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Do bosses despawn in Valheim?

Do bosses despawn in Valheim?

Recently, Valheim has become an absolute obsession for everyone. The fresh and unique survival-like, soul-like gameplay is both fun and addictive. A question many people have when they start playing the game is whether bosses can despawn in Valheim if you don’t fight them. In this guide, we’ll be answering that question.

No, Valheim bosses do not despawn once you have summoned them. Bosses will only spawn when they are summoned. And will only despawn once they have been defeated.

You might have several questions regarding how bosses work in Valheim. The game utilizes a unique open-world gameplay style. And relies on bosses being summoned rather than being situated in a specific location. So if you’re wanting to learn more about bosses then keep reading this article!

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Do Bosses in Valheim Despawn?

In-game Screenshot - Valheim
In-game Screenshot – Valheim

The quick answer to the question of whether bosses in Valheim despawn is this. No, bosses in Valheim do not despawn. Regardless of whether you avoid fighting the boss for one or several hours, they will not despawn out of the world.

This can be quite confusing if you’re a first-time player. You see, bosses in Valheim do not function similarly to a game like Dark Souls. In Dark Souls the bosses are located In specific portions of the map, and it is up to the player to reach these zones with bosses and defeat them to progress the storyline.

In Valheim, the bosses are not previously located at a specific location. Rather bosses are spawned by you, the player character, wherever you might want to engage with a boss. You can accidentally spawn a boss, but overall the decision to spawn the boss in the first place is entirely your own.

This raises the question of what happens if you choose to ignore the boss. Well, the boss will not simply despawn out of your game world. But the boss will also not chase you down for a fight. The boss will stay at the location you originally spawned the boss until you become strong enough to defeat it.

Pretty simple, right?

Why Bosses Do Not Chase Players?

Of course, if you’re a new player the last thing you want is for a boss you accidentally summoned to constantly engage in a fight with you. That can potentially ruin your playthrough. The developers realize this potential error and make it so that a boss only engages with you if you come within a certain distance.

If you’re outside of that particular range then the boss leaves you alone. This allows you to explore other regions of the map, and gain levels, equipment, and weapons that you can utilize to get stronger and overcome the boss.

It’s important to remember, however, that you cannot progress through the main storyline of Valheim or well what is generally considered as the storyline for Valheim without defeating the major bosses within the game.

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How to Spawn All the Valheim Bosses?

If you’re confused about how to spawn certain bosses then this guide should help you out. We’ve added all the major Progression bosses and what you need to do to spawn them here. So if you’re confused about summoning any of them, you can use this guide as a quick reference.


Eikthyr – Valheim

If you’re looking to summon Eikthyr then the process is quite simple. First, gather two Deer Trophies by hunting Deer in the overworld. Equip the Deer Trophies into your quickselect slots. Next, approach the Stone Slab and Press the button corresponding to the Deer Trophies that you’ve set within your slots.

You will notice that the trophies become consumed and the ground will immediately shake. Lights will appear and the Eikthyr fight will begin.

The Elder

The Elder
The Elder – Valheim

If you’re looking to summon the Elder then do the following. First, search and destroy Greydwarf Nests that are located within the Black Forest. These nests will drop Ancient Seeds which will be required for you to use to summon The Elder.

If you’re finding it hard to drop Ancient Seeds then you can also hunt Greydwarf Brutes.


Bonemass – Valheim

Perhaps one of the easiest bosses to summon is Bonemass. To summon the boss you need to gather ten Withered Bones. These can be obtained by exploring Sunken Crypts within the Swamp Biomes.

Finally, activate the Skull altar by placing the Withered Bones within your toolbar. For the summoning ritual to complete simply Press the numbers associated with the slots with Withered Bones.


Moder - Valheim
Moder – Valheim

To summon Moder, place a Dragon Egg on each of the three bowls located near his altar. Activate the altar to summon Moder. If you’re wondering where you can find the Dragon Eggs then try to search the Dragon Nests within the Mountains.

The Dragon Eggs will give off a purple glow, and thus will be easier to spot even from afar. They are quite heavy though, so I suggest that you utilize a cart to lug them around.

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Yagluth - Valheim
Yagluth – Valheim

Locate the Stonehenge Altar. Which will be quite prominently visible in the Plains Biome. It will have stone fingers that reach for the sky and will give you a distinct marker to summon Yagluth. To summon Yagluth then all you need to do is place the five Fuling Totems on the five bowls behind the Red Runestone.

The Fuling Totems can be found in the Fuling Camps and can additionally be dropped by defeating the Fuling Berserkers.

So to answer the original question, no, bosses do not despawn in Valheim. Instead, you will have to defeat them to make them disappear from your game world. Luckily, if you accidentally summon a boss, do not worry. Because they won’t engage you unless you attack them.

Keep your distance. And good luck with surviving Valheim.