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Does Loot Respawn in Sons of the Forest?

Does Loot Respawn in Sons of the Forest?

Surviving is a hell of a chore in Sons of the Forest and that is all you are supposed to do, duh! There are tons of items you can loot like guns and ammunition while exploring that could make your time on this island a little less miserable.

What would suck is that once looted, these items would never respawn and you would be forced to search the corners of the map for these crucial commodities. So the burning question here is, does loot respawn in Sons of the Forest?

Yes, loot does respawn in Sons of the Forest. You just have to quit the game and load back in and all the loot will be where they are originally found.

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Looting in Sons of the Forest


Enduring on the island in Sons of the Forest is all about making use of anything at your disposal to build yourself a shelter and fend off any attackers.

Initially, you will have to rely on crafting items from the materials found in your surroundings like sticks and stones. But soon these shoddy items will lose their appeal and utility and you will have to move onto some better gear.

This is where the plethora of loot spread across the map will come in. These are essentially non-craftable items that are more sturdy or provide better effectiveness. There is a huge list of items you can loot in the game. Check the link for the Sons of the Forest Wiki for the whole list of items currently in the game.

Some of these items include weapons like pistols and shotguns, tools like binoculars and air tanks, etc. There is so much to acquire and make use of on the island and you should definitely put on your explorer hat and get to looting ASAP!

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Does Loot Respawn In Sons Of The Forest?

looting shotgun

Since you rely on the island to supply you with the best items in the game, it would be a punch in the gut if all these items are only available once and you would not get them again. Their limited availability would definitely limit your fun in the game.

The developers mercifully thought of this beforehand. All the items in the game do come back i.e. the loot will respawn. All you need to do is quit the game and reopen or reload your save. This will essentially reset the world and put it in its default state where all the items will be back to where they were, originally. Even special items like shotguns will return to their lootable locations.

Lost a tool while running from a cannibal? Didn’t save a gun and the game crashed? Don’t worry, just save the game when you can, quit back to the main menu, and load your recent save file. All the items will be present where they are supposed to be. So simply just go back and loot it again. This applies to every item in the game and not just special ones.

Also, this quitting and reloading trick won’t mess with your stored inventory items and anything you have crafted like structures.

Either this is a glitch or an intended mechanic, we don’t know. The developers can however take away or tweak this since it can be exploited. Many players feel like this takes away the immersion of survival as you can get everything without much effort. So for the sake of staying true to the game’s intent, try to not misuse this feature. Or go crazy, whose stopping you?