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Why Do Endermen Hate Water in Minecraft?

Why Do Endermen Hate Water in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a very easy game if you play on Normal difficulty. You only have to worry about the Skeleton arrows and the Creepers. Those two enemies are very annoying when it comes to exploration because they can seriously damage you. The Endermen, on the other hand, is dangerous, but there is an area that they don’t like to go to.

Endermen hate water in Minecraft because, in their code, it was created that when they touch water, they take damage. There isn’t any explanation for why they don’t like water in the lore, but we know they will take damage when they touch any water source. If you are getting chased by an Enderman, jump in some water, and you will be safe.

Building a base around water should not be a reason to escape Endermen because they are not that difficult of an enemy. It is not often that you see one roaming around, but it is recommended that you defeat them when you do see them. You get an Ender Pearl when you defeat them, and you can eventually use them to create an Eye of Ender.

What else do Endermen hate?

Endermen don’t like it when it is raining. They will run away, and you will most likely never see that one again. Don’t go Endermen hunting when it is raining out because you will never find one roaming around in the rain. They also hate fire. If you have Fire Aspect on your sword, it will help defeat them a lot quicker.

If you have some sort of lava moat around your house, try to lure them into it. They will get set on fire, making your life easier by defeating them faster. If you make a 3-block-high tower, they can’t hit you. Mix those 2 things, and you won’t have any trouble with them. If you try to lure the Enderman to the moat, just try not to fall in because you will lose your items.

If you have a water bottle, throwing it at the Enderman will scare it off. It will stop attacking you, and it will go and try to find a place to dry off. After you do this, you will most likely not see this Enderman again. They don’t have weaknesses other than these few things, but they are good enough to remove any Enderman you see.

Endermen aren’t the easiest enemies in the world, but if you know what you are doing, you shouldn’t have any issues. If you go to the End, you will need to know how to combat them. Hundreds of them are there, and it won’t be too much fun if you get surrounded by them. Just try not to make eye contact with them, or else you are in for a wild ride.