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When Do You Get A Mount in Hogwarts Legacy?

When Do You Get A Mount in Hogwarts Legacy?

A scene that’s been etched into the back of my mind is the moment where you’re first introduced to the Hippogriff in Harry Potter, a half eagle half horse creature. I would’ve loved to ride one in an open-world Harry Potter game but we never really got to see one in action until… We finally got mountable creatures in Hogwarts Legacy. So when do you get a mount in Hogwarts Legacy?

Your first mount in Hogwarts Legacy is unlocked after the Highkeep Mission. You unlock Highwing, the Hippogriff. Graphorn is unlocked after San Bakar’s Trial. Two bonus mounts are unlocked if you pre-ordered or purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition.

You could opt to travel faster on a broom in the massive open world of Hogwarts Legacy but why not ride in style on a mount? Not so fast. It takes a while till you’re finally able to get your hands on your first mount in Hogwarts Legacy. So keep reading till the end.

Why Start With The 5th Year in Hogwarts Legacy?

When Exactly Do You Get A Mount in Hogwarts Legacy?

Highwing Mount in Hogwarts Legacy
First Encounter with Highwing

You won’t be able to get your first mount until you complete The High Keep mission in Hogwarts Legacy. First and foremost, you’re tasked to complete the Charles Rockwood Trail which is the second trial in the game. Before you can get your hands on a mount, you’ll first have to meet up with Natty near the castle ruins.

Once you complete the quest and fortunately, rescue two Hippogriffs, one of them will become faithful to you. Cue in Highwing, your first faithful Hogwarts Legacy mount!


If you managed to cash in and pre-order the Deluxe Edition for Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll obtain two bonus mounts along the way. Pre-order users will unlock the onyx Hippogriff Caligo and Deluxe Edition owners will also become the proud owners of a Thestral called Sepulchria.

How To Summon Mounts in Hogwarts Legacy

Riding Highwing Mount in Hogwarts Legacy
Riding Highwing in High Keep

But how exactly do you summon mounts in the game? If you somehow managed to miss the instructions, then don’t worry. You can easily call Highwing.

  • Press L1 on a PlayStation or LB on Xbox.
  • Then press triangle on PlayStation or Y on Xbox. 
  • To soar in the sky, press X or A.
  • To traverse faster in the sky, press RT or R2.
  • Getting off is quite easy. Just press B or circle.

How Many Mounts Are There in Hogwarts Legacy?

Pre order bonus
Deluxe Edition Bonus

So, there’s still one question left unanswered. How many mounts are there in the game? Well, there are a total of four mounts available if you pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition.

You can still access a total of two mounts in the base game. Who knows, maybe we’ll get some DLC mounts along the way with some bonus content.

  • Lord of The Shore, Graphorn is unlocked after the San Bakar’s Trial
  • Highwing, the Hippogriff becomes available after the Highkeep Mission.
  • Selpuchria, the Thestral, is unlocked as a part of the Digital Deluxe Edition.
  • Caligo, the onyx Hippogriff is unlocked as a pre-order bonus.


Hogwarts Legacy has become critically acclaimed, giving fans a chance to realize their very own Harry Potter adventure at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Get your mount, soar the skies, and experience your own Hogwarts adventure!