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What Should I Spend Insight On In Bloodborne?

What Should I Spend Insight On In Bloodborne?

Bloodborne is a beautiful rendition of cosmic horror set within the framework of a FromSoftware game. The way FormSoft curate their worlds is very welcoming to this particular literary genre and they hit the nail on the head with the execution, to say the least. Every aspect of the game is on point with the general theme all the while staying true to the SoulsBorne formula in terms of gameplay and lore delivery.

Considering the eldritch nature of cosmic horror where mere humans are involved with beings that are beyond their comprehension, there is a palpable influence of said beings but in order to connect to or understand them, one must have a level of understanding that defies orthodoxy. This is what Insight is in Bloodborne. It is a way of looking at the world where you pierce through the veil and peer into the extramundane nature of the world.

Though Insight is a stat that affects the world around you, it is also a currency that is useful for many things like:

  • Insight is a significant part and is spent each time you initiate multiplayer in Bloodborne.
  • Buying Small Resonant Bell (to join other players’ worlds for co-op) and Sinister Bell (invading other players’ worlds for PvP).
  • Buying weapon upgrade items (Blood Stones).
  • Buying Fire Paper and Bolt Paper for exploiting weaknesses and dealing extra damage.
  • Buying special armor.
  • Buying Chalice Dungeon ingredients.

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Insight Shop (Insight Bath Messenger)

There is a dedicated shop in the Hunter’s Dream where you can buy various types of items for the Insight that you have accumulated. All the items in the shop will be added as you progress through the game and/or have completed particular tasks. The items are all listed below:

Small Resonant Bell
11 Insight
Sinister Bell
11 Insight
Beast Blood Pellet
Unlimited1 Insight each
Blue Elixir
Unlimited2 Insight each
Lead Elixir
Unlimited2 Insight each
Pungent Blood Cocktail
Unlimited1 Insight each
Numbing Mist
Unlimited2 Insight each
Fire Paper
Unlimited1 Insight each
Bolt Paper
Unlimited1 Insight each
Shaman Bone Blade
Unlimited1 Insight each
Blood Stone Shard
Unlimited1 Insight each
Twin Blood Stone Shards
Unlimited2 Insight each
Blood Stone Chunk
Unlimited20 Insight each
Blood Rock
Unlimited60 Insight each
Coldblood Flowerbud
Unlimited2 Insight each
Bloodshot Eyeball
Unlimited2 Insight each
Living String
Unlimited10 Insight each
Red Jelly
Unlimited5 Insight each
Pearl Slug
Unlimited3 Insight each
(Armor sets unlock when certain characters are killed)
Father Gascoigne’s Set
Gascoigne’s Cap
11 Insight
Gascoigne’s Garb
13 Insight
Gascoigne’s Gloves
11 Insight
Gascoigne’s Trousers
11 Insight
Hunter Djura’s Set
Grey Wolf Cap
11 Insight
Ashen Hunter Garb
13 Insight
Ashen Hunter Gloves
11 Insight
Ashen Hunter Trousers
11 Insight
Henryk’s Hunter Set 
henryks hunter cap
Henryk’s Hunter Cap
11 Insight
henryks hunter garb
Henryk’s Hunter Garb
13 Insight
henryks hunter gloves
Henryk’s Hunter Gloves
11 Insight
henryks hunter trousers
Henryk’s Hunter Boots
11 Insight
Bone Ash Set
(Available after defeating the second boss within the Central Pthumerian Labyrinth)
bone ash mask
Bone Ash Mask
12 Insight
bone ash armor 1
Bone Ash Armor
14 Insight
bone ash gauntlets 1
Bone Ash Gauntlets
12 Insight
bone ash leggings
Bone Ash Leggings
12 Insight
Maria Hunter Set 
(Available after defeating Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower)
Maria Hunter Cap
13 Insight
Maria Hunter Garb
15 Insight
Maria Hunter Gloves
13 Insight
Maria Hunter Trousers
13 Insight

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Insight is a necessary requirement for the multiplayer co-op and is needed to use both the Beckoning Bell for becoming the host and asking for online help and the Resonant Bell for becoming the guest in someone’s world and helping them. If you want to indulge in PvP then you will have to use Sinister Resonant Bell to invade other players’ worlds. All three of these bells will consume 1 Insight upon usage.

Hence Insight is a crucial aspect if you want to experience this game fully with your friends or engage in multiplayer in general. Always have a handful of Insight on you if you are looking to play multiplayer.

Fire Paper & Bolt Paper

These two types of Paper are very useful for fighting enemies in Bloodborne. Fire Paper engulfs most of your weapons with flame that deals burning damage. It is the common weakness of the Beasts type enemies(a very common enemy type in the game), and generally useful against enemies that have little to no clothing.

Bolt Paper coats most weapons with electricity that deals electrical damage. It is the common weakness of the Kin (those eldritch monstrosities), ethereal enemies, and is generally useful against enemies that use metal armor.

So always have a stock of these papers in your inventory and even equip them in quick use slots for instant use when dealing with particular types of enemies. Spending your Insight on these two items will be a smart decision that will pay off when used properly.

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Upgrade Materials

Blood Stones are required to upgrade/strengthen weapons in the Workshop in the Hunter’s Dream. There are 4 levels of Blood Stones each upgrading weapons to particular tiers, all of them are listed below. As you progress through the game all the levels of Blood Stones will become available in the Insight shop, and if you are someone who upgrades various weapons then this will be quite useful. You can easily buy Blood Stones without riveting to excessive farming and relying on the RNG.

Icon & NameUpgrade TierInsight Cost
bloodstone_shard.png Bloodstone Shard+1, +2, +31 Insight each
twin_bloodstone_shards.png Twin Bloodstone Shards+4, +5, +62 Insight each
bloodstone_chunk.png Bloodstone Chunk+7, +8, +920 Insight each
blood_rock.jpgBlood Rock+1060 Insight each

These were all the places and items where you should be spending Insight on in Bloodborne and its best usage. There are some armor sets that unlock after defeating specific enemies /bosses which you can buy with Insight but as with most armor in Bloodborne, they serve little purpose in providing tangible benefits and are more or less eye-candy. But if you are into the whole Fashion Souls scene then these armors are a must-buy too.