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All Data Card Locations In Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

All Data Card Locations In Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

As with any Lego game, there are several types of collectibles spread throughout the levels and this is true in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. The collectibles in the discussion here are the Datacards which is a currency of sorts that can be spent to buy different character enhancements like lightsabers, stud modifiers, and some goofy playing modes that we will leave for you to discover.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga features 19 of these Datacards which are conveniently marked on the in-game map if you upgrade your collectible detector, but to approach them in some cases is not that convenient. Hence we will be showing you how and where you can get these hidden collectibles.

You can find Datacards in the following locations:

  • Exegol – Sith Citadel
  • Kef Bir – Crash Site
  • Endor – Ewok Village
  • Coruscant – Federal District
  • Coruscant – Uscru District
  • Jakku – Niima Outpost
  • Takodana – Maz’s Castle
  • Crait – Crait Outpost
  • Bespin – Cloud City
  • Hoth – Eco Base
  • Dagobah – Dragonsnake Bog
  • Mustafar – Mining Complex
  • Geonosis – Stalgasin Hive
  • Tatooine – Jundland Wastes
  • Tatooine – Mos Espa
  • Tatooine – Mos Eisley
  • Kashyyyk – Kachirho
  • Yavin 4 – Great Temple
  • Cantonica – Canto Bight

Exegol – Sith Citadel

Take the elevator down from the Landing Pad area and keep going forward until you see some stairs on your left, go up the stairs and to your right and at the end of the walkway you’ll come across a rope you can climb, which leads to the next Datacard that is on some pipes overhead.

Kef Bir – Crash Site

From the Landing Zone take the central path leading to the village and soon as you enter this place check behind the first hut on your left, the Datacard is located there.

Endor – Ewok Village

Make your way down the spiral stairs of the tree marked on the map above, at the end of the stairs you will see some vines hiding a target switch that you have to shoot to open the hatch containing the Datacard inside.

Coruscant – Federal District

The northwestern building marked on the map above will have a narrow secret pathway on its right side that you can drop down to, follow it till you come across the Datacard locked behind a shield which you can deactivate by utilizing another character and standing on both the switches simultaneously.

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Coruscant – Uscru District

Southwest of the Landing Zone make your way to the Coco Thoroughfare area of Uscru District, you will come across a circular building that you can access by hoping the fence before it and jumping on the building. Move to the back side of the building to acquire the Datacard.

Jakku – Niima Outpost

In the location marked above, there will be a jet engine stuck in the sand upside down. On one side there will be some sand dune elevation, use it to jump onto the jet, and in the middle of it, you can grapple the ladder to go down and get the Datacard.

Takodana – Maz’s Castle

From the landing site move to the western path beside the lake and you will see a pillar at the end of the path which you can grapple onto, at the top, there will be a switch which when activated will pop up a treasure chest from the lake with the Datacard inside.

Crait – Crait Outpost

From the landing zone on your left, there will be a ladder leading up to some platforms and another ladder, follow along till the end of the path where you can see the Datacard on some pipe in front of you. You can grapple on this section and get the collectible.

Bespin – Cloud City

From the landing zone move to the bottom-most level of the city right in front of the central building. You will see a breakable wall that you can destroy with the Breaker Blaster. Once destroyed you can grapple onto the opening to get yourself the Datacard.

Hoth – Eco Base

On the northeast section of the main hangar area, there will be a few grapple points on the wall which you can use to access the grapple-platforming lights on the roof with one in the middle of them housing the Datacard.

Dagobah – Dragonsnake Bog

In the southeastern section of this map, the location is marked above, the Datacard will be above a tree branch which you can grapple onto and get the collectible.

Mustafar – Mining Complex

From the landing zone run to the very north side of the facility and make your way to the upper section through the stairs. Turn left from the stairs and at the edge of the platform you can see grapple points on a pipe, there will be 3 grapple points side by side so move along and at the end, there will be Datacard.

Geonosis – Stalgasin Hive

From the northwest side of the location marked on the map above you can find some grapple points. Go up and stay on the right side to follow the narrow path circling the cliff, drop where the first path ends and move till you come across another set of grapple points, climb them, and at the top will be the Datacard.

Tatooine – Jundland Wastes

Beside the Old Ben Kenobi’s House there will be a climbable wall, use your lightsaber to make your way up, and at the top go to your left and you can use Force powers to lift a swinging point and place it in inline with the rest already there, seen in the picture above, once placed swing across and reach the other side

Move forward till you reach another Force swing point placement puzzle location, place it and swing across again and move across the beam while hugging the right wall double jump up the cliff side, and in front across the gap on the other cliff will be the Datacard

Tatooine – Mos Espa

In the northwest section of the map in the Slave quarters, marked above, you can find the Datacard behind the building complex.

Tatooine – Mos Eisley

In the Civilian Quarters location marked on the map above you can locate the Datacard floating mid air near a building. To access the card you need to find these orange crate or blocks strewn about this area, stack five of these on top of each other and you can climb them like stairs and get the collectible.

Kashyyyk – Kachirho

Move to the Tree Vikkilynn in the center of the northeastern side of Kachirho and use the roots and inside pathways to make your way up until you come to an outdoor area. From here, jump to the platform on your left and you can see the Datacard inside a nook.

Yavin 4 – Great Temple

In the middle of the Temple Hangar area, you can see the Datacard on top of a platform, you can find the grapple points at the back of it and make your way up and get the card.

Cantonica – Canto Bight

In the Old Town section, you will find a building with a grapple point on its side, use it to move across the other grapple points after that, and at the end, you can get to the Datacard on a balcony.

Hopefully, with our help, you will be able to find all the Datacards in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and get your hands on useful rewards like studs multipliers and some silly and nostalgia-inducing as well. With the multipliers unlocked you can easily rake in massive sums of studs and not revert to tedious farming for all those crazy price tags.