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How To Get To Brimstone Sands In New World

How To Get To Brimstone Sands In New World

Even though New World had a rocky launch, the game has been steadily improving, with new content and patches to fix its issues. The Brimstone Sands region was recently added to New World. If you’re confused about how to get to it. Then this guide will tell you everything that you would need to know.

To get to Brimstone Sands, follow these steps:

  • Reach Level 60 on your character in New World.
  • Talk to the Soul Warden NPC and Complete the Quest Strider in the Sand
  • After completing the individual quest chains, the main quest converges.
  • Complete the quest A Selfless Nature.
  • Make your way to Ebonscale Reach, then North into the Brimstone Sands.

If you don’t have a proper guide then it’s easy to get lost in New World. Thankfully, in this article, I’ll be going over everything you need to do, and everything you need to get to Brimstone Sands in New World.

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Brimstone Sands in New World

Introductory Image of Brimstone Sands - New World
Introductory Image of Brimstone Sands – New World

New World added a new area to the game called Brimstone Sands. And it has been a part of the game since October 18th, 2022. However, it’s not entirely obvious how you can get to and explore this new area of the world. Especially because even going close to it requires risking your character to the scorching heat and a dangerous path.

To enter Brimstone Sands and be able to fully explore the new region there is a set of quests that need to be completed. These include the following quests:

  • First, you must be Level 60 to access Brimstone Sands.
  • Complete the quest Strider in the Sands
  • Complete A Selfless Nature quest.

Each of these quests will be important to obtaining a useful item or unveiling the new Brimstone Sand region within the game. Additionally, what faction your character belongs to will decide which NPC and location you must visit to begin the quest line in the first place.

Strider in the Sands Quest

In-game screenshot - New World
In-game screenshot – New World

The Striker of the Sands is the first quest that you have to complete to begin your journey to Brimstone Sands. The quest is important because it provides you with the ability to acquire and apply the Desert Cerate.

Brimstone Sands is a harsh climate, where your character will need additional protective measures. The harsh desert Sun can harm your character if you’re not wearing the correct protective material. The Desert Cerate is one such material.

It is described in-game as “a heavy cream to protect against the harsh desert sun.” And that’s precisely what we need as well. So this particular questline is incredibly important. Otherwise, you will be able to walk to the new zone. But won’t be able to survive there for long.

The quest NPC that you need to talk to is Soulwarden Tomash Kovalenko. And depending on which faction you belong to the location where this NPC can be found will be altered. We’ve listed down where you can find the NPC based on which Covenant you belong to.

CovenantNPC Location
SyndicateShattered Mountain
MarauderEbonscale Reach
CovenantGreat Cleave

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Quest Completion Materials

Desert Cerate Recipe - New World
Desert Cerate Recipe – New World

Even though your character will have to go to different locations on the map. You will still need the same materials to complete the quest. These materials stay consistent regardless of which location you accept the quest from and which faction you belong to in the game.

In this section, we’ll be listing down all of the materials that you need to complete this quest. After that, I’ll also let you guys know where you can find these materials. So that it’s easier for you when you go out trying to complete this quest on your own.

Material NameQuantity
Fish Oil2
Frostcliff Berry3
Recipe: Desert Cerate1

So where can you find these items? Let’s go over each of the required items and highlight just that.

Fish Oil. If you’re looking for Fish Oil then the best place to find this item is at the Trading Post. Where for a small fee you can obtain the item without many items. Otherwise, you will need to find yourself a good fishing spot and fish to get the required amount of material. Which can be tedious.

Frostcliff Berry. This item has the appearance of Blue Berries and can be found in the open world. Most commonly when you’re searching the open world, you will find these berries around cliffs. Depending on which faction and area you are questing in, you’ll be tasked to find this item at the following:

  • Eastern Shattered Mountain
  • Central Ebonscale Reach
  • Central Great Cleave

The Desert Cerate Recipe can be found as you complete the quest. And will be largely provided to you. So you do not have to go out of your way to find this particular item.

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A Selfless Nature Quest

In-game screenshot of NPC Adiana Theron
In-game screenshot of NPC Adiana Theron

The last quest you must complete to get to Brimstone Sands is the A Selfless Nature Quest. This is part of the Main Quest that you follow for New World. To start this quest you need to speak with Adiana at Edengrove. And your main objective is to travel inside the Motherwell.

If you’re searching for the Motherwell then it can be found 100m from Adiana in Edengrove.

To complete the quest, not only will you have to traverse through the Motherwell. But in the end, you will also have to fight against the Well Guardian. This is a powerful Boss, so I recommend that you make sure you’re stocked up on consumables and have the aid of another player to gain victory.

Although you indeed need the help of one other person to defeat the Well Guardian. But the quest cannot be attempted by anyone who has already completed the Main Quest.

This means you cannot get help from higher level friends, and will instead have to coordinate with someone on the same level and questline as you.

Well Guardian: Boss Fight

If you’re having trouble with the Well Guardian boss fight then I’ll be explaining the fight in this section. To be honest, the Well Guardian is an incredibly dangerous fight. The boss is monstrous and unrelenting. It is recommended that you only engage in this fight if you have reached level 60.

The Well Guardian has two major weaknesses. These weaknesses are Fire Damage and Slashing Damage. This means that if you’re using weapons, abilities, or items that can cause either of those two types of damage then your chances of survival and victory is going to be exponentially higher.

A good strategy for victory is that one player in the party should act as the tank and distract the Well guardian. This is done whilst the other player engages in damaging the Well Guardian as much as they can. Coordination is thus key to victory in this particular regard.

Partners that carry with them the Fire Staff Mastery and Skills are going to be best. Whilst you can utilize your Great Axe or other Slashing Damage weapons like a Sword and Shield. Remember to heal after you receive a big hit. With a sufficiently powerful Health Potion, you can circumvent a lot of mechanics.

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Travel to Brimstone Sands

After you’ve completed the last of the Quests we mentioned the only thing left is to travel to Brimstone Sands itself. You can reach the entrance to Brimstone Sands via a path to the north of Ebonscale Reach. After you arrive at this point I recommend heading to Wikala al-Waha Outpost to speak to Soulwarden Buhawi Manabat.

You can complete the Strider of the Sands questline with him. Finally, you can go speak to Ghazi Laghmani to comment on the Main Sory Quest in Brimstone Sands. The Main Quest is titled Brimstone Under Siege.

At this point, you should be able to access all the content within the region. And you will have the tools necessary to traverse the massive, sprawling area, without being impeded by the mechanics of the open world.

And that’s about it guys! This is how you can get to Brimstone sands. From completing the necessary quests to going into the heart of the Motherwell, to defeating the Well Guardian. Just getting to Brimstone Sands is such an incredible journey.

Makes me excited about what the future might hold for New World.