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Modern Warfare Guide to Leveling Up Fast

Modern Warfare Guide to Leveling Up Fast

With many things, Modern Warfare has done the leveling system differently than any other Call of Duty. It basically works the same way where you level up to Rank 55 and then you have everything unlocked. Once you are Rank 55, you always stay that rank forever. Every season that you play, you can Rank up all the way to Rank 155, but after that specific season, every player will be brought back down to Rank 55. There are a lot of people who are wondering what the best ways to level up quickly are. Here are the best ways to earn Experience so that you can reach the Rank that you want to:

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Play Ground War

Ground War is probably one of the best ways to earn XP. All you really have to do is camp in a tank. You get the same amount of XP per kill for a tank kill than you do with a regular kill, which is weird. You also don’t have to be in a tank to get XP, but that is the best way in Ground War. Also, playing the objectives will also get you a lot of XP because you get like 3 kills worth of XP from taking an enemy flag. Combining all the different ways during a match will definitely make your Rank skyrocket and you won’t even remember what it was like to be a really low level.

The better you do in Ground War, the more XP you will get as with any game mode, but you want to figure out what the best loadout for it is. The loadout you use for Ground War is going to be different than the loadout you use for Team Deathmatch just because of the different atmosphere it has. Make sure you are playing the objectives and getting as many kills as you possibly can.

Play Headquarters

Headquarters is another great game mode that is perfect for getting XP because the matches last longer than normal matches and you get extra XP for defending and helping fight for the objective. If you are defending and you get like 3 kills, you might get over 1000 XP for it if you are in the right area. If you can, get some friends and play Headquarters to tell them exactly where the enemies are so you can get more XP from the objective. The longer the game lasts, the more XP you will get, if you are playing the objective of course. Make sure you take advantage of any game mode the game gives you because it might give you a lot of XP.

Complete multiplayer challenges in the Barracks

There are many multiplayer challenges to complete in the Barracks and they all give you XP when you complete a section of it. The downside to them is that you can only have 1 challenge equipped at a time and you only have access to the one section it gives you until you complete it. Each challenge has multiple parts to it and in the end, it gives you either a weapon blueprint or a skin for your Operators. Depending on how many parts and the difficulty, it rewards you with different rarities of items depending on which one you pick so make sure you are able to complete all the sections before starting a challenge.

Complete the daily challenges

Every day, there are 3 daily challenges that the game lets you complete, and each of them gives you XP when you complete each of them. the first one usually has 2000 XP, the second one gives you 4500 XP, and the last one gives you 8000 XP. If you can complete all three every day, you will be maxed level in no time. Combining those with all the other ways to get XP will make you feel like you can breeze through the Ranks like nothing. Also, once you hit Rank 55, everything will be unlocked for you forever and you will never have to worry about losing any item and going back to the beginning.

Complete the Trials

Trials are the mode you unlock when you reach Officer Rank and the only way to play it is if you have tickets. You get tickets by leveling up past Rank 55. Every other level, you get a ticket. One ticket gets you three tries at a mission, and if you can complete the mission on time all three tries, you get a total of 30000 XP. This is perfect if you want fast XP, but there are only a certain amount of tries that you have to do each mission. If you have a ticket and you want some XP, why not just use it because why not. The Trials are not hard, but they can be annoying sometimes with the amount of time that it gives you to complete it. Make sure you try to complete it as fast as possible.

Get double XP tokens

There are 3 different ways to get double XP tokens. The first way is to play through the campaign. Many missions in the campaign give you tokens in Multiplayer as a reward for completing them, and you could get either weapon XP or just regular XP tokens. The second way to get them is to Get them in the Battle Pass. There are a lot of different XP tokens you can earn in the Battle Pass and they are not just the 15-minute tokens. They are the hour-long tokens. If you want good XP, get tokens. The third way to get tokens is if you have the Call of Duty companion app on your phone or tablet. If you sign in to your Activision, then you can get daily rewards like XP tokens and calling cards.

Play Special Operations

Special Operations is also another good way to get XP because whenever you get a kill, and it is very easy to get one, it gives you 10 XP. If you get 500 kills in Spec Ops, then you will get 5000 XP. Not bad for killing a bunch of NPCs. The Missions are very hard, but if you have a team that knows what they are doing and knows how to communicate, then you won’t have as much trouble in the end. As long as you have someone to play with, you won’t be bored playing Special Ops, but if you have a full team, you will definitely be better at the mission and you will learn the inside and outs of each one. Also, learning the best ways to go is really key because if you are stuck out in the open, you are basically dead.

Take advantage of a double XP weekend

Double XP weekends are very rare to get because they only last a little while. When there is one, make sure you play as much as possible because you don’t need XP tokens to get double XP. Everything that you do gives you more XP, even for your weapon. Make sure when they are having one, play as much as you can, because you won’t get an opportunity like that for a very long time.


In conclusion, Modern Warfare is full of different ways to level up, whether it be in Multiplayer modes, or in the Special Operations with your friends. It is entirely up to the p[layer how they want to level up. I myself just like to play the game so I usually just stick with Team Deathmatch, but that is not the best way to level up. Play wisely, and don’t be a nuisance to other players by how you play. Have fun and enjoy your matches!