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Is Monster Hunter: Rise better than World? 10 Differences

Is Monster Hunter: Rise better than World? 10 Differences

We’ve all enjoyed Monster Hunter World and couldn’t get enough of it but Monster Hunter Rise took things a step further, especially with its newly released Sunbreak DLC.

Monster Hunter Rise is better than World in a lot of departments including how the content, story, missions, pets, cahoots, and other aspects of the game are handled.

To be fair, Monster Hunter Rise does indeed feel like a proper sequel to the former Monster Hunter World, but how does it differ from World exactly? Let’s discuss the points we’ve mentioned above in detail to make it easier to understand.

Is Monster Hunter Rise as Good as World?


Monster Hunter Rise made a significant addition with the inclusion of a new animal companion known as Cohoots, but what do they do exactly? Cahoots act like drones that help to scope and scout areas before you make your way to them.

 But sadly, players can’t directly control Cohoots to scout the perimeter.


Is Monster Hunter: Rise better than World? 10 Differences

In addition to Palico companions, Monster Hunter Rise now features new cute pets by the name of Palamutes. Unlike the old Palicos, Palamuts accompany you 24/7 even in multiplayer modes.

So what do they do exactly? For starters, Palamuts aid you in combat and also serve as riding companions similar to horses. You can traverse the map a whole lot faster. While we’ve ridden monsters before in Monster Hunter games, it hasn’t been a breeze like it is with the inclusion of Palamutes.

Reduced Story

Monster Hunter Rise unfortunately features a toned-down story in contrast to Monster Hunter World. World took things a step further, being the first entry in the franchise to delve into a proper story.

 This could very well feel like a step down for most players that want to immerse themselves in a compelling story. But if you want to just hop into the action, then it’s an upside. Monster Hunter Rise also features skippable cutscenes whether you’re in single-player or multiplayer mode, making it all the quicker to just jump into the action.

Rampage Missions

If you enjoy hordes of monsters coming your way in a PVE setting. Then get this. Monster Hunter Rise has a new Rampage Mode where players get to enjoy fighting off monsters from entering the gates of the town. It’s a four-player co-op mode in a survival arena scenario.

 It’s practically the best way to get your hands on rare items and materials which are otherwise hard to farm.

Separate Multiplayer Hubs

In Monster Hunter Rise, multiplayer has now been split into two distinct hubs. Players can now delve into story missions on a solo basis and the other hub features a location where players can gather to go on quests together.

This is a pretty neat addition. Users that don’t take a liking to the story but want some multiplayer fun can jump into sessions with friends and strangers. The setup and matchmaker are pretty quick in contrast to Monster Hunter World.

No more Potions

Is Monster Hunter: Rise better than World? 10 Differences

If you’ve played Monster Hunter World, then you know for sure that, to survive a few settings, you need to use environmental potions. This was pretty tedious and akin to those magma layers in Breath of the Wild. But that is no longer the case in Monster Hunter Rise.

 While you’ll still need to stack up on potions to survive far fewer monster encounters, environmental potions will no longer be needed.


If you’re playing on the Switch variant and take a liking to collectible figures that add some functionality to the game, then you’ve got some Amiibos stacked on your shelves. Monster Hunter Rise has also considered Amiibos. 

Using an Amiibo will allow players to partake in a lottery for the day, allowing them a chance to win some amazing random items through the town shopkeeper.

You can get your hands on three exclusive Monster Hunter Rise Amiibos from Gamestop. Or if you’ve lucked out, you can find them on eBay. These Amiibos pay homage to Palioes Palamutes and Magnamalo.

New Monsters

Is Monster Hunter: Rise better than World? 10 Differences

It wouldn’t be a new Monster Hunter without the additions of new monsters, would it? Monster Hunter Rise introduces Ten new monsters to its rosters. Two of the new monsters are rather small, Bombadgy and Izuchi, featuring a greater form known as Great Izuchi.

The remaining monsters include Aknosom, Smnacanth, Goss Harag, Magnamalo, Tetranadon, and Rakna-Kadaki. Out of all these monsters, Magnamalo is the cover beast of the game and makes many returns and cameos as the story progresses.

World Scale

Monster Hunter World pulled off the World part in its title. While it wasn’t exactly an open-world game that one might assume, it offered players some incredibly massive map sections.

Although they were split up into zones, the zones were integrated into a fashion that provided smooth transitions without the inclusion of loading screens. 

This made it feel like the map sections were a part of a bigger seamless map. Monster Hunter Rise does its best to play off that idea with fairly scaled environments but it still struggles to compare with Monster Hunter World in the grand scheme of things.


Is Monster Hunter: Rise better than World? 10 Differences

One aspect where Rise falls short is the amount of content it provides. Monster Hunter World provided players with an incredible volume of content. To be specific Monster Hunter Rise story run clocks at half of what Monster Hunter World takes to finish. 

World offered players around 80 hours of main story content including the Iceborne Expansion and completionists can look at playtimes of up to 600 hours. That wipes the floor with Monster Hunter Rise which takes around 20 hours of main story content with the Sunbreak DLC offering around 30 hours of content.


That pretty much sums up the key differences between Monster Hunter Rise and World. While Monster Hunter Rise comes with loads of new additions, it falls short in the story aspect with a smaller playtime in contrast to Monster Hunter World.

But that’s not to take away from the fact that Monster Hunter Rise still lives up as a true successor to World in almost all aspects.