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How To Beat Mytha, Baneful Queen in Dark Souls 2

How To Beat Mytha, Baneful Queen in Dark Souls 2

Mytha, Baneful Queen isn’t that hard of a boss in Dark Souls 2. However, there are a few things that make this fight one of the hardest and most annoying in the game. Luckily, there are ways to counter all of it and lower the difficulty of the fight considerably.


What am I talking about? How does this trick work? How to fight Mytha? All will be answered in this ultimate boss guide.

Fighting Mytha, Baneful Queen in Dark Souls 2

Mytha, Baneful Queen in Dark Souls 2

Mytha, Baneful Queen is very fond of poison. As you begin the fight, you’ll notice the whole arena floor is covered in poison. Not only will this eat away your health but also ends up constantly healing the boss too. You must rid the place of the poison to stand a chance against her. Scroll down to uncover the way to remove the poison.

Even if you drain the poison, a rim of poison will still be present around the arena thus you better be careful. Save yourself from the poison and don’t let her go in there too since she begins to replenish her HP while standing in the poison.

As Mytha herself, she has a medusa-esque design with her head chopped off. She uses her spear in one hand to poke at you while using her snake tail to whip you around too. The tail can also be used to constrict you if you are not careful.

Other than that, her severed head also has some attack. She uses it to fire magic projectiles at you and even throw it at you causing an explosion where it lands.

Here are some tips and tricks to consider when facing Mytha, Baneful Queen in Darks Souls 2:

  • She is extremely weak to Fire Damage. Pyromancers will have a field day with her.
  • Thrust damage weapons will deal 20% more damage to her.
  • She is susceptible to Bleed.
  • You can only parry her spear attacks.
  • You can cut off her tail with enough persistent attacks. This will stop her from using some of her attacks, especially her grab attack.
  • There are three summons available for this fight; Jester Thomas, Devotee Scarlett, and Bashful Ray. Jester Thomas can kill her all on his own if you drain the poison in the arena. (quick cheese)
  • The poison in the arena can be drained to make the fight more manageable (more on this later).
  • The poison will heal her so avoid luring her into the poison moat.

Boss Strategy

Before we delve into the actual boss strategy, you must know how to lower the poison pool in the arena. To do so you should burn the Windmill right next to the Central Earthen Peak bonfire with a torch. If you have difficulty finding the windmill please follow the handy video linked below.

It is possible to defeat Mytha without draining the poison from the arena. To do this, you can use a powerful strike weapon such as a non-upgraded Demon’s Great Hammer.

The strategy involves evading Mytha’s attacks and then attacking her with a 2-handed strong attack to deal massive poise damage. This should paralyze her for 2-3 seconds, giving you time to heal and recover from poison damage. Repeat this process, evading her attacks and dealing more damage until she is defeated. The Stone Ring can be used to increase poise damage.

Alternatively, you can use a shield such as the Drangleic Shield to block Mytha’s attacks. However, keep in mind that you will still take damage from her magic attacks, so be sure to dodge these.

The key is to circle around Mytha, staying at a safe distance and attacking her from the side. Block her spear stabs and then hit her one or two times.

Keep at least 50% of your stamina and dodge her lunge attack to avoid losing too much stamina. If you keep your distance, dodge her magical attacks, block her spear stabs, and then attack her, you should be able to defeat her with no loss of health.

For ranged players, especially Pyromancers, you can summon Jester Thomas to trivialize this fight. Let him distract her while you lob spells at the boss and watch as both of you strip the life from her.


These are all of Mytha, Baneful Queen’s attacks in Dark Souls 2 and how you must react to them:

Spear ComboPokes her spear twice then slams it in front.Can be blocked and parried.
Block the two pokes then dodge to the side for the slam just as it’s about to land.
Charge ThrustSlithers towards you quickly to deliver a spear thrust. Can be parried if you time it right.
Dodge to the side before the thrust hits.
Tail GrabSwings her tail forward and tries to grab you.
If she is successful she will squeeze you with her tail dealing significant damage.
Dodge backwards to avoid the tail swing.
Tail SwipeWhen standing behind her, she will swing her tail in a wide arc to attack you. Dodge into the tail as its about to land or back off before it hits.
Spin AttackRaises her spear and continues to swing it 360 degrees three times. Back off or get ready to block if you can manage the stamina hit.
Scream ArrowsRaises her head and screams firing off multiple magic arrows that fan out horizontally. Look for the opening in between the arrows and stand there.
Retreat AttackLeaps backwards while swinging her spear in front. Put up your shield as she jump back.
Or dodge forward into the swing to position yourself where she lands then go on to attack her.
Head ThrowChucks her head in front of her at you. After a bit of delay, the head will explode causing massive damage.
She then tries to take back her head.
Run to the side and wait out the explosion. Move in when she begins searching her head to deal some free hits.

Rewards for Defeating Mytha, Baneful Queen

Rewards for Defeating Mytha, Baneful Queen

Mytha, Baneful Queen will drop these rewards when you defeat her in Dark Souls 2:

  • Mytha, the Baneful Queen Soul
  • 20,000 Souls

Dark Souls 2 is home to some of FromSoft’s most lazy boss designs which you can easily see in Mytha, Baneful Queen’s medusa imitation. Top that with a quirky poison gimmick and you got yourself a weird fight. Just take care of the poison and you will be good to go.