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Do Trophies Stack in New World?

Do Trophies Stack in New World?

So, you’ve started to get a hang of New World and its various mechanics. You’ve polished up on your skills and have even unlocked some trophies but you aren’t sure what to do with them. Well, we’ll tell you exactly how you can use trophies to buff your character in New World.

Yes, you can stack Trophies in New World, but it’s not all that feasible starting. You’ll need to own three houses and place the same Trophy in separate homes for their effects to stack. 

As you level up and build up your skillset in New World, you’ll be granted Trophies but they won’t offer you any buffs or boost in character stats just yet. You need to buy yourself a shiny new house to prop those Trophies up.

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Trophies in New World

New World Trophy Slots

Trophies grant you passive bonuses for your character. One thing to note here is that you can’t place the same Trophy multiple times within the same abode. But one funky workaround is to place the same Trophy in another house. This will pretty much stack your status buffs in New World.

Combat Trophies

  • Angry Earth Combat Trophy
  • Ancients Combat Trophy
  • Lost Combat Trophy
  • Wildlife Combat Trophy
  • Corrupted Combat Trophy

Luck and Gathering Trophies

  • Loot Luck Trophy
  • Fish Gathering Trophy
  • Harvesting Gathering Trophy
  • Skinning Gathering Trophy
  • Mining Gathering Trophy

Crafting Trophies

  • Armoring Crafting Trophy
  • Arcana Crafting Trophy
  • Cooking Crafting Trophy
  • Weaponsmithing Trophy
  • Engineering Trophy

How To Get Trophies in New World?

There are loads of Trophies to unlock in New World. You start by making Minor Trophies. Once that’s all said and done, you can further upgrade it and turn it into a basic trophy. Upgrade it further down the line to unlock a Major Trophy.

Let’s look at an example. To craft a Minor Loot Luck Trophy, you’ll need 

Loot Luck Trophy
  • 25 Lumber
  • 1 Maple Stain
  • 20 Steel Ingot
  • Rabbit’s Foot

To craft this Trophy, you need level 100 in Furnishing along with access to a Tier 3 Workshop. If you don’t have the required skillset and resources to unlock Trophies, you can buy them off the auction house using New World Coins. 

There’s also the option of asking another player to make one for you, that is if they don’t ask for anything in return…In a nutshell, you’ll need 150 furnishing for Basic Trophies and 200 for those Major Trophies.

Do Trophies Stack in New World?

You can own up to three houses and place five trophies in each house. But the same Trophy can’t be placed in the same house. But you can work around this to place the very same Trophy in another house for effects to stack. You can only do this three times considering you can only own three houses at a time in New World.


You can check out loads of Trophies to place in your decked-out homes in New World. While Trophies look shiny and all, they also offer some well-earned boost in your character’s stats to make your journey across New World all the easier!