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Do Trees grow back in Valheim?

Do Trees grow back in Valheim?

The survival video game by Swedish developer Iron Gate Studios, Valheim is currently in Early Access and a lot of questions asked by players are still a mystery to many. The game is yet to receive a full release, projected for early 2023. Still, players are wondering about one big question. Do trees grow back in Valheim?

No, trees don’t grow back in Valheim. Not even from stumps. In case a seed drops, you can process it through a cultivator and plant it. You can search for saplings to grow trees or use console commands. There’s also the route of using mods provided by some community members.

The Swedish developer states that most game mechanics in Valheim mimic real life and they’re trying their best to incorporate that into their survival game. While the game has garnered loads of attention, some mechanics do seem a little iffy in contrast to other games in the survival genre.

To be specific, lots of information in Valheim raises more questions than answers and the same goes for trees.

How To Enable Console Commands in Valheim?

Do Trees Grow Back in Valheim?

Do Trees Grow Back in Valheim?

It would be an understatement to say that Wood is one of the most vital resources in the game. While the game is procedurally generated, it would’ve been a nice touch if trees could’ve grown back as it could potentially save players from the hassle of traversing father than usual or planting new trees to get a bit more wood. 

You know what we’re suggesting so to cut it short, trees don’t grow back in Valheim like you think they would. Some players have reported that trees grow back if the stumps are left intact but that is certainly not the case here. 

While trees don’t regrow, you’ll come across a little sapling now and then and it will pretty much grow into a full tree, but that takes some time, doesn’t it? It’s a pretty annoying feature, to say the least. Hopefully, the developers will pay attention to the community uproar and feature a future update that allows trees to regrow.

In the meantime, you can certainly go ahead to uproot those stumps you figure would grow back into trees and continue to plant saplings.

Types of Trees in Valheim

As for the types of trees in Valheim, there’s no shortage of them, allowing you to farm and store five different types of wood. 

  • Pine
  • Beech
  • Oak
  • Fir
  • Bitch

How To Grow Trees in Valheim

Cultivator Method

  • After you’re done chopping down a tree, you can collect a small seed that can be used to grow another tree using a cultivator. The cultivator requires players to use five core wood and five bronze bars on a level one workbench. 
Cultivator Method
  • After the cultivator is finally finished, cut down a tree. Source its seedling and right-click the cultivator. 
  • Find the right seed and navigate the plant list. Left-click on the seed to finally plant it.
Beech Sapling - Valheim
  • It’ll take a while for the seed to grow into a sapling.
  • Plant the sapling and grow it into a tree!

Console Commands

Launch Options

If this method proves a bit too tedious for you and grinding for seedlings, especially the more scarce Oak and Birch seeds, seems like a waste of time. You could cheat by using spawn codes for the relevant seeds.

  • To activate the command prompt in Valheim, exit the game and pull up the steam library.
  • Right-click the game and select properties.
  • Navigate to General and peer your eyes at the Launch Options located at the bottom of the tab.
  • Type in “-console” in the menu and voila, you’re all set.
  • Open up the game and hit F5.
  • The command prompt will pop up.
  • Type in “devcommands” and hit Enter to enable cheats.
  • To spawn trees, use the following codes in the command prompt:
Fir ConeSpawn Fircone 1Spawns 1 Fir cone
Birch SeedsSpawn Birchseeds 1Spawns 1 Birch Seed
Beech SeedsSpawn Beechseeds 1Spawns 1 Beech Seed
AcornSpawn Acorn 1Spawns 1 Acorn.

Sapling Mod for Valheim

Valheim mod

If you’re not a fan of cheating or using console commands, you can make things a tad bit easier for yourself by using some mods.

  • This mod allows players to spawn a sapling after a tree stump is removed. But keep in mind, the sapling is pretty delicate and this mod only works with Fir, Beech, and Pine Trees.
  • To install the mod, first install BepinEX.
  • After installation, drop the contents of the mod into the BepinEX/plugins subfolder.
  • And hopefully, the mod will work.


So, trees won’t regrow back in Valheim, you’ll have to cultivate seeds and farm saplings. You can use cheats or go the route of mods in Valheim. We’re here to help you guys with more Valheim tips and tricks. Till then, stay tuned for more!