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Do Trolls respawn in Valheim?

Do Trolls respawn in Valheim?

So, you’ve spent a considerable amount of time in Valheim and are in town for some new gear but remember, this is a survival game, so you need to keep an eye out for new resources to revamp your current gear set. Those ugly blue trolls in Valheim sure do come in handy as they drop Troll Hide. But of course, you’ll need to farm Troll Hide to get anywhere. 

Yes, Trolls in the Black Forest do respawn in Valheim. Keep Forges and Workbenches away from the Black Forest Biome as they prevent Troll respawning. But Trolls found in caves sadly don’t respawn.

If you’re worried about where Trolls spawn in Valheim and whether they respawn after a farm session, then keep the tab open. We are going to cover all of the relevant information in this guide.

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Trolls in Valheim

Troll in Valheim
The Infamous Two-Star Brown Troll

Let’s first take a look at Trolls. They’re large creatures that roam the Black Forest Biome or they could be denizens of your nearest Cave. They have a whopping 600 HP and require a bow and arrow to be taken out efficiently. 

Taking a step back, while trolls do normally spawn in caves, if you ever come across an empty cave, assume that you’ve already cleared it out or the resident troll spawned somewhere outside of it.

Why Farm Trolls in Valheim?

Goofy Ahhh Troll Trophy
Goofy Troll Trophy

You’ll need to stack up your arsenal as you make your way to the midgame. Leather isn’t all that reliable to adorn your character. So the next best bet would be Troll Hide. And in case you wanted to show off, you could fashion yourself a neat little Troll Trophy. It looks a lot less neat and a lot goofier to be honest.

Depending upon the enemy level, trolls drop different quantities of hides. The drop rate isn’t an issue at all as there’s a guaranteed 100 percent drop rate.

Troll LevelTroll Hide Quantity
Level 15
Level 210
Level 320

So, assume that you’ve farmed all the trolls you need. What exactly do you plan to do with all that Troll Hide? Well for starters, invest in your gear. Upgrade it to make your future journeys all the easier. You can check out the following items to take your combat and defense to the next level.

EquipmentCrafting StationResources Needed
Ancient Bark SpearForge Level 3・Ancient Bark x10・Iron x10・Troll Hide x4
Troll Leather PantsWorkbench Level 3・Troll Hide x5
Troll Leather HelmetWorkbench Level 3・Bone Fragments x3・Troll Hide x5
Troll Hide CapeWorkbench Level 3・Bone Fragments x10・Troll Hide x10
Troll Leather TunicWorkbench Level 3・Troll Hide x5

Do Trolls Respawn in Valheim?

Troll Cave
Mysterious Troll Cave

You might be wondering whether Trolls even Respawn in Valheim or not. For sure they do but the answer isn’t all as straightforward as you’d expect and can vary depending on how you play the game.

The Black Forest Biome

Normally, The Black Forest Biome is pretty much a breeding ground for Trolls in Valheim. But respawn rates are somewhat tedious. On average, Trolls respawn after every 15-20 real-time hours. And in some instances, they might not respawn at all.

Forge and Workbench Break Troll Respawning?

Your Forge and Workbench can severely impact Troll Spawns in Valheim. While they’ll normally spawn in the Black Forest Biome, clearing them out with a Forge or Workbench nearby will eliminate respawning. You’d be right to assume this is a bug. Iron Gate Studios seriously needs to roll out some bug fixes.

Troll Caves

As mentioned previously, you’ll also find Trolls inhabiting caves in Valheim. Some players assume that caves are not part of the open-game world of Valheim and serve as procedurally generated encounters akin to dungeons. That could somewhat explain the fact that they don’t respawn in caves once they’re put out of commission.


Happy Troll Farming! While you can farm trolls due to the awful respawn rate, you can make the most of your midgame progression by getting your hands on enough troll hides to deck yourself out in some awesome Troll Hide Gear. It’s sure to get you to run a train through midgame enemies with minimal effort.