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The Mini-Bosses of Elden Ring Ranked By Difficulty

The Mini-Bosses of Elden Ring Ranked By Difficulty

The side boss list of Elden Ring is absolutely sprawling with various levels of quality and difficulty. The game boasts well over 130 of them although many of them are exact copies of previous fights and some only minor variations on previous fights.

My rankings are based on a few factors. A. How early might a player stumble into this fight? (AKA is it a high possibility that the player is underleveled?) B. Is the fight a variation of a previously learned one that would give the player a big advantage? and C. How much did I shudder to think about having to fight them ever again?

The only requirement to make it on this list was having the large healthbar across the bottom of the screen. (With the exception of Elder Dragon Greyoll.) This makes many of the common field encounters null and void even though they are many times the exact same fight as their boss counterparts.

As tempting as it would be to go into great detail about each and every one, I think you are just going to have to play the game for yourself and see if our opinions line up on how hard they kicked our butts when we weren’t bringing our A game. Here is my attempt to list the difficulty of the 89 unique side boss encounters found in the Lands Between.

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89. Soldier of Godrick


Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Limgrave- Stranded Graveyard

88. Elder Dragon Greyoll

Not technically a boss, but a big dragon worth a lot of runes so get to killing the elderly.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Caelid- Dragonbarrow

87. Miranda the Blighted Bloom

An immobile flower with long attack windups. Thank you Elden Ring!

Occurrences: 2

Location(s): Weeping Peninsula- Tombsward Cave, Altus Plateau- Perfumer’s Grotto

86. Crystalian

Heavy attack.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Liurnia of the Lakes- Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel

85. Adan, Thief of Fire

Killed him as he spawned in. I don’t even know what he looks like.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Liurnia of the Lakes- Melefactor’s Evergaol

84. Battlemage Hugues

Just a dude.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Caelid- Sellia Evergaol

83. Necromancer Garris

Just a dude with a different name.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Altus Plateau- Sage’s Cave

82. Nox Swordstress and Nox Priest

Geez. I know you’re really old but can you at least try.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Caelid- Sellia, Town of Sorcery

81. Tibia Mariner

These guys are Elden Ring’s take on fetch quests. Go find the guy in the boat and smack him. Now do it again.

Occurrences: 4

Location(s): Limgrave- Summonwater Village, Liurnia of the Lakes- Artist’s Shack, Mt. Gelmir- Wyndham Ruins, Mountaintop of the Giants- Snow Valley Ruins Overlook

80. Esgar, Priest of Blood

Yet another dude with, at the very least, a cooler name.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Leyndell- Leyndell Catacombs

79. Patches

Hello, darkness my old friend.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Limgrave- Murkwater Cave

78. Stray Mimic Tear

Insert “Spider-man meme fight” meme here.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Forbidden Lands- Hidden Path to the Haligtree

77. Sanguine Noble

I wasn’t the one losing a lot of blood.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Altus Plateau- Writheblood Ruins

76. Magma Wyrm

He can take a beating laying down and standing up!

Occurrences: 3

Location(s): Caelid-Gael Tunnel, Mt. Gelmir- Fort Laiedd, Mt. Gelmir- Volcano Manor

75. Mad Pumpkin Head

More like Mildly Irritated Pumpkin Head.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Limgrave- Decayed Ruins

74. Demi-Human Queen Gilka, Maggie, and Margot

Different names, same exact fights.

Occurrences: 3

Location(s): Altus Plateau- Lux Ruins, Mt. Gelmir- Volcano Cave, Mt. Gelmir- Hermit Village

73. Cemetery Shade

Freaked me out at first, then I hit him once and saw his health bar. Fear gone.

Occurrences: 3

Location(s): Limgrave- Tombsward Catacombs, Caelid- Caelid Catacombs, Liurnia of the Lakes- Black Knife Catacombs

72. Scaly Misbegotten

Hewg sends his regards.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Weeping Peninsula- Morne Tunnel

71. Fia’s Champions

Yeeeaaaaaah…..You’re gonna need to hire some new help.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Deeproot Depths- Across the Roots

70. Cleanrot Knight

As long as her commander doesn’t show up you should be just fine.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Liurnia of the Lakes- Stillwater Cave

69. Commander O’Neil

What a difference a few letters of the alphabet and the use of a horse (well, magical reindeer) can make!

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Caelid- Inner Aeonia

68. Alabaster Lord

Been there. Done that. Got the breastplate.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Liurnia of the Lakes- Royal Grave Evergaol

67. Guardian Golem

You dropped your shield Tower Knight!

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Limgrave- Highroad Cave

66. Frenzied Duelist

I know you’re angry now but you should have learned some new moves.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Caelid- Gaol Cave

65. Crystalian Duo

Bring the club to these two women!

Occurrences: 2

Location(s): Liurnia of the Lakes- Academy Crystal Tunnel, Altus Plateau- Altus Tunnel

64. Bols, Carian Knight

The bigger they are….

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Liurnia of the Lakes- Cuckoo’s Evergaol

63. Ancient Hero of Zamor

You still move pretty well for an old guy.

Occurrences: 3

Location(s): Weeping Peninsula- Weeping Evergaol, Mountaintops of the Giants- Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave, Altus Plateau- Sainted Hero’s Grave

62. Vyke, Knight of the Roundtable

Yet another normal dude, at least he has a few tricks up his sleeve if you let him live long enough.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Mountaintops of the Giants- Lord Contender’s Evergaol

61. Stonedigger Troll

Dark Souls 2? Is that you?

Occurrences: 2

Location(s): Limgrave- Limgrave Tunnels, Altus Plateau- Old Altus Tunnel

60. Omenkiller

I’m not quite sure why but I think his arena is missing something. A staircase maybe?

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Liurnia of the Lakes- Village of the Albinaurics

59. Cleanrot Knight Duo

I love fighting these ladies, but I love killing them too.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Caelid- Abandoned Cave

58. Beastman of Farum Azula

I had a feeling I’d be seeing more of these guys…..

Occurrences: 2

Location(s): Limgrave- Groveside Cave, Caelid- Dragonbarrow Cave

57. Omenkiller and Miranda the Blighted Bloom

I think he traded in his dogs for some magic beans.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Altus Plateau- Perfumer’s Grotto

56. Kindred of Rot

This is for what happened to me in Sellia you monsters!

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Mt. Gelmir- Seethewater Cave

55. Erdtree Burial Watchdog (Three Headed)

I thought Cerberus was supposed to be a dog. This thing is definitely a cat.

Occurrences: 2

Location(s): Liurnia of the Lakes- Cliffbottom Catacombs, Mt. Gelmir- Wyndham Catacombs

54. Dragonkin Soldier

Not gonna lie, it took me a minute to figure the second one out.

Occurrences: 2

Location(s): Siofra River- Worshipper’s Woods, Lake of Rot

53. Mad Pumpkin Head Duo

Why are you so angry? Look, you even have a friend to hang out with down here!

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Caelid- Caelem Ruins

52. Putrid Grave Warden Duelist

I would say putrid is a pretty good word here.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Consecrated Snowfield- Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs

51. Misbegotten Crusader

I would have though lizard people were cold-blooded but what do I know?

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Consecrated Snowfield- Cave of the Forlorn

50. Erdtree Avatar

You seem vaguely familiar to me… Have we met before?

Occurrences: 5

Location(s): Weeping Peninsula- Minor Erdtree, Liurnia of the Lakes- Southwest Minor Erdtree, Liurnia of the Lakes- Northeast Minor Erdtree, Caelid- Minor Erdtree, Mountaintops of the Giants- Minor Erdtree

49. Red Wolf of the Champion

This one is a bit more bark than bite.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Mt. Gelmir- Gelmir Hero’s Grave

48. Onyx Lord

Is Onyx a higher or lower tier than Alabaster? I honestly have no idea. Seemed a bit higher.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Altus Plateau- Sealed Tunnel

47. Night’s Cavalry

The first one had me going for a bit. The rest felt like chumps.

Occurrences: 8

Location(s): (Nighttime Only!) Limgrave- Agheel Lake North, Weeping Peninsula- Castle Morne Rampart, Liurnia of the Lakes- Gate Town Bridge, Liurnia of the Lakes- Bellum Church, Caelid- Caelid Highway, Caelid- Dragonbarrow, Altus Plateau- Altus Highway Junction, Forbidden Lands

46. Death Bird

Once upon a time I was scared to fight these guys, then I met their big brothers!

Occurrences: 4

Location(s): (Nighttime Only!) Limgrave- Warmaster’s Shack, Weeping Peninsula- Castle Morne, Liurnia of the Lakes- Scenic Isle, Leyndell Capital Outskirts- Hermit Merchant’s Shack

45. Fell Twins

I thought there were supposed to be four of you guys! And where are your crowns?

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Leyndell-Capital Outskirts

44. Glintstone Dragon Smarag

Look at all these flask beetles! What are they all doing here for? Oh…..

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Liurnia of the Lakes- Crustalline Woods

43. Putrid Crystalian Trio

“Oh, you know what I would really love? Having to scramble for my life to separate three of those crystal ladies from each other so I can smash them with a hammer! Oh and make them infect me with Scarlet Rot!” -No One Ever

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Caelid- Sellia Hideaway

42. Night’s Cavalry Duo

They shall brook thee no quarter indeed.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): (Nighttime Only!) Consecrated Snowfield- Inner Consecrated Snowfield

41. Grave Warden Duelist

I was looking forward to finding the area that these guys would be the common enemy in. Still haven’t found it yet…

Occurrences: 2

Location(s): Limgrave- Murkwater Catacombs, Leyndell- Auriza Side Tomb

40. Flying Dragon Greyll

From Soft really has a thing for dragons on bridges huh?

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Caelid- Dragonbarrow

39. Bloodhound Knight Darriwil

From Soft really has a thing for men crouched on all four like some kind of dog huh?

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Limgrave- Forlorn Hound Evergaol

38. Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader

I would like to thank you in advance for all of your daughter’s help to me on my journey.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s):Liurnia of the Lakes- Ringleader’s Evergaol

37. Ulcerated Tree Spirit

Fun Fact: These guys were supposed to be in Dark Souls 3 before they were cut in favor of a different enemy type. Not Fun Fact: These guys are in Elden Ring.

Occurrences: 2

Location(s): Limgrave- Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, Mountaintops of the Giant- Giant’s Mountaintop Catacombs

36. Spirit-Caller Snail

This ranking is really in reference to the first time you “fight” him. After that he is more like in the high 80’s.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Liurnia of the Lakes- Road’s End Catacombs

35. Putrid Tree Spirit

Kill it with fire!

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Caelid- War-Dead Catacombs

34. Perfumer Tricia and Misbegotten Warrior

Man, it almost seems like this game is designed to take advantage of the new summoning abilities while also providing the average player with fun levels of overcome-able challenges. Crazy.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Mt. Gelmir- Unsightly Catacombs

33. Erdtree Burial Watchdog (Single Head)

Ladies and Gentlemen, my first death in Elden Ring. Not my second mind you, but indeed my first.

Occurrences: 2

Location(s): Limgrave- Stormfoot Catacombs, Weeping Peninsula- Impaler’s Catacombs

32. Crucible Knight Siluria

I had a pretty good handle on these guys by the time I found this one. He still whooped on me pretty good though.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Deeproot Depths- The Nameless Eternal City

31. Decaying Ekzykes

I find it a little ironic that the sick one has a name that sounds like a sneeze.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Caelid- Caelid Highway South

30. Black Knife Assassin

Say what you will about Crossbreed Priscilla, but at least she didn’t stab me in the back.

Occurrences: 3

Location(s): Limgrave- Deathtouched Catacombs, Liurnia of the Lakes- Black Knife Catacombs, Altus Plateau- Sage’s Cave

29. Abductor Virgin Duo

Agh! I just got kidnapped by a freaky-looking living Iron Maiden! Phew! Looks like I am on some mountain now. Glad I won’t be running into any of them again anytime soon!

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Mt. Gelmir- Subterranean Inquisition Chamber

28. Great Wyrm Theodorix

He’s pretty good, I just wouldn’t necessarily call him great.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Consecrated Snowfield- Albinauric Rise

27. Godefroy the Grafted

Ok From Soft, I understand renaming the reskins to make them easier to identify, but Godefroy? Sounds like a name my three year old would come up with.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Altus Plateau- Golden Lineage Evergaol

26. Godskin Apostle/ Godskin Noble (Spirit-Calling Snail)

Now listen snail! I know that I killed your brother a while back but why did you have to go bringing these two into our business!

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Mountaintops of the Giants- Spiritcaller Cave

25. Fallingstar Beast

From Soft really has a thing for armor-clad farm animals….. Wait! Are those pincers and a stinger!?

Occurrences: 2

Location(s): Caelid- Sellia Crystal Tunnel, Altus Plateau- Outer Wall Phantom Tree

24. Wormface

And the award for “Most Aptly and Efficiently Named Boss” goes to…….

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Altus Plateau- Minor Erdtree

23. Glintstone Dragon Adula

So that’s where you ran off to! Silly old dragon!

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Liurnia of the Lakes- Moonlight Altar

22. Runebear

Big boss. Small room. This is gonna go really well….

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Weeping Peninsula- Earthbore Cave

21. Borealis the Freezing Fog

There is definetely fog. There is definetely freezing. Everything check out here.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Mountaintops of the Giants- First Church of Marika

20. Tree Sentinel Duo

Ctrl C, Ctrl V, Ctrl V.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Leyndell- Royal Capital Outskirts

19. Flying Dragon Agheel

His entry belongs in a top ten “Made me almost have to get a change of pants” moments article that is later to come.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Limgrave- Dragon-Burnt Ruins

18. Erdtree Burial Watchdog Duo

Hope you enjoy rolling a lot! (Ps. Bring some Crystal Darts, you can thank me later!)

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Caelid- Minor Erdtree Catacombs

17. Ancient Dragon Lansseax

Yet another dragon to chicken out and then reappear when you least expect it. At least this fight is a lot of fun though.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Altus Plateau- Rampartside Path

16. Mohg, the Omen

A simpler version of my favorite fight in all of Elden Ring. Also, this guy is totally a pedophile so enjoy kicking his butt!

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Leyndell- Subterranean Shunning Grounds

15. Demi-Human Chief Duo

Let sleeping semi-evolved monkey people lie!

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Limgrave- Coastal Cave

14. Crucible Knight and Crucible Knight Ordovis

Ornstein and Ornstein, Inc.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Leyndell- Auriza Hero’s Grave

13. Black Blade Kindred

If the only way you can get to him is from behind, you are too weak to take on this fight. Trust me.

Occurrences: 2

Location(s): Caelid- Bestial Sanctum, Forbidden Lands

12. Putrid Avatar

“Okay, so she has Scarlet Rot now. How much harder can she actually be?” -Everyone Ever

Occurrences: 4

Location(s): Caelid- Western Minor Erdtree, Caelid- Northern Minor Erdtree, Consecrated Snowfield- Minor Erdtree

11. Astel, Stars of Darkness

Easier than the first time because his arena is smaller and he can’t teleport away as far. Harder than the first time because of every other conceivable thing.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Consecrated Snowfield- Yelough Anix Tunnel

10. Crucible Knight and Leonine Misbegotten

Yeah hey man, Crucible Knight is at the front door…. He said there was a beatdown going on and he wants to get in on the action.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Caelid- Redmane Castle

9. Elemer of the Briar

I knew all of his moves by the time I faced him. (I had a bit of practice….) It didn’t help that his tiny arena was littered with dining furniture though.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Altus Plateau- The Shaded Castle

8. Tree Sentinel

The definition of a spawn camper. And a massively over-leveled one at that.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Limgrave- The First Step

7. Royal Revenant

Abandon all hope! Ye who enter here! (Except for Faith builds tailored around miracle healing specifically.)

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Liurnia of the Lakes- Kingsrealm Ruins

6. Bell Bearing Hunter

Whatever you do, don’t trespass on this guy’s properties. He rents them out in the evenings.

Occurrences: 4

Location(s): (Nighttime Only!) Limgrave- Warmaster’s Shack, Liurnia of the Lakes- Church of Vows, Caelid- Isolated Merchant’s Shack, Leyndell- Hermit Merchant’s Shack

5. Grafted Scion

Revenge is a dish best served cold, or in the case of Elden Ring, served at -57 degrees.

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Limgrave- Chapel of Anticipation

4. Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast

For all intensive purposes this boss is basically a bull. For even more intensive purposes this boss is also crap.


Location(s): Mt. Gelmir- Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite

3. Crucible Knight

Why are you laughing Miyazaki? You gave a Black Knight from Dark Souls a bunch of powerful faith incantations and put him in the first area of the game didn’t you?

Occurrences: 1

Location(s): Limgrave- Stromhill Evergaol

2. Godskin Apostle

He’s like Stretch Armstrong meets Darth Maul meets a wind turbine. (Hide from this input-reading abomination by getting behind the pillars to heal when you can.)

Occurrences: 2

Location(s): Caelid- Divine Tower of Caelid, Altus Plateau- Windmill Village

1. Death Rite Bird

More specifically that Consecrated Snowfields one….. and just when you thought you were ready for the endgame too.


Location(s):( Nighttime Only!) Caelid- Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank, Liurnia of the Lakes- Gate Town North, Mountaintops of the Giants- Stargazer’s Ruins, Consecrated Snowfield- Apostate Derelict