being free is the fact that it is cross-platform. This means that you can play with your friends that have an Xbox One when you have a PS4 or PC and vice versa. It is amazing because I have never had any trouble finding a match with the sheer amount of people playing the game, and if I can’t find a game on my platform, I can find one on another. It is just amazing the way the Developers did it.

Is it better than other Battle Royales?

In my opinion, this is the best Battle Royale that has been released. Not only are the guns just super satisfying, but it is also great for beginners. The time to kill is actually very fast so you can rack up those kills without even thinking about it. I normally did not do well in Battle Royales, but in my first match, I got over 10 kills. There is also the new addition of the Gulag that makes your experience a lot better than other BRs.

The Gulag is an area that people go when they die for the first time in every match. It is a giant prison where you 1v1 other dead players to see if you can win. If you win your match, you will be redeployed back into the match. If you lose, your teammates have another chance to get you back by purchasing you back for $4500 in-game dollars at a resupply station. It always feels like you have another chance which makes gameplay more fun in a lot of ways.

How do the weapons feel?

The weapons feel absolutely amazing. The sounds are great, the way they fire is so realistic, and they are super satisfying to get a kill with. If you have played Modern Warfare before Warzone was released, you will know exactly what I am talking about with the weapons. If you are a huge fan of realistic weaponry in games, then give Warzone a try.

Weapons in Warzone range from Assault Rifles to Sniper Rifles. There are so many weapons to find on the map and each of them has a rarity. You don’t have to deal with a huge inventory of attachments because depending on the rarity, the more attachments are going to be on it. If you can find a Legendary AR and have a Legendary Sniper Rifle as your secondary, you will be all set.

Can I play with friends?

Yes, you can play with your friends. They have 4-player teams currently in the game and when it released, it was 3-man teams. You could also play a solo of you would like to as well. The best part of the game is the ability for cross-play. I play on PC so being able to play with my friends on the console is just awesome. If you get Warzone, don’t worry, anyone who has Warzone can play with you as long as you are friends with them in the game.

Is it easy to learn?

It is actually surprisingly easy to learn. Everything is simple, but it works so well that way. You don’t have to deal with attachments and the armor is just a few simple armor plates. It is crazy how complicated everything seems with the game being so simple. The gameplay is fast-paced and very easy to pick up on. Killing someone is very easy as well. You actually start with a pistol so you can even kill someone before then even land from the plane.

I can’t stress enough how easy the guns are to learn and master. You can also get custom load-outs for Warzone so you can get those bonus perks that you have unlocked from leveling up. The levels in Warzone are the same in the rest of the game so if you are gonna buy the full game, your level transfers over to the normal game. The game is just so good.

If I like Warzone, should I buy the full game?

Warzone feels like a multiplayer mode to me rather than a Battle Royale, that is what I like about it. I would definitely say that if you like Warzone, then you should buy the full game. Not only do you get a full campaign, but you get the Multiplayer and Co-op sections of the game as well. This game just has soo much packed into it, that it is hard not to want to buy the full game.

I actually pre-ordered the game so I have had a lot of time to play the game before Warzone was released, but I have got to say, Warzone was worth the wait. If you like the game, get it. You can also find it cheaper now since the game has been out for a while. This game has endless possibilities. I would pay $60 dollars for it again if I needed to.

Is it worth downloading?

As I said in the beginning, this game is a must-have for your library. Download Warzone and what is cool about it is that it could be its own game if it wanted to be. Warzone could have been a standalone Call of Duty BR and everyone would still enjoy it. They decided to pair it with Modern Warfare and that was a great choice. It just brings more people to the game. Download the game because it is free, you aren’t losing anything.

*All photos were taken from the Modern Warfare Fandom Wiki*