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Does Your Character Age in Hogwarts Legacy?

Does Your Character Age in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy is surprisingly good and if you’re still wondering about getting into the game, you should just dive right into it. Still, some gamers who still haven’t tried out the game are wondering if your character ages in Hogwarts Legacy. Let’s walk you through it.

No, your character does not age in Hogwarts Legacy. Your character starts off with a pre-selected age and standalone story. You can’t make changes to your age or story. You can only change your appearance. Over the course of the game, the character doesn’t noticeably age either.

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Does Your Character Age in Hogwarts Legacy?

Character Age Hogwarts Legacy
Character Creation in Hogwarts Legacy

You start off as a Fifth Year in Hogwarts Legacy. This means the protagonist is accepted pretty late and is just thrown into the world of Hogwarts from the get-go. We aren’t exactly sure how much time passes between the beginning of the game till the end, but we can still make an estimate.

When you start off, you make it just in time for the Hat Sorting Ceremony where you choose your Hogwarts House. But as you learn magic tricks and progress through the main story, you’ll be pretty much preparing for your O.W.L exams which happen right before summer vacations start for Fifth-Year students.

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As for the character’s age. We can only make a guess. When students are shipped off to Hogwarts in Year One, they’re only 11 years old. Do the math. The protagonist makes it to Hogwarts in Year 5, so the character is only 15 years old.


It’s kind of a bummer we can’t tinker with our Hogwarts School Years and Age in Hogwarts Legacy and see your character age. But that doesn’t take away from the brilliant gameplay and story experience that Hogwarts Legacy is.