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The Best Weapon Forms in Control

The Best Weapon Forms in Control

Control’s combat system revolves around using several different forms of the same handheld gun known as the Service Weapon. As you progress through the game you will uncover and unlock more of these forms.

Many gamers may have a hard time deciding which of these five forms to use and which of them to upgrade first in the campaign. Every players experience will vary in a game such as this, but to be honest, there are a few specific forms that I found to be quite effective against most of the Hush variants.

Personally, I believe that Spin and Pierce are the two most effective forms of the Service Weapon, with Charge coming in a close third because it is very useful in the last quarter of the game or so.

Let me list the weapon forms to you in the order of effectiveness that they had for me in the game.


Spin is the form of the Service Weapon that I used the most throughout the game because it retains good accuracy over medium to long range distances (if you fire in short controlled bursts) while also shredding any enemy that is unfortunate enough to end up close to you.

If you add the following Weapon Mods: Spin Rate of Fire Boost, Accuracy Boost, and Damage Boost, to your Spin form, you can really crank up the carnage.


Pierce was probably the most satisfying form to use because there was nothing quite like nailing a well timed headshot and watching an enemies red bar disappear into dust. Pierce is effectively the “sniper” weapon of the game, but is still has some limited application up close as well.

Combining Pierce with Pierce Aimed Fire Boost, Pierce Zoom Boost, and Weapon Armor Damage will make the Pierce form a very formidable late game weapon, especially against the heavily armored enemies found there.


Charge is essentially a sort-of railgun type form that allows you to charge up very powerful (and very ammo consuming) blasts, hence the name. Missed shots with this variant are quite costly, especially in large scale fights or boss battles, but getting this weapon form down is almost a requirement to finish the last few big fights of the game.

Try out Charge Blast Boost, Charge Velocity, and Damage Boost to increase its effectiveness.


Grip is the base form of the Service Weapon and the first version of the gun that you can use in the early part of the game. It should come as no surprise then that this “jack of all trades, master of none” weapon would be this low on the list.

Some players may even find this to be their go-to weapon for the entire campaign, but I personally found it to be outclassed very early on by Spin in particular as my primary form.

Some good mods for Grip include Headshot Boost, Accuracy Boost, and Ammo Efficiency.


Shatter is a shotgun. Shotguns mean you need to be close. The Hush will absolutely wreck you if you stay out of cover for too long. Do the Math. I never found an effective use for Shatter outside of the first few hours and even then I used Grip way more. Maybe your experience will be different.

If you are going to try to use it with any real results you should try adding Shatter Projectile Choke, Shatter Projectile Boost, and Shatter Recoil Efficiency.