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Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Graveyard Keeper

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper is a very complicated game when it comes to the way you do things, but once you understand what to do and when to do certain things, then the game just gets a lot better. If you start the game for the first time, you will walk outside the house and think to yourself what you are going to do. As you progress through and explore the world, you finally know exactly where to go and what resources to collect. Here are some tips for beginners about what to do when you first start the game.

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Collect a lot of resources

When you start out, the main thing you are going to be doing is collecting material so you can build whatever you need to. There is soo many different things for you to build like the Church, Graveyard, House, basement, the Morgue, and Church basement. There are also a ton of different blueprints to unlock which give you better items to build, but it all takes resources. The more you get in the beginning, the less you will need to get in the end.

When you start out, go looking for wood and stone because they are necessary for starting out strong. There are also other resources to get, but you won’t unlock the collection of them until later so focus on wood and stone for the beginning of the game. You are also going to want to craft the work stations in the yard of your house so you can build the necessary structures for the Graveyard. Just hoard any material you can find.

Build as many storages as you can

Storages are the most important thing you can have because the more storage you have, the more resources you can keep. There are trunks, chests, alchemy racks, scroll shelves, bookshelves, mortuary racks, stone, wood, and ore storages. Any storage you get will benefit you and you have to keep in mind that storage does take up space and you don’t have that much space when you first start out. Each storage takes the material to build to so make sure you have already collected the material so you can just build more storage.

Collect all the upgrade points you can

Technology is unlocked by three types of points that you can get in the world. Each of the points is obtained by doing different actions and it is essential to get the Study Table in the Church basement to get a lot of points. The Study Table is used for studying items to get points. After an item is studied, it loses the ability to be studied again so you are forced to study another object. When an item is studied, the object has a completed study bar on the description. It also tells you what points you will get for studying that specific item.

Red Points – “Hand-crafting skills, and your ability to work with materials” You get Red Points from anything involving physical labor.

Green Points – “Knowledge about the nature of things, and of nature itself” You get Green Points with anything involving organic materials.

Blue Points – “Spiritual knowledge of the immaterial world” The Blue Points are the hardest to get and there are only a few ways to get these. Making Graves and fences for the Graveyard, and harvesting anything with the Blue Point icon at the Study Table.

Make sure the bodies you bury only have white skulls

Dealing with bodies is probably the most important thing you can learn in this game because it could mean your Graved being damaged later on. When you receive a body from the Donkey, you will then take the body into your Morgue. You will then place it on your autopsy table and check its status. depending on what color the skulls are on the body, you will need to remove parts of the body to get rid of the red skulls.

One thing to note is that Blood and Fat removes one red skull each so if you have a body with 2 red skulls, removing those 2 items will make the body have all white skulls. It is not something you can just learn right away and you will make a lot of errors, but once you finally place that last perfect body into the Graveyard, you will be very happy with yourself later on.

Listen to the NPCs

The NPC quests are also an important part of the game as well because that is the story of the game. There are six days and each day a specific NPC for that day comes out only on that day. If you miss a day, you have to wait a whole in-game week just to see that NPC again. You get items from NPC quests that help you craft special stuff as well so make sure you talk to as many NPCs as you can that have a message above their heads or just to see if they are selling anything.

The game cycles between day and night. During the night, monsters may spawn. Sleeping in your bed is the ONLY way to save the game. The day changes when the cross on top of the church points to the moon. NPCs that only arrive during certain days start walking to their spot at dawn and leave at dusk. NPC traders gain new stock overnight.

Plant carrots as fast as you can

Carrots are a form of the crop which can be grown from carrot seeds in the garden below the work yard known as the Kitchen Garden. Alternatively, they can be purchased from the Farmer. 12 carrots are necessary to fulfill the Merchant’s quest. Carrots are demanded by Donkey as payment to deliver corpses after a certain point.

Carrots are not an improvable crop, meaning they do not have a variety of quality levels and cannot be improved with fertilizer. They can only be made to grow faster. See the page on farming for more information on how crops are grown and improved. Studying Carrot at the Study table will give you 10 Green Points. Carrots are important so make sure you stock up on as many as you can.

Always keep food in your inventory

Energy is what allows the player to fight, fish, gather, mine, build, work, craft, and do most everything else. Energy is restored with food, drinks, or sleeping. Tools cost energy to use, and better tools both reduce this cost and have better efficiency. Upgrading your tools from the most basic tools to higher tier tools is absolutely critical. Walking, carrying things, making things with the oven, and smelting things do not require energy.

The one thing that I always did, I kept food in the bottom section so when my energy started to run out and I needed to stay awake, I would eat some food to increase the time I had. If you have the money, go to the innkeeper and buy a bunch of food or if you want to plant food in the garden, make sure you cook some good meals that increase a lot of energy. Make sure you always have food on you at all times.

Open up all blocked paths as soon as you can

The blockage appears as a collapsed section in the tunnels connecting the alchemy lab, cellar, barn cellar, trade office, dungeon, and morgue. You will need to clear at least one blockage to get access to Snake, the cultist. There are a total of 7 blockages in the world that you must clear out, and if you can clear them, it will make getting around soo much easier.

It also gives you access to different areas in the upper section of the map. There is also the bridge to the left of the Graveyard that you can fix to. Open up all of them as soon as you can. Opening up the quarry will make getting materials soo much easier because you can have zombies work for you to get all the necessary materials.


In conclusion, Graveyard Keeper is an easy game to play but hard to master. Once you learn the ways of the game, it is a piece of cake. If you are just starting the game, make sure you follow everything that I went over because it will definitely help you in every way. If you have a friend that is thinking about playing the game, maybe send them the link to our other article on if the game is worth it, here. If you are enjoying the game, make sure not to give up and have fun.