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How To Merge Fleets in Stellaris

How To Merge Fleets in Stellaris

It’s fun to roam about the Cosmos and expand your fleets in Stellaris but having so many of them can certainly fluster you in the long run. Your best bet would be to merge them. It’s pretty simple and if you haven’t figured it out, here’s how you can merge fleets in Stellaris.

To merge fleets in Stellaris, you need to select your Desired Fleets, hold Shift, and press the Merge Fleet Hotkey, G, on PC. Open the Outliner Menu on Xbox or PlayStation. Press X or Square to select your Fleets. Confirm with A or X. Open up the Command Menu and select Merge. 

Merging Fleets on Stellaris (PC)

Merging Fleets in Stellaris is different for different platforms and if you’re playing on PC, we’ve got what you’re looking for right here. But a quick note here, you should ensure all of your fleets are in one place and aren’t going after any enemies. So be on your best behavior before you can get to the merging fleets bit.

Selecting Fleets - Stellaris

To merge fleets on PC:

  • Find the right fleets to merge and hold Shift.
  • Select the default Merge shortcut “G”. Or Click on the Merge Option at the left of the screen.
  • That’s it!
Merge Fleets in Stellaris

Merging Fleets (Xbox)

  • Enable the Outliner Menu in Stellaris.
  • Press X to select the right fleets.
  • After you select your fleets, press A to confirm.
  • Navigate to the Command Menu and select Merge. You’ll find the Comman Menu at the lower-left-hand corner.

Merging Fleets (PlayStation)

RTS on PlayStation? No problem. It’s similar to our Xbox instructions.

  • Open up the Outliner Menu.
  • To select fleets, press Square.
  • To confirm your selection, press X.
  • Navigate to the Command Menu and hit Merge.

Splitting Fleets in Stellaris

You’ll probably end up accidentally merging fleets. If you’re scratching your noggin, here’s a fix.

  • Select a fleet you want to split.
  • Hit the V hotkey on PC or select the Split Option at the left of the screen and you’re done.
  • On Console, click on the fleet you want to split.
  • Check the Fleet tab and select the last option that says, Split Fleet.
  • You’ve successfully split your fleets.
Split fleets in Stellaris


So, explore the cosmos with your enhanced armada of fleets and dominate the opposition. It’ll be easier to command and point your fleets in the right direction now. If you still have any questions, let us know in the comments!