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Villagers Not Taking or Changing Jobs? How to Fix It

Villagers Not Taking or Changing Jobs? How to Fix It

Minecraft is understandably one of the best games to play in 2022. It maintains millions of active players daily, with new players always searching for guides. Mainly because of the complex and versatile mechanisms within the game.

One of the most common problems in Minecraft arises with villagers. 

Sometimes these problems relate to trading with villagers or them not taking or changing jobs. This becomes troublesome if you are just starting a village and are low on resources and workforce.

Every villager in your Minecraft village has a predefined job that will not change until his workstation is destroyed. If you are searching for easy ways to fix villagers not changing professions in Minecraft, this guide is for you. 

We recommend reading the blog entirely to ensure you do not get any errors.

How To Fix Villagers Not Changing Jobs In Minecraft

How To Fix Villagers Not Changing Jobs In Minecraft
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Here are the most common reasons why villagers are not changing jobs in Minecraft, along with their fixes.

Make Sure You Have Not Traded With Them

Trading with any villager in Minecraft will lock his profession, and there’s no way to change it. Therefore, ensure you have not dealt with the particular individual before trying to change his job.

This has not happened recently; instead, the Minecraft system has long been locking the professions of the villagers that players have traded with. So, you should expect that particular individual to be a lost cause even if you have dealt with him only once.

Destroy The Old Workstation

After you have made sure you have not traded with the villager, you will have to destroy his existing workstation and build him a new one that should be in his line of sight. Additionally, the villager should be able to access the new workstation directly.

However, the villager will still be stuck with the invisible job once you destroy the workstation. Therefore, you will have to take him to the exact place where his workstation used to be for him to realize that the work site is now gone.

This way, he will look for a new job.

Make Sure There Is No Other Workstation

Sometimes, the villager has another workstation nearby and cannot take a new job even if you have tried everything. Therefore, ensure that any workstations within the 64-block radius are either in possession of other villagers or not functional.

Things To Know About Minecraft Villagers & Jobs

Things To Know About Minecraft Villagers & Jobs
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You should know that every villager in Minecraft has a default job. The scope of employment in the game is very diverse, and you will find villagers with professions such as Fishing, Butchering, Trading, Clerics, etc.

You will almost always be able to tell precisely what the profession of any new villager might be just by looking at his clothes. However, you may have to resort to the tricks mentioned above to change their default professions.

Remember that this is not always a straightforward process, and you might need to spawn more villagers if the abovementioned process doesn’t work.


We hope this guide may have helped you fix the issue with your Villagers not changing jobs or pointing you in the right direction at the bare minimum. However, if you cannot change the jobs of your villagers, even at this point, asking for a solution on online forums is worthwhile.