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Ultimate Guide To The Summoner in Remnant 2

Ultimate Guide To The Summoner in Remnant 2

The Summoner Archetype in Remnant 2 is excellent for crowd control as it utilizes summons and minions. We will explore this Archetype in detail to see if it is the right fit for you, what it does and where it lacks.

Summoner is an excellent Archetype if you plan on playing Solo, as the minions with right upgrades can easily take out most of the enemies you face throughout the journey and helps you a lot during Boss fights.


Below we have covered everything for you related to the Summoner class in Remnant 2 so it’s easy for you to decide if this archetype is something you want to pick.

What Makes The Summoner a Good Class?


The Summoner Archetype in Remnant 2 is perhaps the most fun experience to embark on given the high utility and versatility with summons. Your combat strategies for different types of enemies and bosses are much more diversified as a Summoner than any other Class.

The Summoner exceeds in controlling minions. You can grant them high damage and attack speed so that they deal fatal blows to enemies quickly.


You can even sacrifice your minions to boost your own attack power for a duration. The expired minions leave behind health auras that can restore HP.

You have a lot of options with the types of minions you can command as a Summoner, such as Reaver, Root Hollow, and Flyer. Along with the variety of minions, you also have access to a lot of powerful abilities and skills.

What Gear Does Summoner Start With?

Summoners get some starting equipment such as starter’s weapons and armor. Let’s look into what becomes available:

Armor (Knotted Set)

  1. Knotted Helm: This lightweight head armor can provide moderate defense against physical attacks with 13 armor points. It also provides a low-level resistance against Blight and Toxins.
  2. Knotted Cage: Knotted Cage is a heavy body armor with strong protection against physical attacks and Toxins. It provides 51 armor points with resistance against Bleed, Blight, and Toxin Elements.
  3. Knotted Greaves: Knotted Greaves are heavy leg armor with high defense stats against physics attacks and Toxins. They provide 26 armor points and offer resistance against Bleed, Blight, and Toxins.
  4. Knotted Gloves: Knotted Gloves are medium-weight gloves that provide 10 armor points and a low-level resistance against Bleed, Blight, and Toxins.


  1. Crossbow: The Crossbow is your starting primary weapon as a Summoner with an exceptionally high damage output of 115 points. It carries a Magazine with 27 Max Ammo Capacity, and is highly accurate in its Ideal Range of 23 meters, making it good for close-quarters to medium-range combat. It offers a +115% Weak Spot Damage Bonus.
  2. Rebellion Spear: The Rebellion Spear will act as your melee weapon when beginning as a Summoner. With 60 Damage and +110% Weak Spot Damage, this spear will pack a punch for sure.
  3. MP60-R: The MP60-R is your secondary weapon. It is a hand gun with 9 damage, 42 Magazines, and 252 Max Ammo capacity. It is pretty accurate for its Ideal Range of 17 meters. It offers a +100% Weak Spot Damage Bonus.

Is Summoner a good choice for Solo or Co-op?

The Summoner Archetype can provide a decent experience with both co-op and solo play, depending on your preferred gameplay style.

For solo play, you have more chances for survivability than most Archetypes due to your ability to summon minions that can provide you with additional battle support and also take some agro off your back.


The only problem that stands out when it comes to playing Summoner in solo mode is that you need to make sure your summoners are strong enough to deal some useful damage as you will heavily rely on them.

When it comes to cooperative play, you can provide your allies with extra support and also a great degree of crowd control through your minions. The downside to this is the level of coordination between you and your teammates will also need to factor in the dynamics of having summoned creatures around. 

What Perks does Summoner start with?

The Summoner starts with a Prime Perk automatically available at the very beginning, called ‘Ruthless’. This Prime Perk is unique to this Archetype alone and can be upgraded at various points upon leveling up the Archetype.

Summoning The Minions

Once active, this Perk can cause ENRAGE to wounded Minions as long as the Summoner himself inflicts that damage. ENRAGE grants Minions 30% improved Damage, Movement Speed, and Attack Speed that can last up to 20 seconds.

When you first upgrade it after reaching level 5 as a Summoner, this Perk will provide you with a 40% increase in Damage, Movement Speed, and Attack Speed that can last up to 30 seconds.


After the final upgrade once you reach Level 10, his Perk will provide you with a 50% increase in Damage, Movement Speed, and Attack Speed that can last up to 40 seconds. All the other Perks are unlocked from level 1 onwards and are not automatically accessible at the start.

Are the Skills and Traits of Explorer worth it?

The Skills and Traits of the Summoner Archetype offered in Remnant 2 are definitely worth investing in whether you are playing solo or cooperative play.

The Summoner in Remnant 2 has only 3 Skills, out of which only one can be active at a time. Since these Skills have a longer cooldown than other abilities and perks, it is very important to strategize their use. 

Summoner's Minions Perk

The first Skill you unlock automatically upon choosing Summoner is ‘Hollow’. PRESS: This Skill summons a Root Hollow Minion to help you battle foes at the cost of 15% of your Max HP. The Skill has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

HOLD: If you hold the Skill button instead of just pressing it, you will Sacrifice your Root Hollow Minion and deal 150 Damage within an AoE of 5 meters around the sacrificed Minion.
‘Minion: Flyer’ is the second Skill obtained at level 5.

PRESS: With this Skill, you can summon a Root Flyer instead at the cost of 10% Max HP. At a time, you can summon 2 Root Flyers.

HOLD: Upon holding the Skill button you will sacrifice your Root Flyer Minion and deal 50 Damage within an AoE of 3 meters. Cooldown: 45 seconds.
The last Skill at level 10 is ‘Minion: Reaver’. 

PRESS: This Skill summons a Root Reaver at the cost of 35% Max HP. You can only summon one Root Reaver at a time.

HOLD: By holding down your Skill button, you will sacrifice your Root Reaver and cause 200 damage within an AoE of 6 meters at its location. Cooldown: 120 seconds.


The unique Archetype Trait Explorer’s gain is called ‘Regrowth’. At level 1, you will have 0.15/seconds HP Regeneration. This can be further increased to 1.5/seconds after reaching level 10.

If you feel like this is perfect for your playstyle, then you have heard your calling in Remnant 2.

There you have it, folks a detailed overview of The Summoner Archetype in Remnant 2. If you find this coverage beneficial and want us to keep producing such helpful content, share our work with your loved ones, and we’ll see you in the next one.