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How To Get Hidden Aspects in Hades (Which One Is Best?)

How To Get Hidden Aspects in Hades (Which One Is Best?)

Hades is a god-like roguelike game and has some spectacular weapon options in the form of Infernal Arms. Each of these Infernal Arms has a Hidden Aspect that you might not have known about. So let’s discuss how to get these Hidden Aspects and which one is the best amongst them all.

Zagreus’ weapons, in connection with mythical heroes and figures, take on different forms called Hidden Aspects that require players to complete a set of conditions to unlock. Each of these conditions is unique to each weapon and requires the use of a special item known as Titan’s blood.

Our top 3 Best Hidden Aspects are as follows:

  • Aspect of Beowulf
  • Aspect of Arthur
  • Aspect of Rama

With so many hidden aspects to choose from, each with its own unique unlock criteria, it can be difficult to get through it all on your own. Luckily we’re here to give you all the information that you need to unlock all hidden aspects of Hades.

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What Are Hidden Aspects?

The weapons that you have available in Hades are your primary mode of dealing damage and are called Infernal Arms. Although initially, Zagreus can only wield the Stygian Blade, he, later on, can unlock the other Infernal Arms through the use of Chthonic Keys.

There is a multitude of ways in which these Infernal Arms can be upgraded throughout your time playing Hades. These methods include using the Daedalus Hammer mid-run or unlocking several weapon “Aspects” through the use of Titan Blood.

Aspects become available to you on your run after you unlock the Rail, and have collected at the very least one Titan Blood. However, there exist another aspect that cannot be unlocked straightforwardly, and require additional steps to become available called Hidden Aspects.

These Hidden Aspects are a different form of each of the original Infernal Arms and have their initial concepts based on different myths, legends, and cultures. Thus they directly correspond with a particular hero or historical figure from that era and can drastically change how Infernal Arms function.

This change in function alters not only the appearance of the weapon but has a massive impact on how it operates, including its move set, passive abilities, and combos. The first hidden aspect that can be unlocked is Spear’s aspect. Once that Aspect is obtained, the others can be revealed as well.

How to Unlock Hidden Aspects in Hades

The process of unlocking some Hidden Aspects can seem quite convoluted. But if you have a list of instructions that tell you exactly what to do, you’ll get through it quite easily by simply playing through Hades.

Before you can follow individual instructions for each of the Hidden Aspects, you first need to fulfill some prerequisite criteria. First, you need to make sure that you have purchased the Fated List of Minor Prophecies from the House Contractor in Hades. This is perhaps the most important first step.

The second thing you have to ensure is that you must have reached the Final Boss in the game (won’t say who for spoiler reasons) at least once. This means you have progressed significantly in the game, and begins the process whereby you can unlock the Hidden Aspects.

Finally, now that you have the Fated List and have reached the final boss, all you need now is to obtain an item called Titan Blood. You need to spend these Titan Blood in your Infernal Arms to fulfill all the criteria needed to unlock Hidden Aspects. It is quite well known that you need to spend 5 for each weapon.

It is only for Zagreus’ weapon, the first whose Hidden Aspect you unlock, that requires only 1 Titan Blood to obtain and upgrade. This does make obtaining that first Hidden Aspect quite quick, but for many of you, it might set the wrong expectations for what you need to potentially spend.

If you’ve completed the steps mentioned above, it is now time that we go ahead and talk to a couple of key characters. Here’s everything you need to know about each weapon to unlock its hidden aspect.

Hidden Aspect: Guan Yu

This Hidden Aspect is associated with Varatha, the Eternal Spear, and invokes the aspect of an ancient Chinese general. The general in question had several exploits in a war that allowed him to reach legendary status. He has been essentially deified in Chinese folk and religion for a very long time now.

This particular Hidden Aspect changes the form of Zagreus’ spear and grants you the power of the Frost Fair Blade. This particular type of weapon can add new move sets to the basics implored on the spear. These alternative move sets include:

  • Alternative Attack that allows for a jab with the spear.
  • The spear’s usual spinning attack is replaced. If the Attack button is held then it launched the Serpent Strike. This is a slow-moving, spinning projectile.
  • The Special button will now allow Zagreus to release a bursting projectile. Unlike the special Attack carried out in other Aspects, in this one, the Spear is not retrievable.

There are, however, several drawbacks of this Hidden Aspect. First, it reduces your maximum Hit Points and your healing ability throughout the run. At the lowest level, the Aspect of Guan Yu will cut Zagreus’ Hit points by about 70% and can be a significant decrease.

As the level increases the amount of health reduced by the Hidden Aspect will decrease by 5% and will cap at a reduction of 45% at the maximum level. However, it should not be forgotten that alternative attacks can do large amounts of damage. The health drop, nonetheless, is still a major concern for a lot of players that wish to take up this Hidden Aspect.

You might make better use of this Hidden Aspect by building a setup for Zagreus which includes several defensive and health-boosting abilities, keepsakes, and boons.

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How To Unlock Hidden Aspect: Guan Yu?

The Hidden Aspect: Guan Yu will be the first that Zagreus can reveal, and no other Hidden Aspect can be unlocked until he does. To receive the phrase, the following conditions must be achieved:

  • You must fight against the Final Boss of the game at least once. It is not necessary to win.
  • Next, unlock at least 5 Aspects of any singular Infernal Arm. This will take a minimum of 5 Titan Blood. These can be obtained by collecting bounties from the Fury sisters or the Final Boss.
  • Finally, you must obtain the Fated List of Minor Prophecies from the House Contractor. This will cost you 20 gemstones.
  • After all of these conditions are fulfilled, you simply speak to Achilles in the House of Hades. Achilles will tell you of a vision regarding Varatha, and will speak the phrase that is required to obtain the Hidden Aspect, “I see you through the eyes of the crimson phoenix.”

Hidden Aspect: Arthur

This Hidden Aspect is a direct reference to the Legendary King of Camelot. Regarded as one of the most powerful Hidden aspects it can grant Zagreus numerous boons. It adds +50 to Zagreus’ total Hit Points. When the Hidden Aspect is wielded. It also increases the base damage of the weapon.

There are, however, other abilities associated with this Hidden Aspect. The Special of the weapon is warped. When the Special is used Zagreus creates an aura around him. This is called Hallowed Ground and lasts eight seconds. This aura disables traps, slows enemy projectiles, and reduced damage taken by Zag.

A reference to the legendary King of Camelot, the Aspect of Arthur adds +50 to Zag’s life total while he wields it. He can Attack and Combo with the sword more or less in the same way as always, though the base damage is significantly higher. Zagreus can use Hallowed Ground again as soon as the effect ends.

How To Unlock Hidden Aspect: Arthur?

In order to unlock this weapon you must do the following

  • Invest at least 5 Titan Blood in aspects for the Stygian Blade.
  • Once this is complete, you must go and speak to Nyx.
  • She will mention the Fates, who gave her the necessary phrase, “I see your Kingly pardon from a prison of stone.”
  • This will unlock the weapon.

Hidden Aspect: Beowulf

Beowulf has references to old English heroes. With that in mind the Hidden Aspect: Beowulf is the aspect of Aegis. When this form is achieved the Aegis’ Attack, Bull-Rush, and shield-throw Special stay the same. However, the main difference comes in the form of an additional element called Dragon Rush.

The Dragon Rush element allows Zag a couple of new powers, such as:

  • Although similar to Bull Rush, Dragon Rush deals 20% more damage with each successive rank.
  • Additionally, it deals +50 damage per Bloodstone.
  • Increases Zagreus’ ability to block incoming damage.

The weapon does have its drawback, whilst using it Zagreus will take an additional 10% of damage. However, with a combination of blocking capabilities, this can be a powerful setup.

How To Unlock Hidden Aspect: Beowulf?

Honestly, the Hidden Aspect: Beowulf is perhaps the easiest to unlock. You have to follow the steps outlined here, and will be able to obtain the Aspect in no time at all.

  • Speak to Chaos, while wielding any aspect of the Shield of Chaos.
  • Chaos will remark how they once wielded the shield as well.
  • Invest 5 Titan Blood in Shield Aspects.
  • Speak to Chaos once more after the first conversation has taken place.
  • Chaos will give Zagreus the phrase, “I see you stand your ground against the serpent’s flame.”

Pro-tip, if you’re having trouble locating Chaos Gates then we suggest you consider investing in, and purchasing, the Light of Ixion item from a Well of Charon. This usually ensures that a Chaos Gate will spawn in the next chamber. Moreover, if you carry a Cosmic Egg then chances are the Chaos Gate will appear.

Hidden Aspect: Rama

The Hidden Aspect: Rama is a reference to the avatar of the god Vishnu in Hinduism. When Zagreus wields the aspect of Rama, several of his abilities change. For example, the normal weapon Attack of the bow that allows for you to aim and fire now, additionally, allows for projectiles to pierce through enemies.

In this manner, the weapon attacks will travel even after hitting an enemy, and can potentially damage a host of foes within the capacity of one shot. The Special ability, however, has certain caveats that make it unique.

When you press the Special, it will release a volley of three ricocheting arrows. Although this might initially seem like a downgrade from the original 9 arrows, it is an improvement. Because arrows that are cast by the Hidden Aspect: Rama inflict a debuff on enemies called Shared Suffering.

This debuff can cause percentage damage to enemies during a short timer that the ability is set within. The Aspect of Rama is a fantastic tool that can be utilized to do a massive amount of widespread damage. If paired with the right boons and keepsakes it can be formidable.

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How To Unlock Hidden Aspect: Rama?

If you’re looking to get that sweet, powerful, bow to improve your particular combat style then follow and complete these steps:

  • First, accept a boon from Artemis while wielding Coronacht – She will remark on the Legendary bow.
  • Second, Invest 5 Titan Blood in any Aspect of the Bow.
  • Equip Artemis’ keepsake and the Adamant Arrowhead – to ensure that she spawns
  • Meet and talk to Artemis again and she will speak the waking phrase, “I see you Drawn in the arms of the seventh avatar.”

And that’s all you need to do, once you utilize the waking phrase you should be able to access the Hidden Aspect: Rama.

Hidden Aspect: Gilgamesh

The power of the Aspect of Gilgamesh can transform the Malphon into Claws of Enkidu. These have some of the coolest and most powerful movements in the game. This Hidden Aspect calls forth a reference to an ancient hero of Mesopotamia.

The changes that this Hidden Aspect: Gilgamesh calls forth to your weapon include the following:

  • Attacks now additionally make a swiping motion rather than a punching animation.
  • The Rising Cutter move within the Special is retained.
  • The Dash button can now be held. This allows Zagreus to Dash several times now.
  • A Dash-Upper has been added as the most unique feature to this Hidden Aspect. To perform this press the Dash button and the Special attack in quick succession. The target of the attack will be influenced by the debuff called Maim.
  • Maim is a debuff that causes an afflicted enemy to take and deal increased amounts of damage for 4 seconds. At the end of this window, the enemy receives a burst of damage.

The Hidden Aspect of Gilgamesh also provides various boosts to mobility, and rapid dash, and allows much damage to be dealt to enemies in a short amount of time. Although the Maim effect is high-risk, there are equal if not greater rewards for attempting.

How To Unlock Hidden Aspect: Gilgamesh

If you’re looking to unlock the Hidden Aspect: Gilgamesh then follow the steps we outline in this section. You should be able to easily do so because these steps have been geared to be most easily completable.

  • First, Equip the Twin Fists and battle Asterius, the Bull of Minos, as a mini-boss fight in Elysium, without his brother Theseus.
  • Once the Minotaur has been defeated he will remark on Zagreus’ boldness to fight him bare-handed.
  • Second, invest 5 Titan Blood in Aspects of Malphon.
  • Once completed locate Asterius and speak to him again. Make sure that he is alone.
  • He will now give Zagreus the phrase, “I see you overcome the wild and make peace with death.”
  • You may now use this phrase to unlock the Hidden Aspect: Gilgamesh.

Hidden Aspect: Lucifer

Of course, the overlord of Hell from the Christian mythology would also be referenced at some point in a game that deals with everything related to death. The Hidden Aspect: Lucifer is just that and grants Zagreus’ Exagryph with alternative attacks. These include the following:

  • You can now hold the Attack to fire a damage-dealing beam at your enemies. Although this consumes ammunition, clip capacity has been raised by 20.
  • The Aspect’s Special has been truly revamped. It fires a bomb, known as Hellfire .
  • When Hellfire lands and takes damage, it will detonate. This will cause damage to enemies, Zagreus, and anything else in its wake. This is massive damage and can be boosted with a lightning bolt boon.
  • Three Hellfire Bombs can be deployed at once. Upon the release of the fourth Hellfire bomb, the first will detonate.

How To Unlock Hidden Aspect: Lucifer

If you’re looking to be an agent of chaos, and outwit your opponents through the use of these Hellfire bombs then you need to unlock the Hidden Aspect: Lucifer. This can be done by following these steps:

  • Equip, or bear the Infernal Arm, Adamant Rail.
  • You should invest 5 Titan Blood in Exagryph.
  • Accept a boon from Zeus again.
  • At this point he will give you the phrase, “I see your prideful downfall from the heavens to the flames”
  • This references the fall of Lucifer from grace in the Bible.
  • Pro-tip: If you can’t seem to encounter Uncle Zeus, you can attempt to equip his keepsake, the Thunder Signet, this will potentially increase your chances of meeting him on a run.

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What is The Best Hidden Aspect?

In our opinion, the following Hidden Aspects are the most powerful ones you can use in Hades. They’ve got a variety of build options, and give unique playstyles for you to mess around with. In each of their sections, we’ll explain just why they’re so good, or perhaps why they’re the best Hidden Aspects.

1. Hidden Aspect: Arthur

The Arthur, Hidden Aspect, is perhaps one of the best in the game. It breaks the traditional dash-strike meta of the game and immediately feels impactful in the hands of any player regardless of skill level.

Hidden Aspect: Arthur adds a lot of extra health and damage reduction to your arsenal, which always feels nice, but what truly sets this weapon apart from its competition is the massive amount of base damage that it receives.

Although the attacks become slightly slower, none can deny the large damage pool that you can generate using the Hidden Aspect. And this goes with whatever type of build that you might have right now.

If you can combine this weapon with various healing boons, damage reduction buffs, and some nice boons that directly increase percentage-based Attack and Special then the Hidden Aspect Arthur can become unstoppable.

2. Hidden Aspect: Beowulf

It goes without saying, but most of the Hades community believes that the Beowulf Aspect is overpowered. Simply Load your Aphro-shotgun shells, be half-invulnerable, explode for massive damage, grab shards and repeat. That’s the most powerful combo.

But in all seriousness, the Beowulf Hidden Aspect is very similar to Poseidon in terms of its ability to make use of casting boons, but it’s more well suited towards the Dionysus/Zeus upgraded Trippy shot or Hunting Blades Build.

Although to some it might seem clunky to use, its downsides are mostly subjective. And its benefits are objective in the benefits to the player. Dragon Rush can give some massive bonuses in our experience and makes for one of the best Hidden Aspects to experience in the game.

3. Hidden Aspect: Rama

The Rama is an incredible weapon but requires skill and precision to play effectively. The Hidden Aspect Rama is one of the best weapons in Hades because of its high damage potential.

Although some might say that the Hidden Aspect: Rama is underwhelming, we’ll firmly and quite proudly disagree. It has a normal Attack that does huge amounts of damage, and if you tag enemies then its unique Special adds a lot of further impacts.

The slow charge time, however, is what many complain about, but that is largely mitigated by using an abundance of dash attacks. And which self-respecting Hade’s player doesn’t do that already?

The Rama is a deadly weapon, and can often be made even more deadly if used effectively. Thus it is one of the best Hidden Aspects of the game.

And that’s all folks. This was how you can unlock all of the Hidden Aspects within Hades, and which ones are the best ones to get. Hopefully, this was helpful to you in your attempt to get the one you require, or if you’re collecting them all. See you next time!