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Best Base Locations In V Rising

Best Base Locations In V Rising

V Rising is a survival RPG where it is all about the rise of the vampires that once ruled the lands of Vardoran. It is your mission to raise the glory of this once mighty race and reclaim the land from the scourge of humans and other creatures that have taken over in your stead. And the backbone of any empire especially a vampiric one is the fearsome castle that houses the ferocious vampire.

There are many locations all over the map where you could build your castle but the location itself could be exposed to all kinds of danger lurking about, hence a strategic placement is a key to success in V Rising.

Some of the best locations where you could erect your castle are:

  • Dunley Farmlands – Near Dawn Break Village
  • Dunley Farmlands – Near Haunted Iron Mine
  • Farbane Woods – Near Forgotten Cemetery
  • Silverlight Hills – Near Brighthaven
  • Dunley Farmlands – Near Mosswick Village

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Dunley Farmlands – Near Dawn Break Village

This location is great due to its close proximity to Dawnbreak Village (west), a great location to farm tons of mid-game resources and all of the different blood types.

This location is also next to a Cotton Farm (southeast) which can be extremely handy. Other nearby locations are a Militia Camp (northwest) along with a Farm (south) where you can get horses every time you need one.

The total build area is relatively small, when you go to place your Castle Heart it will notify that it is a cramped location though with a bit of creative building you can make it work. You can build stairs down into a small opening which can give you a bit more room to build in though it is a small area to build.

The best thing about this area is you can put a small door at the edge and you can jump off right next to a camp and Dawnbreak Village. Being this close to the village makes it extremely easy to get targets of high-quality blood and you can get them back to your base to put them into jail cells without much trouble.

Dunley Farmlands – Near Haunted Iron Mine

This location area is huge and though when you put down the Castle Heart it will show a maximum of 70% build potential there is still a lot of room to expand. This area is close to two militia encampments to the south and the Haunted Iron mine (south). There are multiple Cotton Farms close by and also just a normal Farm.

As seen above with a maxed out level 2 castle foundations placed this location is massive and with even more headroom for later level expansions. The other great thing is right around the corner from here there is a Militia Camp from where you can farm a ton of goodies including Iron Ore, Gems, Bones, and much more.

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Farbane Woods – Near Forgotten Cemetery

This location in Farbane Woods is great for PVP servers though it is a little cramped, there is only one entrance and exit when you build this area fully. Locations like these are few and far between where there is a natural bottleneck of a single entrance hence rival players have only one way to lay siege. Also, the main castle can be placed on the topmost hill/plain and the extensions can be built on the lower levels.

The whole area is quite skinny all the way to the choke point so a nice and tight castle with creative placements will have to be utilized at both the elevations.

The best thing about this location is that it’s next to some amazing farming spots where you have the Forgotten Cemetery (southwest) which is good for Grave Dust, Morning Lily, and Bone. You have the Bandit Stronghold (northwest) which is a great location to not only farm for resources but also has a high chance of spawning high-level blood units like 100% quality blood of brute, rogue and warrior.

This location is also neighbouring a Bandit Encampment (east), you can just jump off of the side and get right into the encampment quite easily or you can run right out of your front door and arrive at the Bandit Stronghold. This is fantastic because if you find one of the 100% quality blood units you won’t have to take them very far to get them back to your base and into a jail cell.

Silverlight Hills – Near Brighthaven

This location is in the Silverlight Hills and is perfect for somebody who wants to keep expanding, you have a ton of build room here. Placing the Castle Heart at the top will show limited build room but you can build down into the massive lower area and the even larger area below that.

This area is great due to its closeness to Bright Haven and Bright Haven Suburbs (both north) as well as the Harpy Nest (northeast) which is a great location for farming Highland Lotus, Gem Dust, and Flawless Gem Veins. The Army Outpost (east) nearby is a great place to farm Schematics, Imperial Thread, and Horses.

This location’s upper area has a relatively small footprint but you can build stairs down and expand into the lower areas which have a much larger constructible area. If you are playing PVE then you could easily start your castle from the lower areas instead of the upper smaller location, it’s entirely up to you.

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Dunley Farmlands – Near Mosswick Village

This is an absolutely massive area in Dunley Farmlands and is one of the biggest footprints to build on. It is a great castle placement as it is perfectly situated in the middle of some great nearby locations like the Mosswick Village (southwest), the Dunley Monastery (northwest), a Militia Camp (south), a Farm (south), and a Cotton Farm (east).

This a significant strategically placed centralized location with more militia camps to the sides and you have the Horse Track (further to the west) and even more Cotton Farms. All these varied locations are easy to get to and helpful at creating an efficient farm loop.

This is a huge area that can easily house higher-level castles. You are also surrounded by rock formation walls all over. Here you can go crazy building a massive castle without resorting to many creative placements or getting bogged down in any way, you will have enough room to place anything and everything you want.

There is a water source close by so you don’t have to build a well if you don’t want to. And right out the side, you have the Dunley Monastery which is just a great place to farm in general and it’s a short trip if you manage to find a 100% quality blood unit without much worry of getting it killed while taking it to your castle.

Different locations have different pros and cons when it comes to placing your castle. In PVP servers you would want to place it in a hidden location with fewer entry points for a lower chance of getting annihilated with invasions. For PVE you would want a bigger place for expanding your castle. Nearby location matter too when building so check the resources that you need the most and try to place the castle near those points.