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Which Class Should I Play in Diablo 3?

Which Class Should I Play in Diablo 3?

Confused about which class to begin your harrowing journey in Diablo 3? We know it can be hard to make this decision since each class is so tantalizing. Worry not; we will try to make this choice easier by guiding you on what each class brings to the diabolical table. Hopefully, you will find your MAIN through this article and dump hours into Diablo 3 without getting bored.

The class to pick in Diablo 3 boils down to what kind of playstyle you are looking for. Barbarian and Crusader are the tanks. Necromancer and Witch Doctor are summoners. Demon Hunter is the ranged, somewhat stealthy class. Monk is a fast martial arts melee fighter. And Wizard is an elemental spellcaster.


Let’s go through the good and bad of each class in Diablo 3 and help you decide which one is perfect for your playstyle and preferences.



Are you ready to smash, bash, and crash your way through Diablo 3? Then the Barbarian class is just what you need! This fierce fighter is perfect for players who love to charge into battle and leave a trail of defeated enemies in their wake.

First of all, Barbarians are tough as nails. With high health and heavy armor, they can take a beating from even the biggest baddies in the game. And with skills that increase their defense, they can tank even the most dangerous attacks like a champ.

But just because they’re tough doesn’t mean they’re slow. On the contrary, Barbarians are surprisingly nimble. With skills that let them leap, charge, and whirlwind through enemies, they can zip around the battlefield like nobody’s business.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Barbarian without some serious damage output. These guys hit hard, whether wielding massive two-handed weapons or throwing axes and hammers like they’re going out of style. Plus, with skills that stun and knock back enemies, they’re great at controlling the flow of battle.

But perhaps the best thing about playing as a Barbarian is the sheer fun factor. There’s nothing quite like charging headfirst into a group of enemies and taking them all down in one fell swoop. And with passive skills that increase their damage output and critical hit chance, Barbarians are always ready for action.


Crusader Class Diablo 3

Are you one for smiting evil and taking on the forces of darkness in Diablo 3? Then the Crusader is your go-to class! These holy warriors are perfect for players who want to bring the fight to the demons and undead that threaten the world of Sanctuary.

Crusaders are incredibly durable. They can wear heavy armor and have a shield at the ready, making them perfect for absorbing damage and protecting their allies. With skills that increase their defense and healing abilities, they can keep themselves and their party members alive against the toughest of odds.

But Crusaders aren’t just tanks. They also deal heavy damage with their flails, hammers, and other righteous weapons. And with skills that let them charge into battle, call down divine wrath, and even summon celestial armies to fight by their side, they’re truly a force to be reckoned with.


These guys can also unleash powerful spells that smite their enemies with holy fire and lightning, heal their allies, and even resurrect fallen comrades.

So if you’re ready to bring the fight to the forces of evil in Diablo 3, try the Crusader class. With their holy power and righteous fury, they’re sure to inspire awe and fear in equal measure!

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter

Do you have a sharp eye, a steady hand, and a taste for vengeance? Then you shouldn’t look past the Demon Hunter class! These deadly marksmen are perfect for players who want to rain down death on their enemies from a distance.

Demon Hunters are incredibly versatile. They can use both ranged weapons like bows and crossbows and melee weapons like knives and swords. And with skills that let them vault, tumble, and even become invisible, they can easily maneuver around the battlefield.

The real strength of the Demon Hunter lies in their traps and abilities that focus on controlling the flow of battle. They can set up traps that snare and stun enemies or use skills that slow them down and weaken their attacks.

Let’s not forget the bread and butter of the Demon Hunter: their ranged attacks. With a variety of deadly arrows, bolts, and projectiles at their disposal, they can pick off enemies from afar with deadly accuracy. And with passive skills that increase their critical hit chance and damage output, they’re always ready to rain punishment.

The Demon Hunter is all about the thrill of the hunt. You’re not just fighting enemies, you’re stalking them, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. And with their ability to dual-wield weapons and their emphasis on speed and agility, Demon Hunters are always on the move, ready to prowl.

If you want to bring the fight to your enemies from a distance, give the Demon Hunter class a try. With their deadly accuracy and cunning tactics, they will strike your heart like an arrow!


Monk Class Diablo 3

Are you ready to harness the power of inner peace and unleash it upon your enemies? Then the Monk is in your fate! These agile warriors are perfect for players who want to strike fast and hard, while also maintaining a zen-like calm in the face of danger.

Monks are incredibly fast and nimble. They can move and dodge with incredible speed and grace, allowing them to avoid attacks and get in to pulverize enemies with lightening fast jabs. With skills that increase their movement speed and reduce incoming damage, they’re always ready to dance around their enemies.


They also have a wide variety of attacks that deal heavy damage and stun their enemies. From powerful kicks to rapid-fire punches, they’re always ready to bring the pain.

And with skills that let them heal themselves and their allies, they can keep their party members alive through even the toughest battles.



Are you down to command an army of the undead and bend the forces of life and death to your will? Then you should join the Necromancer fan army! These dark summoners are perfect for players who want to harness the power of death to annihilate their enemies.

Necromancers are masters of death magic. They can summon hordes of skeletons, zombies, and other undead minions to fight for them. And with skills that let them drain the life force from enemies or even resurrect fallen allies as undead servants, they’re always ready to turn the tide of battle in their favor.

They also have a wide variety of offensive spells that deal heavy damage to enemies. From curses that weaken their foes to spells that create deadly explosions of bone and blood, Necromancers are always ready to unleash death and destruction upon their enemies.

The Necromancer has one of the best abilities to control the battlefield. Skills that create walls of bone, slow down enemies, and even teleport around the battlefield can manipulate the flow of combat to their advantage. Passive skills that increase their spell power and reduce the cooldowns on their abilities make Necromancers macabre monstrosities on the battlefield.

You’re not just fighting alongside your minions; you’re commanding them. And with their dark, mysterious aesthetic and satisfying gameplay mechanics, Necromancers are surely a fan favorite class in Diablo 3.

Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor Class Diablo 3

Looking to unleash a swarm of creepy crawly creatures and ancient magic upon your enemies? Then the Witch Doctor class is perfect for you! These master conjurers are perfect for players who want to control the battlefield with powerful spells and strange creatures.

Witch Doctors are masters of voodoo magic. They can summon a variety of creatures to fight alongside them, from zombie dogs to giant spiders. And with skills that let them curse enemies or even turn them into chickens, they become bad omen for the baddies.


Witch Doctors also have a wide variety of spells that deal heavy damage and control the battlefield. From walls of flame to locust swarms that devour enemies, they have a hex-y mojo.

Witch Doctor’s distinctive ability is to manipulate their enemies’ minds. With skills that let them confuse or frighten enemies, they can turn even the most powerful foes into helpless victims. You’re not just casting spells, you’re channeling ancient voodoo magic to control the very forces of life and death.


Wizard Class Diablo 3

Ready to wield the power of arcane magic and unleash a torrent of destruction upon your enemies? Then it is best to come under the spell of the Wizard class! These spellcasters are perfect for players who want to control the battlefield with powerful elemental magic.

Wizards are masters of arcane magic. They can cast a wide array of spells that deal heavy damage to enemies and control the battlefield. From hurling balls of fire to conjuring lightning bolts that strike multiple targets, these guys can turn mother nature against demons.

They also have a wide variety of utility spells that can help them navigate the battlefield and stay alive. From teleporting to safety to creating shields that absorb incoming damage, Wizards are always one step ahead of their enemies.

The Wizard can also combine elements to create devastating combinations like freezing enemies in place, then shattering them with a wave of force.Wizards are a powerful class and an unstoppable force of nature if built right.

Reading up on the classes and how they function will have probably lifted the fog in choosing the right class for you in Diablo 3. However, since all of the classes are so unique and fun to play with, we do recommend that you try out each of them to truly get the feel of which one jives with you the most.