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Surge 2 Guide to Weapon Types

Surge 2 Guide to Weapon Types

Surge 2 has many different ways to eliminate enemies and it does not come short on any weapon that you find. Once you have a weapon, you are free to use it whenever and how long you like. If you really want to, you can actually use 1 weapon the entire time you play if you really want to. It is just up to you what you want to use. There are about 125 weapons for you to collect in the game and they all have different abilities. One weapon had Poison damage on it so it would do massive damage over a long period of time. It was perfect for that annoying boss fight that I was stuck on. Each weapon type has a special move or ability that goes along with it. Here are all the weapon types in the game and how to use it well:

If you want to know some Beginner’s tips about the game, consider going to this article:


  • Twin-Rigged weapons provide fast attacks that allow players to quickly get in and out of combat. They consume a moderate amount of stamina and deal considerable damage. There are a total of 13 Twin-Rigged weapons in Surge 2.

These weapons are perfect for the people that want a very balanced weapon. You have to get up close and personal with the enemy, but you hit soo fast with each arm that it is hard for the enemy to get their attack in. You should use this weapon when there are a lot of enemies around because you can easily pull back from the fight if you need to. The agility of the weapon allows you to move around quickly without losing too much stamina. This is a perfect starter weapon for anyone who is not used to the game because of just how easy it is to use. Try doing combos to damage the enemy even more.


  • One-Handed is fast short-range weapons that provide well-rounded attributes between damage, speed, and energy gain. There are a total of 17 One-Handed weapons in Surge 2.

One-handed is probably the most well-rounded weapon of any class since all aspects of it are averaged out between all stats. It has decent speed while also having a good energy gain, and the damage output is also pretty good. These are one of the most common weapons in the game so if you are having trouble with the other weapons, maybe give this one a try. You might find that you also have to get close with this weapon but it is a little easier to use since it is soo small.


  • Staffs provide agile long-range attacks and are well-rounded choices for open locations. There are a total of 11 Staves in Surge 2.

Staves are probably one of my favorite weapons of both Surge games just because of the reach it has. You basically swing it around your head like it is nothing and you then do a jab attack to deal extra damage. These weapons are perfect for fighting mob enemies because they can hit multiple enemies at once very easily. It is also very easy to use as well and you can stay farther back so you don’t get hit. Use these weapons especially for the Nano enemies so you don’t take any Nano damage.


  • Heavy-Duty attacks are slow and very wide, they deal a high amount of damage and have a very high impact but also consume a huge amount of stamina. There are a total of 16 Heavy-Duty weapons in Surge 2.

Heavy-Duty weapons are my least favorite thing to use, but some other people might like it. I liked the weapons that are fast and give you good energy gain back. these weapons are slow and drain a lot of stamina, but they do hit hard and give back a lot of energy. As I said before, it is up to you whether you want to use it or not because you will probably also have a Goliath armor set on when you are using this weapon. I will give props to anyone who does use this weapon, but I am not using it any time soon.

Punching Gloves

  • Punching Gloves attacks are very quick, allowing the player for multiple short bursts, but lack damage and impact. There are a total of 11 Punching Gloves in Surge 2.

These are what you start with at the very beginning of the game. I would say that if you get one of these and it is the best weapon you have, use it. If you have another weapon around the same upgrade, then use another because these are not that reliable. It is good for just exploring the world, but when it comes to boss fights, they are terrible. It has terrible damage and impact, but it is probably one of the fastest in the game so it does make up for its disabilities. Not the best weapon, but it is decent.


  • Hammers are heavy and slow but provide the wielder with powerful, high impact attacks. There are a total of 13 Hammers in Surge 2.

Hammers are a good middle-ground between the fast weapons and Double-Duty because they give you that high damage and impact while not sacrificing stamina. Yes, the stamina does drain fast, but it does make up for it with the harder hits. It is much easier to use and takes less time to master so if you are going for a heavier build, this might be the weapon for you. Also, try getting weapons that have elemental damage to them so you deal extra damage to the enemy that you are fighting, just make sure they are not immune.


  • Spears provides with long-range quick attacks that can be used to keep the enemy at bay. They have a low impact. There are a total of 14 Spears in Surge 2.

Spears are actually really good weapons if you don’t want to get too close and you also want to deal massive damage to any enemy. It has a very low impact, but it keeps all enemies back so they can’t do much to you at all. It has the longest reach of any other weapon in the game and is very useful for boss fights, just make sure it is upgraded as much as possible to do the max amount of damage. Use it with the right armor set to boost its upgrades.


  • Double-Duty weapons can be used either as dual-wielding weapons with quick attacks and low damage, or combined together into a big and slow heavy hitting weapon. There are a total of 10 Double-Duty weapons in Surge 2.

Double-Duty weapons actually started to be my favorite weapons in the game. I only started using them when I was almost done with the game, but once I did, I used it for the rest of my playthrough. It basically looks like a staff, but mid-attack, it changes into 2 sticks and you look like a ninja while using them. I had soo much fun with this weapon and if you do find one, make sure you give it a try because I guarantee you will like it. Combos are really great with this weapon.


  • Single-Rigged attacks are slow and deal with a moderate amount of damage, but they compensate by providing high energy gain and impact. There are a total of 18 Single-Rigged weapons in Surge 2.

Single-Rigged weapons have the highest energy gain of any other weapon in Surge 2, which compensates for its low damage. The attacks are also very slow, but you won’t need a fast weapon if you are constantly able to heal because of the energy gain. You can also equip armor that can boost the damage on the weapon of just anything for that matter. Make sure you are using everything to your advantage.


In conclusion, there is soo many weapons in Surge 2, that it is hard to count. When you have all of them, then you won’t even know what to upgrade if you are going for all weapons. Just have a weapon that you mainly use and make loadouts with emergency weapons just in case you are having trouble with a certain enemy. Here is a guide on Amazon on tips and tricks for The Surge 2. I would certainly try as many weapons as you can just to see which ones you like the most. All the weapons in the game are good in some way, you just have to figure out how.