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Best, Average, and Worst Weapons in Brawlhalla

Best, Average, and Worst Weapons in Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla is a fundamental-based game, the way to ensure that you achieve the highest results is how well you know the tools that the game provides. One such cog in the machinery of this game is the weapons. Each character is unique with a weapon that not only gives him/her a unique set of skills. So, here is a list of weapons organized according to their effectiveness in the game.

The basis for the weapon is, how simple they are to use, how much potential they have, and how effective and consistent results they produce.

Here is the listing of all the weapons, from best to the worst.

Best Weapons

This category establishes which weapons are far superior in the game due to effectiveness and results. These weapons are more desirable as they have free neutral (complete invulnerability to pressure), beat out the other weapons, consistent and fast damage output, and they have good kill pressure.

  • Bow

This had to come here because of the recent patch, where all the heavy weapons had been nerfed. So, competitors were looking for a reliable weapon. That’s where the bow comes in, a highly reliable weapon with virtually zero drawbacks that offers a depth of versatility in playstyles. You can be passive and go for pokes or be hyper-aggressive with combos and set-ups. The bow is also very simple, with no complex mechanic, it serves as a weapon that is easy to learn, but also poses a higher skill cap.

  • Gauntlets

A typical brawler’s best friend, the fist is the answer to all close-quarters combat. However, the reason why this is placed below the bow is that the bow typically counters the fist. Gauntlets have very good scaling for damage, have very stable move-sets. It is in most terms a sure win if you pick gauntlets unless the opponent picks bow.

  • Sword

One of the most iconic weapons in the game, the sword happens to be one of the best as well. With a simple yet impactful move-set, this is every player’s first experience in Brawlhalla. For a long, this weapon has reigned the game in terms of its effectiveness. Moreover, the weapon does not show any flaws, apart from a few matchups which are slightly against it. But, to sum it up, this weapon shows no signs of stopping, except nerfs.

Average Weapons

This category has weapons that face slight flaws in their design, hence, requiring a bit of effort to get the most out of them.

  • Great-Sword

A very frightening weapon to place against, people have always feared the one combo killer that is this weapon. However, it is not used as much due to the tell that set-up gives. However, it has the best ground punishment in the game, has decent range, and is only held back by its long animations and recovery. This is one of those weapons where patience is the key to dominating the match.

  • Scythe

Putting it alongside a sword, this is one of the more complex weapons in the game. With a unique combo system that allows almost infinite possibilities, routes, setups and resets, once a scythe-player starts swinging, you can say goodbye to that stock. What scythe lacks is a dominant special, with a good neutral, it wouldn’t hurt to have a reliable specialist. Scythe is one of the trademark weapons in the game when it comes to how a player approaches and abuses the physics of the game to cater to his/her needs.

  • Spear

A very similar weapon to the great-sword, the spear takes advantage of its long-range to cater to a more passive playstyle as in the current meta, such playstyle is highly rewarded.

  • Katars

In my opinion, one of the most stylish weapons in the game, the katars offered a highly aggressive playstyle. This may seem like a huge advantage but Brawlhalla is much more than an “in-your-face fighting” game. To be specific, the weapon does not have any sort of defense or evasion built into it, making it very limited.

  • Orb

A unique weapon that is rarely seen in such games, the orb is very good at spacing your opponent, creating a sort of situation where you gain control over the flow of the match. However, its sheer complexity makes it very inefficient as you have to be very careful with how you play. Due to this inconsistency, this weapon is not very reliable.

  • Hammer

In the previous patch, I would argue that the hammer was the most rewarding and powerful weapon in the game, with how it was impossible to punish it on the ground. Well, they took that away from it, making it more susceptible to be punished. It still carries its older features such as its ability to output damage quickly and catch players off-guard. But, this patch takes the crown of ground-play away from it.

Worst Weapons

  • Rocket Lance

For most of Brawlhalla’s life span, this weapon was the so-called “noob-killer” with its high damage, people would easily rocket people out of the stage for easy wins. But, at its core, this is not as good as it looks. With the recent nerf to its air game and buff to a move no one uses, it became quite underrated. But be wary, anyone can easily pull off the rocket ko when needed.

  • Axe

A weapon fallen from grace, long gone are the days when the axe was the dominant weapon in the game. People would rage at how broken the weapon was and how simple it was to use. They would be happy to know that this weapon is finished in singles. However, in doubles, it retains its team-fight synergy to combo with its partner’s weapon.

  • Guns

Now, how would one of the best weapons, which I would argue, could go toe to toe against any sort of match up, is at the bottom, well, the answer is simple, damage. Guns used to be popular since they offered high damage in a few hits, but this scaling was nerfed which reduced its effectiveness. It is not a very effective weapon whatsoever.

  • Canon

The biggest nerf out of all of the weapons in the game, it seems extraordinary how one change in hitbox and gimmick makes the weapon fall from the strongest to the weakest. Canon is, in a nutshell, unplayable, as players will hope that the weapon receives some love in its next rework.