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How To Deal With Worms In Bloodborne?

How To Deal With Worms In Bloodborne?

Bloodborne is home to some of the best enemies in any game. From the way each enemy type looks to the way they perform in the game when they are making your life miserable it’s safe to assume that it’s one of From Software’s greatest collection of baddies.

Some have such amazing looks like the Winter Lanterns where players have gone out of the way to zoom in and check every minute detail of their design. But as the game is primarily made to break your spirit these enemies won’t get the love they deserve and some of these enemies will surely be more annoying.

The enemy that takes the cake for the simplest design and the most annoying to deal with is the Hateful Maggot or the worms that swarm you on multiple occasions. These enemies can easily overwhelm you so it’s advised that you use a Slash-type weapon to easily hit them or use ranged attacks to keep some distance.

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Worms or Hateful Maggot

Hateful Maggot

These slithering freaks have become one of the most hated enemies as they are deceptively deadly in Bloodborne. They are hard to hit due to their small size while they swarm you in groups and beat the hell out of you without you even realizing. In some spots in the game, they surprise you when you are in a corner and ambush you from behind. Their sheer numbers and the constant barrage of attacks from each worm will surely down most unsuspecting players.

They even spawn from a dead Silverbeast body when you are least expecting them. They attack by throwing themselves at you and with each worm doing so you won’t get the chance to react quickly leading to untimely death. On top of that their attacks build Frenzy meter which is almost an instant death if that fills up completely further adding to their lethality.

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To stop them from bursting out of the Silverbeast innards you should kill the beast with Fire damage to burn them while they are inside or using the Visceral attack to finish the beast off will also stop them from spawning.

As these worms stay low to the ground they are hard to hit by the precise and straightforward attacks of a Thrust weapon hence it is recommended that you use the attacks of a long sweeping Slash weapon that covers more area horizontally for a much better chance of hitting the target.

Stay on your toes and keep moving back when they have the numbers advantage and slowly and steadily thin the herd from some distance. Use your gun for ranged damage also.

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These enemies are present in the following locations so be careful when treading these levels:

  • Castle Cainhurst
  • Forbidden Woods
  • Nightmare of Mensis

It must look like we are making a big deal out of these pesky little maggots but trust us they are a bane of existence for many new players, just check the comments of many poor souls in the Wikis. Be careful in their presence and once you have figured out the best strategy to deal with them they will become quite an easy target to get rid of.