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How to rotate buildings in Anno 1800

How to rotate buildings in Anno 1800

One of the most exhilarating experiences in Anno 1800 is developing your city. I had so much fun placing all those farms, factories, and houses. I believe it’s really important to use the land in the most optimal way possible. So, this guide will focus on how to rotate the buildings you place in Anno 1800.

To rotate buildings in Anno 1800 Click the Comma button [ , ] and the Period button [ . ] keys on your keyboard. This will allow you to rotate the buildings left and right, respectively.

Although it’s simple to rotate buildings in Anno 1800. many other commands can be confusing and difficult to understand without a proper guide. If you wish to know more regarding these commands keep reading on!

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How to Rotate Buildings in Anno 1800?

Ships Loaded with Material - Anno 1800
Ships Loaded with Material – Anno 1800

While playing Anno 1800, one of the issues I faced as a new player was that while adjusting buildings in my city, I was not making the most optimal use of the available space. Eventually, I realized that it is unwise to place buildings just anywhere and that I needed to make the most out of the space available to me.

The most helpful mechanism for this was building rotation to maximize space. I’m sure a lot of new players don’t even know that it is possible to rotate buildings, and you might wonder to yourself: How do I get these buildings to rotate?

Well, there are several ways through which you can make that possible. Even though, the option of building rotation may be a little more complicated than other games because you cannot use Q/E keys. However, you can use the following methods:

Using the Mouse

If you want to use your mouse for editing the map and rotating buildings. Use the following steps:

  • Hover your mouse on the already-placed building
  • Click the Middle Mouse button to rotate the building
  • Place the building however you want it to.
  • To move the building, left-click on the building and drag it to where you want it to be.

This is helpful because some buildings in Anno 1800 are long. And require more effort on your part to rotate and position them correctly.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Left-click on the building you want to rotate
  • Use the comma [ , ] key to rotate it to the left.
  • Use the period [ . ] key to rotate it to the right.
  • Place the building in the most optimal setting you find.
  • To move the building, left-click on the building and drag it to where you want it to be.

Blueprint Mode Tool

  • Look for the Blueprint Button at the bottom Right-Hand side of the screen.
  • Turn on the Blueprint Mode. This helps plan buildings.
  • In the mode, you can use either the middle mouse key or the comma [ , ] key and the period [ . ] key.
  • You can move the building by using left-clicking on the building and dragging it to the desired position.

This mode will not help construct the buildings, but it helps in the planning stages. 

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Other Keyboard Shortcuts in Anno: 1800

Selling Ships - Anno 1800
Selling Ships – Anno 1800

Adjusting the buildings and rotating them around in Anno 1800 is an eye-opening experience. It will make you realize that this game’s keyboard shortcuts are very different from other games and it is important for you to know the most vital of them.

CommandShortcut Key
Save the gameCtrl + S
Take a ScreenshotPrntScr
Decrease Game speedKeypad 
Increase Game speedKeypad +
Pan Camera ForwardArrow Up
Pan Camera BackwardArrow Down
 Pan Camera LeftArrow Left
Pan Camera RightArrow Right
Rotate Camera LeftZ
Rotate Camera RighX
Zoom inPageUp
Zoom OutPageDown
Toggle Build Menu B
Toggle Ship ListN
Toggle Blueprint ModeV
Toggle Move ModeM
Toggle Copy ModeC
Toggle Demolish ModeD
Toggle PauseP
Destroy Selected ObjectDelete
Build RoadS
Build StreetShift + S
Build Residence W
Open StorageK
Upgrade Something SpecificU
Upgrade AllShift + U
Pause ProductionF
Toggle World MapSpaceBar
Reset Camera PositionHome
Close WindowEscape
Close the GameAlt + F4

These are some of the most helpful keyboard shortcuts in the game. Have fun using your architectural abilities on them, and go nuts!

This is how you can rotate your buildings in Anno 1800. The game is vastly expansive and completely customizable. It has a vast amount of keyboard shortcuts that make playing the game a far smoother experience. However, it can be quite confusing when you’re first starting.