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How to Lower Villager Trade Prices (2 Easy Ways)

How to Lower Villager Trade Prices (2 Easy Ways)

Minecraft is probably one of the most popular video games in the world, but many of its finer systems can only be understood through copious trial and error. For example, do you want to know how to lower the trading prices of Villagers? In this article, we’ll give you the easiest and optimal ways.

There are two primary ways in which you can Lower Villager Trade Prices, with them being the same for both Java and Bedrock editions:

  • Become the Villager’s Champion
  • Cure Zombie Villagers

It can be quite essential to lower the prices for trade with Villagers. This is because they are a vital store of necessary resources. Their prices, however, can be quite bothersome. Read on to learn in detail precisely how to lower their prices!

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How to Lower Villager Trade Prices?

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You can reduce the prices of villagers’ trades by either saving the villagers from a raid or finding villagers that have been turned into zombies and then curing them of their sickness. Within this section of the article, we’ll be going over everything related to these two fixes and how to do them easily.

Become the Villager’s Champion

Screenshot of Minecraft Villagers

One of the best ways that I’ve been able to find to reduce the prices for items traded by Villagers is if you become the Villager’s Champion. You can become the Villager’s Champion by starting and completing a raid that is occurring within a particular Village.

To start a raid, you first need to find a village that is being affected by the Bad Omen Active Effect. This effect is what gives you the indicator that multiple waves will be rushing toward the village, and thus the area needs some form of protection by the player to survive.

A raid usually consists of multiple waves, including witches, evokers, vindicators, ravagers, and pillagers. Your character will require the absolute best equipment possible to complete a raid by yourself successfully.

Simply wait in the village until the raid starts, and then continue to clear the waves as long as they launch attacks toward the village. Once the waves stop, you have not completed the raid and can gain the Hero of the Village Status.

Now, whenever you talk to a villager, they will lower their trade prices for over 40 minutes after you complete the raid.

Note: You can stack the Hero of the Village Status by completing multiple or higher-level raids on the same or different villages. Even though this stacking effect is very effective and drastically reduces prices, it will be capped to a certain trade price at a certain point. The discount can not exceed 55% if you follow this method.

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Cure Zombie Villagers

Screenshot of Zombie villagers

Another great method of reducing the prices on most Villagers is by curing Zombie Villagers. This is because if you cure a Zombie Villager, then they are willing to give your character a discount on the items that they are selling.

What’s great about this method is that much like the method of becoming a Hero of the Village, if you cure Zombie Villagers, you can stack this discount. All you need to do is cure that same villager again if they turn into a Zombie again.

The stacking potential for this discount is so powerful that you can repeatedly use this method until you reduce the trade to just 1. This will essentially mean that you can trade a single stick for 1 emerald by trading with the Villagers. Guess they’re grateful to you.

But what must you do to cure Zombie Villagers in the First place?

How to Cure Zombie Villagers?

You need to give the villager a golden apple to cure a Zombie Villager. However, you cannot simply give the Zombified villager the golden apple you must first prepare the villager to be able to receive the item in the first place.

Follow these steps to ensure that you can cure Zombie Villagers:

  • Find a Zombie Villager
  • Hit the Zombie Villager and splash a Potion of Weakening on them.
  • Once they are weakened, Give the villagers a Golden Apple.

But how do Villagers become Zombies in the first place? A Villager becomes a Zombie if a regular Zombie attacks them in the open world. On lower difficulties, however, most Villagers die before they can be turned.

In hard mode or Hardcore mode, the Villagers are far more survivable and thus can receive a few hits from Zombies and turn into Zombie Villagers. That essentially means that unless you find a Zombie Villager in the open world in an easy game, you should generally be playing on the hard mode setting for this method to be successful.

This also means that if you wish to cure a Villager multiple times to get the best deals possible in the game, you must exclusively play on hard or hardcore mode. Or else the villagers will die too quickly for this stacking buff to apply.

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Are these Methods the Same For Java and Bedrock Editions?

Whether you’re playing on the Java Edition of Minecraft or the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, these methods will work, as mentioned above. So you can, without any additional worry or hesitation, use this super simple guide to get the items you want from your Villagers as soon as possible.

And that’s how you can simply and easily reduce the prices for trading with Villagers on Minecraft. Completing a raid requires much more time and effort but few resources. However, curing villagers can be quite resource-intensive.

Both methods are viable and have benefits and drawbacks, so we recommend curing zombie villagers. The sacking benefit of that method is far stronger and often lasts longer.