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Quick-Start Guide to Cold War: Zombies

Quick-Start Guide to Cold War: Zombies

The best-selling franchise Call of Duty is back with Call of Duty: Cold War. With it being a Treyarch game, the ever-popular zombies is also back. 

As with all of the previous zombie iterations of Call of Duty, it is sure to provide endless hours of shooting zombies, deciphering clues, and doing the ever-elusive easter eggs that the series is so well-known for.

The map this time around is “Die Maschine”, which is an updated version of Nacht der Untoten. This guide will show you how to quickly jump into the zombies experience and start prepping for the easter egg. 

Treyarch has typically done a great job of maintaining a consistent gameplay when it comes to zombies, even though other Call of Duty titles have sometimes changed things up. However, there are a few things that you will want to be aware of.

Step 1: Set-Up

The cutscene at the beginning gives you the backdrop of your mission. It’s horrifying, and we see some old friends as well. One of the things you may notice (or remember from the reveal) is that you have a load-out option. This is literally what you can load into the game using.

Although purists will still want to start with only the 1911 (although you can even use a 1911 with attachments if you desire), those that aren’t experienced can take full advantage of this option. Be sure to get a gun that suits you well-preferably one with a large magazine and high damage such as a LMG. 

Step 2: Kill and Survive

Once you have loaded into the game, you’ll notice some new things. For one, zombies drop salvage. This allows you to craft items. All of the equipment can be dropped by killed zombies or crafted at a crafting table.

These items are some amazing pieces of equipment that is sure to help you in your zombie-killing quest. Some are new to this Treyarch zombie iteration such as stim-shots and decoy grenades. But fear not, the old faithful pieces of equipment like monkey bombs still remain.

When you unlock the pack-a-punch, you’ll notice that you can choose your special ammo type as well.  Although the pack-a-punch has always been a huge boost to your gun when in the later rounds, being able to choose which special ammo you can use can really elevate your gameplay based on your play-style. 

The final thing to look at is the addition of armor to the game. There are drops of it from killing zombies, and you can also buy it. Just like in the WWII version of zombies, this is a huge benefit when it comes to staying alive. 

Step 3: Complete Objectives

As with the other zombie maps, there are certain objectives you will want to complete whether you’re going for high survival rounds or for the easter egg. One of the things that many players will appreciate is that there are markers that will help guide you in doing certain things such as turning on the power.

To get started on your journey, go to the door that has the spray-painted bunny on it. From there, you will ascend the stairs to the top of the building you are in. Jump down into the field with the plane, then make your way to the cave-like entrance.

There is a fluorescent arrow that will help point you in the right direction. You will then find yourself in the facility which is where the beginning cutscene takes place. This is the beginning of your journey for the easter egg. Good luck-you’ll need it!


There are definitely some great quality of life improvements added in Die Maschine. Between the health bar on the zombies to the addition of load-outs, to even making you place explosives on debris to unlock areas, there are plenty of things to attract both old and new players. 

So be sure to have fun, watch your back, oh, and aim for the head!