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Ultimate Guide To Rogue in Last Epoch

Ultimate Guide To Rogue in Last Epoch

If fast-flowing ranged combat is your jam then look no further than the Rogue class in the Last Epoch. But wait, the Rogue is much more than just a bonafide bowman, the class is exceptionally potent for zippy melee blade handling. You must be confused by how many things this class can do and what you should be doing when picking this class.


Don’t bother stressing your head, we are here to guide you through the class’s various masteries. By the end of the guide, you will know which class/mastery you will be opting for in the Rogue.

Rogue – Base Class

Rogue - Base Class Last Epoch Rogue

The Rogue is your quick-moving trickster archetype in Lost Epoch, allowing you to choose between long-range bow attacks and/or in-your-face melee attacks. This class benefits heavily from dexterity-based gear with most of your early passive skills focusing on dodge chance and mobility.

Other than its already fast-paced skills, putting points in a rogue passive tree will also give you access to smoke bomb, decoy, and ballista. The first two are used as evasive maneuvers, and the ballista is a minion skill that summons a stationary turret to shoot enemies around you.

The Rogue specializes in breakneck combat and can heavily increase their movement and attack speed with plenty of sources of haste thrown in the mix as well.

Whether you specialize in bows or melee weapons, the playstyle is heavily geared toward hit-and-run tactics using your evasiveness and combat strategy to keep you alive while maintaining a high damage output.

The Rogue and its masteries are strong, quick, and versatile. However, one weakness you have to pay attention to is that a lot of the passive skills require you to rely on Dodge Chance as your defensive attribute.

Being able to dodge is great until it isn’t. Once you get hit by something, you will be knocked around like a rag doll.

Make sure your build has other means of defense like armor or leech so that you can recover easily. Dodge Chance is good and all but it can’t replace the good ol’ armor and resistances.

Rogue Skills


A Bow or Melee Attack that performs 3 rapid strikes.


Throw 3 shurikens in a cone.


Dash a short fixed distance in the target direction.

Acid Flask

Throw a flask of acid that explodes on impact, Poisoning enemies and reducing their Armor.


An extended melee stab or piercing bow attack that has a 30% chance to inflict bleed on hit.

Cinder Strike

Melee or bow combo with three attacks. The first attack also creates a fiery explosion, damaging nearby enemies.

Umbral Blades

Combo ability. Throw 2 piercing blades, then 4 more in a direction, which are then recalled to your location. The same blade can hit enemies multiple times.

Smoke Bomb

Drop a Smoke Bomb at your feet that blinds enemies and grants you haste while you remain inside it. The Smoke Bomb grows in size over its duration.


Throw a device to create a Decoy that taunts enemies around it for 2.5 seconds before exploding.


Summons a ballista that fires bolts at nearby enemies.

Bladedancer – Mastery

Bladedancer - Mastery Last Epoch Rogue

Passive Bonuses:

  • +1 to your max shadows.
  • +15 melee physical damage.
  • 15% more dodge rating.

The Bladedancer Mastery is a badass ninja-like melee master specializing in throwing skills and quick mobility melee strikes. Choosing this Mastery makes you the star of your favorite anime. Attacking from the shadows and using your best shadow clone jutsu to make copies of yourself and attack your enemies from all sides.


With the Bladedancer, the idea is to get up close and personal with your enemies and dispose of them so quickly they don’t have a chance to see you much less attack you.

You move quickly, jumping in and out of melee range using skills like Synchronized Strike to deal massive damage on your own and with your Shadow clones and then move on to the next opponent.

With the right use of the Bladedancer, you will be performing a beautiful dance of jumping in and being just out of reach of the enemy’s attacks and shredding them to pieces. Of course, you can use ranged Rogue skills like the Shurikens to keep the onslaught going from afar.

Bladedancer Skills

Shadow Cascade

Circular spinning attack that’s also used by your shadow clones. (Dual wielding required)

Synchronized Strike

Jump forward and strike in an area in front of you while shadows appear and simultaneously strike on either side of you. (Melee weapon required)

Lethal Mirage

Become immune for a duration and rapidly strike nearby targets with 6 mirages.

Dancing Strikes

A series of fast dash attacks. (Dual wielding required)

Marksman – Mastery

Marksman - Mastery Last Epoch Rogue

Passive Bonuses:

  • 5% increased attack speed when you use a bow. Stackable up to 25% attack speed.
  • 50% increased damage while using a bow.

The Marksman is your bow master, using multiple-range attacks and spells to move around your enemies and bring them down before they can ever reach you. This is every Lord of the Rings nerd’s chance to become Legolas or maybe Hawkeye from Marvel, whichever fits your fancy.

The Marksman is extremely versatile, having the ability to build slow, strong attacks like a sniper or quick penetrating spreadshot like you’re playing Call of Duty, ruining everyone’s day with a shotgun.

As the Marksman you get access to several ways to buff your arrows with elemental damage or increase your base physical damage.

This mastery’s skills will rain down arrows on your foes in some creative ways. Furthermore, you are not stuck using weak arrows to dish out pain.

The skill trees let you pump up your arrows with a surprising amount of power. You can sit back and keep lobbing those arrows and watch as the enemies get skewered in an instance.

Marksman Skills


A bow attack that fires a cone of 5 arrows in the target direction.

Dark Quiver

Summons 7 Black Arrows that rain from the sky over 4 seconds, granting 100% increased damage to your next bow attack when retrieved.

Hail of Arrows

Launch a hail of arrows into the sky that rain down on the target location over 3.5 seconds.

Detonating Arrow

Fires an arrow that embeds itself in a target and then explodes after 0.6 seconds.

Falconer – Mastery

Falconer - Mastery Last Epoch Rogue

Passive Bonuses:

  • +12 Dexterity.
  • The falcon gains +1 flat melee damage per every four Dexterity levels.

Now with the Falconer mastery, you can forget fighting yourself altogether. You get a trusty agile little bird to do your dirty work. Do not underestimate this bird for she packs quite a punch.

Not only that, this class turns this Rogue into a trapper archetype in Lost Epoch. You can ensnare enemies using Net and torture them while they wriggle around. Or, you could just ask your pet falcon to peck them to oblivion.


Additionally, the newly added Explosive Trap lets you rig areas with proximity explosives and watch as enemies explode into pieces when they walk over them. These traps can be buffed with other elements as well.

Needless to say, the falcon gets the most attention in this class. This nimble creature is invulnerable meaning, unlike other minions and companions in Last Epoch, this partner in crime doesn’t die. She will stay by you at all times and attack all on her own.

The Falconer can really pump up their pet with the right allocation of points. This bird can turn into a fighter jet if you know what you are doing.

Falconer Skills

Explosive Trap

Throws a trap that explodes when triggered, dealing fire damage. You can have a maximum of 6 active traps at a time.


Leaps backward and throws a net that snares enemies and deals physical damage.

Aerial Assault

You leap towards the target and your Falcon dives to catch you and momentarily carry you further before it flies up and unleashes a Wing Burst at the target location.

Dive Bomb

Your Falcon ascends high into the sky and then dive bombs the target location at high speed, dealing a lot of physical damage to enemies in the area.

Last Epoch Rogue


  • Passive: Summons a Falcon that fights with you.
  • Active: Falcon Strikes: The Falcon rapidly hits many enemies in the target area.

Your fingers will get a mind of their own while piloting a well-built Rogue character in Last Epoch. Your eyes and reflexes will start functioning at a higher FPS. The most worthwhile mastery is the Falconer. With this class, you can continue looking like a badass archer while accompanied by a loyal bird to pick off any stragglers.