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All Boss Weapons in Lies of P Ranked

All Boss Weapons in Lies of P Ranked

There are a number of Boss weapons you can acquire in Lies of P. Each weapon offers a unique style of play, damage, and Fable Arts that you can use to defeat your enemies. In this guide, I’ll rank all the Boss Weapons in Lies of P and how you can obtain them, so keep on reading!

In Lies of P, obtaining boss weapons involves defeating each boss, acquiring their Ergo, and exchanging it with Alidoro at Hotel Krat. All of the boss weapons in Lies of P cannot be disassembled, and each of them offers unique abilities and scaling, making them the best compared to the rest.


Here’s a detailed table and ranked list (based on community feedback and my own experience) of all the boss weapons in Lies of P.

Ranking Boss Weapons in Lies of P

Defeating Scrapped Watchman to get his Ergo
Defeating Scrapped Watchman to get his Ergo

After defeating a boss, you will obtain their Ergo. This ergo can be traded with Alidoro at Hotel Krat to obtain said boss’s weapon or amulet. Alidoro can be located at the St. Frangelico Cathedral’s roof. Talk to him, and then he’ll eventually relocate to Hotel Krat based on your decisions.

RankWeapon NameBossPhysical AttackScalingSkills
1Uroboros’ EyeSad Zealot124Motivity C/Technique BWandering Moon, Storm Notice
2Frozen FeastReborn Champion167Motivity B/Technique CLiberate, Single Slash
3Holy Sword of the ArkKing’s Flame Fuoco140Motivity B/Technique CPatient Smash, Alter
4Proof of HumanityNameless Puppet101Motivity B/Technique BLink Slash, Grind
5Two Dragons SwordPuppet-Devouring Green Monster107Motivity D/Technique ALink Emergency Dodge, Wind of Swords
6Puppet RipperBurnt-White King132Motivity C/Technique BQuick Upward Slash, Storm Spinning Slash
7Trident of the CovenantTwisted Angel115Motivity C/Technique BLink Rush Stab, Guard Parry
8Golden LieTo be confirmed94Motivity C/Technique CStorm Attack, Furious Golden Hits
9Noblesse ObligeFallen One153Motivity A/Technique DErgo Release, Endure
10EtiquetteBroken Hero80Motivity D/Technique ASingle Stab, Absolute Counterattack
11Seven-Coil Spring SwordParade Master129Motivity B/Technique CSeven Explosions, Guard Parry
Ranking All Boss Weapons in Lies of P

1. Uroboros’ Eye

Uroboros’ Eye

After a fierce battle with Laxasia the Complete, I claimed the Uroboros’ Eye—a lightning-fast weapon that provides DPS, swiftly ending encounters with a single swing. It has a base Technique scaling of B, which can be boosted to A with the help of a Technique Crank, making it even more powerful.

To deal huge damage at close range, it can be used as a chainsaw, and to eliminate enemies at the distance, its blade can be thrown towards them, inflicting deadly damage.

Fable Arts:

  • Wandering Moon: Throws the weapon forward, dealing damage and returning to you.
  • Storm Notice: Charges up spinning blades, triggering extra hits and additional damage.

How to get this weapon:

  • Defeat Laxasia the Complete at the Ascension Bridge in Arche Abbey.
  • Exchange her ergo with Alidoro to obtain Uroboro’s Eye.
  • You’ll find Alidoro in Hotel Krat where you’ll have to exchange the Sad Zelot’s Ergo.

2. Frozen Feast

Frozen Feast

The Frozen Feast is a greatsword that delivers sweeping slashes and deals more damage with each slash. You might already be familiar with its stacking mechanism. As you strike your enemies, you can significantly increase the damage output of the Frozen Feast for five seconds.

The stack can sum up to 20% or more, and you can avoid the timer reset by continuously attacking enemies!

Fable Arts:

  • Liberate: Increases the weapon’s attack speed temporarily.
  • Single Slash: Gathers strength for a sweeping forward slash.

How to get this weapon:

  • Defeat Champion Victor at the Grand Exhibition Conference Room.
  • Exchange the Reborn Champion’s ergo with Alidoro in the Hotel Krat.

3. Holy Sword of the Ark

Holy Sword of the Ark

Defeating King’s Flame Fuoco, rewarded me with the Holy Sword of the Ark—a versatile weapon with a powerful smash that heavily damages the enemies. It is by far the best weapon in Lies of P. However, it has a low attack speed, making it harder to hit enemies.

I prefer the spear, which significantly increases the weapon’s range and damage output.

Fable Arts:

  • Patient Smash: Gathers strength for a powerful hit. Press and stay on the attack button longer for a heavier attack.
  • Alter: Transforms the blade’s length, reducing stamina consumption temporarily.

How to get this weapon:

  • Defeat the King’s Flame Fuoco Boss in Venigni Works Control Room to acquire the King’s Flame Ergo Item.
  • Exchange his ergo with Alidoro in Hotel Krat to obtain the Holy Sword of the Ark.

4. Proof of Humanity

Proof of Humanity

Proof of Humanity—a dual-wielding sword with various strikes, providing swift and aggressive combat. Players can use the dual blades to inflict status ailments on enemies and execute a flurry of attacks that deal immense damage.

Fable Arts:

  • Link Slash: Slashes an enemy; use extra Fable for up to three additional slashes.
  • Grind: Temporarily increases critical hit chance.

How to get this weapon:

  • After defeating Laxasia The Complete in Chapter 11, choose the “Let her live” option.
  • Choose “Refuse” when confronting Geppetto’s choice after defeating Simon Manus in Chapter 11.
  • After the Credits, choose the option to Cancel the next Playthrough.
  • Defeat the Nameless Puppet Boss located in “Under The Abyss” to acquire his Rare Ergo Item.
  • Exchange his ergo with Alidoro.

5. Two Dragons Sword

Two Dragons Sword

Two Dragons Sword is a swift and agile blade, perfect for evasive movements and precise strikes during boss fights. The weapon is a perfect tool for players who crave a fast-paced playstyle.

Two Dragons Sword can perform Light and Heavy Attacks, of which the Heavy Attack deals a lot of damage to the enemies. One of the best attributes of the weapon is its ability to execute a Perfect Guard during the Heavy Attack animation, which is technically not allowed for other weapons without the Fable Arts.

Fable Arts:

  • Link Emergency Dodge: Dodges forward quickly; use extra Fable for two additional attacks.
  • Wind of Swords: Blows a whooping wind to damage enemies that come in the way.

How to get this weapon:

6. Puppet Ripper

Puppet Ripper  - Lies of P Boss Weapons

One of my favorite weapons in Lies of P, the Puppet Ripper can transform into a whip while a player performs one of its Heavy Attacks. The whip offers a significantly higher damage output, which is crucial for tough enemies in Lies of P.

Fable Arts:

  • Quick Upward Slash: A simple upward slice.
  • Storm Spinning Slash: Spins multiple times to hit enemies at a wide range.

How to get this weapon:

  • Defeat the King of Puppets Boss in the Estella Opera House Stage.
  • Exchange his Burnt-White King’s ergo with Alidoro.

7. Trident of the Covenant

Trident of the Covenant  - Lies of P Boss Weapons

The Trident of the Covenant offers a unique Fable Arts called the Guard Parry that can deflect an enemy attack in return for an explosive blow! Players can switch between fast-paced and high-damage output modes depending on their play style with the weapons’ light and heavy attacks.

Fable Arts:

  • Link Rush Stab: Rush toward the opponent and stab them
  • Guard Parry: Time the enemy’s attack to deflect and trigger a powerful counter.

How to get this weapon:

  • Defeat the Fallen Archbishop in the Archbishop Alter to acquire the Twisted Angel’s Ergo.
  • Exchange his ergo with Alidoro to obtain the Trident of the Covenant.

8. Golden Lie

Golden Lie  - Lies of P Boss Weapons

Golden Lie is a quality weapon with wide-sweeping attacks. The weapon requires a few steps to be completed before you can acquire it. In my opinion, obtaining the weapon isn’t a big deal once you use it in combat.

You’ll find its damage output to be quite low; however, its worth can be seen in its fast-paced attacks and pressure against the enemies. You can also stagger low and tough-level bosses with the Golden Lie — that’s something you’ll quickly grow fond of!

Fable Arts:

  • Storm Attack: Unleash three consecutive forward strikes with your weapon.
  • Furious Golden Hits: Execute a dual-purpose swing, simultaneously attacking and defending. Maintain pressure by holding down the attack button for continuous swings.

How to get this weapon:

  • You’ll have to lie for every decision you encounter in Lies of P.
  • Pinocchio will gain Humanity, which will transform the P-Organ into a living beating heart.
  • Find Pinocchio’s Portrait in the Malum District and hand it over to Geppetto, who’ll be situated in Hotel Krat.
  • You’ll gain more Humanity as you listen to Records at the Record Player in the Hotel.
  • Once you defeat Laxasia the Complete, look for Sophia and choose the “Give Her Peace” option.
  • The next step is to defeat Simon Manus and return to Geppetto.
  • Refuse his offer and defeat the Nameless Puppet.
  • Load your game instead of going into a “New Game” and head back to Hotel Krat where you’ll head toward the painting.
  • You’ll find the Golden Lie!

9. Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse Oblige  - Lies of P Boss Weapons

If you’re more focused on a Motivity Build, the Noblesse Oblige is the perfect weapon for you! The weapon has a huge weight, but you can utilize that disadvantage by its ability to stun-lock enemies.

I am more intrigued by its Fable Art “Ergo Release,” which deals an incredible wave of damage to the enemies.

Fable Arts:

  • Ergo Release: Release the ergo’s power; temporarily reduces damage taken.
  • Endure: Enhances endurance temporarily.

How to get this weapon:

  • Defeat Simon Manus in the Arche Abbey Cradle of the Gods and acquire the Fallen One’s Ergo Item.
  • Exchange his ergo with Alidoro to obtain the Noblesse Oblige.

10. Etiquette

Etiquette  - Lies of P Boss Weapons

The Etiquette has an A scaling with Technique and deals incredible piercing damage to the enemies. You’ll find its Absolute Counterattack the best when dealing with tough opponents, as it allows you to perfectly block enemy attacks and deliver a decisive blow!

Fable Arts:

  • Single Stab: Perform a forward-cutting attack.
  • Absolute Counterattack: Perfectly block an enemy’s attack; after a successful guard, use Fable Arts for an extra attack.

How to get this weapon:

  • Defeat the Scrapped Watchman Boss in Krat City Hall to acquire the Broken Hero’s Ergo.
  • Exchange his ergo with Alidoro.

11. Seven-Coil Spring Sword

Seven-Coil Spring Sword - Lies of P Boss Weapons

The Seven-Coil Spring Sword unleashes explosive blows, eliminating all the enemies that come in sight. It is the perfect weapon for a 1v1 with enemies, and the range you get from its Heavy Attack allows your character to deal damage to multiple enemies in the area!

Fable Arts:

  • Seven Explosions: A strong downward blow attack that consists of multiple explosions that damage the enemies.
  • Guard Parry: Time the enemy’s attack correctly to deflect and trigger a powerful counter.

How to get this weapon:

  • Defeat the Parade Master Boss in Krat Center City Plaza to acquire the Parade Leader’s Ergo Quartz.
  • Exchange his ergo with Alidoro to obtain the Seven-Coil Spring Sword.

In my opinion, Etiquette serves as the Best Boss weapon in Lies of P to deal devastating damage to tough opponents. Uroboro’s Eye offers an excellent range combined with its fast-paced attacks to deal high damage per second.

Being able to play with weapons owned by some of the mightiest bosses in the game is something I just can’t get enough of, and it makes the gameplay more versatile.