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Ultimate Guide To The Onryo in Dead by Daylight

Ultimate Guide To The Onryo in Dead by Daylight

Onryō, or Sadako Yamamura, is one of the 33 Killers you can play as in Dead By Daylight. Find out everything you need to know about this killer, including info on how to play her, her strengths and weaknesses as well as the playstyle she is most suited for through this detailed guide.

The Onryō is a Japanese ghost from the Ring Horror Novel Franchise. She became first accessible to players in Dead by Daylight during Chapter 23: Sadako Rising DLC event. This horrific spirit rapidly chases down her targets within The Realm.


Here is a detailed guide that covers everything there is to know about The Onryo in Dead by Daylight to make it easier for you to decide whether to pick him or not.

Is The Onryo (Sadako Yamamura) suitable for beginners?

(Sadako Yamamura)

“Capable of condemning Survivors to death through a powerful cursed videotape, Sadako’s wrath is inevitable.”

The Onryo is a horrifying demonic entity capable of great evil. But she isn’t an easy Killer to grasp. This vengeful spirit has control of the power of Nensha, enabling her to be unnoticeable when she scours each map on The Realm.

She has an exciting roster of Powers and Perks at her disposal. Like all Killers accessible in the game, she has around 3 unique perks that can help her scout out hidden Survivors and keep track of all Generators.

For these reasons, you might want to spend time to learn her in-depth before making her your main. The Onryo may have certain gaming mechanics that you must master to do well with her.

Difficulty: Hard.

Are The Onryo Perks worth upgrading?

This Killer has Perks that can easily be considered ideal for exposing Survivors’ whereabouts and keeping an eye out for all those who dare to do any task in the presence of The Onryo.
Since Sadako Yamamura isn’t necessarily easy to learn, her Perks can only be fully utilized by understanding her Stats, mechanics, and playstyle.

For example, the Onryo has a nifty short Terror Radius than most Killers, about 24 meters. She is pretty agile when it comes to traversing the map with her 115% Base Movement Speed (4.6 meters per second).

These factors alone show how her playstyle is more reliant on her Perks and Powers if you want to win matches with her. Therefore, we recommend that you focus on upgrading her Perks.

What Perks Does The Onryo Have?

The Onryo provides 3 unique Perks in Dead by Daylight:

Scourge Hook: Floods of Rage

You can alter all the canons of the Trial by connecting with The Entity psychically.
With this Perk, you will turn 4 random Hooks into Scourge Hooks.

These will be visible with White Auras to you. Every instance of a Survivor getting unhooked from any Scourge Hook will trigger all the remaining Survivors to be revealed for about 5/6/7 seconds.

Call of Brine

You can manipulate technology deviously with your psychic capabilities.
Once you carry out the Damage Generator Action on any Generator to hamper the Survivors’ progress – you will trigger Call of Brine Perk to become active for 60 seconds.

While active, this perk will cause all Damaged Generators to regress rapidly at around 115/120/125% of the typical regression rate. Any regressing Generator will be visible with a Yellow Aura. Additionally, you will get a Loud Noise Notification every time any Survivor obtains a Good Skill Check on any Damaged Generator.

Merciless Storm

Any time a Generator gets repaired by Survivors up to 90%, the Survivors attempting to repair it get bombarded with rapid Skill Checks.

If they miss a Skill Check or stop repairing for any reason, the affected Generator will get blocked for 16/18/20 seconds for all.
This Perk can only affect any Generator once per Trial.

What Weapon does The Onryo have?

Ring of Fury

Weapon: Ring of Fury

The Onryo’s Primary Weapon is embedded in her Horror Novel origins as a Character from The Ring franchise. The Ring of Fury is powered by Sadako’s thirst for souls to hunt and her need for vengeance against all mortals.

What Power does The Onryo have?

Deluge of Fear
Deluge of Fear

Power: Deluge of Fear

“Through the medium of a mysterious videotape, Sadako spreads her curse to unwitting viewers and cause their untimely deaths.”

The Onryo Demanifests whenever you want by pressing and holding the Power button when she is in her Manifested state. Once Demanifested, Sadako Yamamura begins a Trial that triggers certain effects into play.

Sadako will obtain the Undetectable Status Effect during this Trial, and only intermittently become visible to Survivors that are within 24 meters of her position on the map. She will remain invisible for all other Survivors who are not within this radius.

After the Trial is over and Sadako manifests again, the Undetectable Status Effect may stay for an additional second. The intermittent visibility also will linger for about 4 seconds.

During this Trial, The Onryo cannot hit Survivors, but she may still be able to interact with surrounding environmental objects. Along with this, she cannot enter Chases or be stunned by Pallets.

Special Ability: PROJECTION

Sadako can also Manifest herself through TV Projections. To do so, you should press the Ability button whenever you see a powered TV in sight. You will temporarily close that TV for about 45 seconds and Manifest yourself once you emerge from it. This ability has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

Special Affliction: CONDEMNED

Any Survivor that comes into contact with Sadako’s Power will build Stacks of Condemned. Once all 7 Stacks are obtained, Sadako can easily hunt them down.

To build Stacks of Condemned Survivors, you should emerge from TV around their presence. Any Survivor that does not carry a Cursed Tape will obtain +3/4 Stacks.

Additionally, if you strike a Survivor that is carrying a Cursed Tape, you will give them +2 Stacks of Condemned and destroy their Cursed Tape.

If a Survivor reinserts their Cursed Tape back into a TV, it will remove -3 Stacks of Condemned from them.


Any Survivor that has obtained all 7 Stacks of Condemned will become instantly visible to The Onryo for about 6 seconds via Killer Instinct. Condemned Survivors can get murdered by Sadako’s Inexorable Stare if put into the Dying State.

Is The Onryo fun to play?

The Onryo can be an exciting experience for players as long as you try to learn this Killer properly in Dead by Daylight. Sadako Yamamura is a very difficult Killer to master as she is very reliant on her Perks and Powers.

You might struggle with her if you just recently started playing Dead By Daylight. But with enough experience and exposure, you will surely end up enjoying your games with The Onryo.

What are some tips and tricks to get better with The Onryo?

  • Keep in mind that The Onryo is a Stealth-type killer with a Terror Radius of 24 meters. Her small height also makes it easier for her to be stealthy. Her Lullaby sound cue is also pretty quiet and easy to miss.
  • The Onryo’s game revolves around her Perks and Powers. Particularly, her main power, ‘Deluge of Fear.’ Her ability to easily switch between Manifested and Demanifested states makes her a horrific Killer to be chased by.
  • Whenever The Onryo uses her Projection ability, she will obtain a Movement Speed buff in the process. Utilize this buff strategically to hunt down terrified Survivors swiftly.
  • Keep a lookout for your hands as Sadako if you are in your Demanifested state. Survivors cannot see you if they lie outside a 24-meter radius of your position. But if they are inside the radius, they can see your hands fading in and out. You can sneak up on them stealthily without them noticing by knowing their position.
  • Try to teleport once you are sure a Generator is being repaired to surprise the Survivors repairing it and hunt them down.
  • Do not teleport constantly as it will turn off your TVs for about 100 seconds. This can be disadvantageous if you know the fact that TVs will lie mostly near the Generators on the map.
  • Whenever a Cursed Tape is playing on any TV, you can take it as a strong indicator for Survivors nearby within 16 meters of the TV.

That’s everything for now on The Onryo in Dead by Daylight. We hope you find this guide helpful and stay tuned for more on DBD in the days to come. We have covered all the killers in a similar fashion, so head on to GV and check them out!