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The Best Weapons in Apex Legends

The Best Weapons in Apex Legends

There are a lot of weapons to choose from in Apex Legends, but always with the good, comes the bad. There are a lot of bad weapons in the game and some are good for a starter weapon. I have chosen 7 weapons in the game that are probably the best guns that you can find during a match. It will be kind of hard to choose if you find multiple, but it sometimes determines what you are going to pick up from the attachments and ammo that you find. There are also a ton of attachments you can put on each one, but that can be for another article. Here are the best weapons that you can find when you are playing Apex Legends:

Here is our Apex Beginner’s Guide if you want to read it as well:

R-301 Carbine

  • Full-auto and low recoil carbine with high accuracy

Thie weapon is very fast and it takes basically any attachment. It does double the damage if you get a headshot and can destroy an enemy’s armor in mere seconds. It is a very accurate weapon with a high rate of fire and has a single and full-auto mode. It has excellent performance at long ranges and good performances at medium to close ranges. If you can find a longer-ranged optic and an Anvil Receiver, then it can be used for sniping at pretty far ranges. A perfect gun to have as your primary.

Vk-47 Flatline

  • Full-auto rifle with a punch

This weapon is not that fast, but it packs a punch in every bullet you shoot. It does double the damage if you can hit an enemy’s head and its damage output is incredible. It is at its best when used at medium to close ranges because the damage drops the farther you shoot it. It has a pretty big magazine so you should not have to reload very often. You can also turn it into a sniper with the Anvil Receiver and a longer-ranged scope if you want to do that. It is another great choice for your primary weapon.

Prowler PDW (with select-fire)

  • 5-round burst SMG that is improved with the select-fire receiver

This is a great weapon all around but the weapon actually overpowered if you can find the select-fire receiver. Once you find that, if you have tried the weapon beforehand, instead of it having a 5-round burst mode, it is full-auto and it can destroy basically any armor in seconds. Since it is soo small, you actually run really fast as well so you can get out of danger very easily. Also, you can equip a digital threat onto this weapon so if you can find one, us it. A very good secondary weapon because you can probably have an even better weapon in the primary slot unless you have the select fire receiver.

M600 Spitfire

  • Full-auto LMG with a massive magazine

This weapon is my favorite weapon in the game because of just how good it is. The base magazine for the weapon is 35 bullets, but you can get bigger ones for a max of 55. It has high damage per shot and has a relatively fast fire-rate. It is very effective over any distance and if you can find a variable scope, it might benefit you in soo many ways. It does have a slow reload speed, but the large magazine makes up for that. It is an amazing weapon to have for your primary, especially if you have it fully upgraded as well.

Kraber .50-cal Sniper

  • Powerful bolt-action sniper rifle only found in airdrops

This weapon is the best sniper rifle in the entire game because of how much damage it inflicts. If someone has low armor, then you will knock them with a body shot. If you hit them in the head, then it is basically a one-shot kill. The downside to this weapon is that you only get 8 bullets with it, you can’t put other attachments on it, and you can only find it in airdrops so it is risky to get these weapons. If you can actually get it, make sure you have another weapon ready to use because it is not a weapon you can use for your primary. Other than that, the gun is absolutely amazing.

Mastiff Shotgun

  • Powerful semi-auto shotgun only found in airdrops

This is the best shotgun you can get in the game because of how good the range on it is. It has very high damage and it can basically kill someone in 1-2 shots depending on their armor. Headshots are guaranteed one-shot kills so be good at aiming when using it. You can only find these guns in airdrops and it can’t be upgraded. It also only comes with 20 bullets so you also can’t use it as your primary weapon. Other than that, this weapon is great to have towards the end of any match if you have a backup weapon as well.


  • High-powered revolver with a massive punch

This pistol is very easy to use but hard to master. For you to actually be good with this weapon, you have to know how fast it shoots, and where to hit on the enemy. Obviously you hit the head, but even body shots are deadly with this weapon. It has very high damage for each shot, and it does not use up much ammo at all. It does have high recoil and magazine, but it hits hard. If you can hit all your shots, then this might become your new favorite weapon in the game. Just make sure you have another gun to deal with some extra quick damage if you need it.


In conclusion, there are a lot of great weapons in the game. All you have to do is pick the right spot to drop. If you want to buy some Apex Legends coins, then here is the link. Also, it might be hard to find the gun you want every round, so your best bet is to try and use whatever you find to the best of your ability. If you keep playing and land in those rare loot spots, then you have a very good chance of picking up your special weapon. Finding your weapon is very crucial because you always want to get that win, so keep up the grind and don’t give up. Also, playing with friends helps as well.