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How To Dock Your Ship in Starfield

How To Dock Your Ship in Starfield

During your exploration of the solar systems in Starfield, you come across different planets, Moons, and even ships wandering around in space. You can easily dock on these other ships and planets to look for exciting new loot and rewards.

Fast travel in Starfield is amazing, it truly is due to the vastness of it’s space has to offer. But if you plan on exploring on your ship, then you come across a variety of objects like other ships or stations in space which you can dock by interacting with them.


Let’s learn everything we need to know about docking our ship in Starfield and how it can be used to enhance your exploration experience in the game!

How To Dock Your Ship?

 how to dock ship

To dock your ship in Starfield, you must be within 500m of the target ship you want to get board on otherwise you will not get an interactive prompt for it. Then, press the E button on the keyboard or the A button on the console to target the station or ship you want to dock with.

If the distance is not much from the station or ship you plan on docking then you will get a screen prompt to either dock or hail the target ship. To dock, hold X on the console or R on the keyboard. Once you hit the button, a cutscene will be initiated for the docking process.

One thing to keep in mind is that before planning to dock a station or nearby ships, you need to enable your screen scanner in order to interact with them; otherwise, you will not get the prompt for docking.

Steps To Dock Ship In Starfield

Board, Undock and Get up options
  1. After enabling your ship’s scanner, Aim at the desired ship or space station you want to dock.
  2. Get within the range of 500m of the target and press E.
  3. Once prompted, press R to board.
  4. Once you are docked, you can do either of these 3 things i.e. board, undock, or leave the cockpit to explore your own ship.

How To Dock Enemy Ships In Starfield?

While most of the stations and ships are easy to access, during your journey in space you will come across enemy Ships as well, These ships are not directly accessible, and you will have to use force to make your way in.

Once you beat all the enemies on the desired enemy ship, you can dock it. Be careful though; if you dealt too much damage to the ship, it might end up exploding, and you will only find the cargo and loot scattered in space and have to pick individually.

This can be avoided by disabling the engines of the enemy ship and then eliminating them carefully.

We have come to an end for our guide on how to dock your ship in Starfield. We hope that you will find it helpful and share it with your friends. Stay tuned for more on Starfield, and we’ll see you in the next one.