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Warzone Beginner’s Guide

Warzone Beginner’s Guide

Warzone is one of the best Battle Royales out there right now, and you have probably played at least a couple matches. If you have played it, you will understand that the mechanics are very easy to learn because everything is simplified for you. You don’t have to worry about attachments and arranging your backpack at all, and that gives you more time to take out other teams. Even though it is simple, there are a bunch of tips that beginners should know to just be a little bit better at the game.

  • Grab everything you can
  • Know the weapon rarities
  • Use the ping system as much as you can
  • Always finish someone when you down them
  • Use the fast parachute method
  • Go for loadout drops
  • Accept contracts if you need money
  • Stay a step ahead of your enemies

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Grab everything you can

When you are dropping in from the plane, you will notice you have a pistol automatically. This is helpful for defending yourself when you get down to the ground and you can’t find a weapon. When you finally get to a place where you can loot, make sure you take advantage of everything you see. If there is a grenade, make sure you pick it up because you will want to use it later on. If you see something and you have an empty slot to pick it up, do not hesitate.

Everything you find can be helpful in making it to the end of the match. If you already have something and you like another item better, make sure you swap it. You will feel a lot safer if you are armed to the teeth with items. Make sure you pick the best loadouts to, so make sure you have 2 different weapon types r your ammo will drain really fast. It is also good to have an extra weapon just in-case.

Know the weapon rarities

Knowing which guns to pick up over others is very important because the rarer the gun, the better attachments will be on it. Obviously, if you see a better weapon, it is best for you to pick it up. If you don’t know the rarities of the weapons, here is a list of all the different weapon rarities:

Common (White) – The most frequent loot to find in the game. It includes your base weapons and equipment.

Uncommon (Green) – Also very frequent to find because of the low rarity. If you find a common or uncommon and you have nothing, you might as well pick it up.

Rare (Blue) – Armor Plates, some equipment pieces, and a few Field Upgrades have this rarity level, along with weapon blueprints with three attachments. This rarity of loot is usually found within Supply Boxes.

Epic (Purple) – This category includes more Field Upgrades and equipment, as well as weapon blueprints with four unique attachments. These are more common within Special Supply Boxes than Supply Boxes, which have a better chance of pulling rarer loot by design. It is rare, but you can find them in Supply Boxes.

Legendary (Orange) – This category includes game-changing Field Upgrades, such as Stopping Power Rounds, weapon blueprints with all five attachment slots filled, and other hard-to-find in-game items like Self-Revive Kits and Gas Masks. These usually come out of high Contract Level rewards, especially for Scavenger and Recon Contracts.

Use the ping system as much as you can

The ping system is very important if you are playing with other people. If you are doing a game with randoms, the ping system might be your only source of communication. With this system, you can ping weapons, equipment, enemies, areas, and vehicles. Basically anything in the game can be pinged so get used to using it because it will come in handy if you play long enough.

Always finish someone when you down them

In other games, when you down someone, you usually go after the people who are still alive. In Warzone, you always want to finish off the people that you down because you can get Self-revive kits that let you revive yourself. I can’t even count how many times I was downed and I revived myself because the person neglected to finish me off.

It makes the person waste a ton of money and it gives you the satisfaction of your kill. Just make sure you finish off the people that you down right away or else they might stab you in the back when you go after his buddies. Obviously, if you are playing solo and someone gets downed, just finish them off right away because you know that they have a Self-revive kit. Don’t waste any time leaving them alive.

Use the fast parachute method

This is something I figured out when I first started playing. It is a way to get down to the ground faster. All you have to do is jump out of the plane, and when you jump, open your parachute. Once it is open, cut it and you will actually fall faster. Wait a few seconds and then open the parachute again. If you keep doing this method, you will get to an area faster than other people and it will allow you to get a better weapon a little faster and give you an upper hand. Just make sure you open your parachute yourself because it won’t automatically open when you get closer to the ground.

Go for loadout drops

Loadout drops are very important if you don’t have the weapons you want. Make sure you have a couple of loadouts made just for Warzone if you own the main game because some Perks don’t work in the game mode. Basically, make the loadout that best fits your playstyle, and once you find a loadout crate, you can swap everything for your custom loadout. Keep in mind that if you want to buy a loadout crate, it will cost you $10,000 of in-game money to buy it in the match you are in. If you find one, grab it because you are super lucky.

Accept contracts if you need money

Contracts appear as small computer tablets in the map, and their drop locations are marked on your mini-map as soon as you enter the match, allowing you to plan your drop accordingly. In my opinion, you won’t need to pick these up unless you really need money, or you just want to have fun with it. There are 3 types of contracts you can get: bounty contracts, recon contracts, and scavenger contracts. If you can find one and you want to complete it, then go right ahead.

Stay a step ahead of your enemies

Thinking of your enemy’s moves is one of the most important things you can do. It can be hard to figure out an enemy team’s plan, but once you start playing for a while, everyone is sort of predictable. Some squads may outsmart you, but if you learn to play well with your squad, you will have worthy opponents when another squad gets close. If you are ready before the enemy team is, you will most likely come out of the battle victorious.


In conclusion, there are obviously way more tips I can give you, but these are probably the most important ones to know when you are first starting out. From knowing rarities to understanding how weapons work, every piece of information is crucial to winning that Warzone Victory. Have fun and learn from your mistakes.