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Elden Ring Vs Dying Light 2: Which is Better?

Elden Ring Vs Dying Light 2: Which is Better?

Determining if a game is better than another is a very hard thing to do. There are a bunch of games that have Overwhelmingly Positive reviews, but there are still people who don’t enjoy it. This article is not going to be specific on which game is better, but we are going to go over a bunch of questions that people have about each game.

Overall, you can’t say if one game is better than the other. You might enjoy Elden Ring and hate Dying Light 2. You might enjoy Dying Light 2 and hate Elden Ring. You might even enjoy both. It is entirely up to your personal opinion, but we will go over what each game has to offer for you. We don’t want to say which one is better because there will be people on both sides with different opinions.

We have compiled a bunch of questions that most gamers will be asking about each game, and we will go over how each of the two games does it and if it is good or not. We won’t say specifically which game is better, so we will let you determine that question yourself.

Which game is better for you?

The only way you can determine which game is worth it for you is by watching gameplay for the game and determining from other people’s reviews if it is good or not. If you want a more story-based game, you will probably want to play Dying Light 2. If you want a game with absolute freedom and a very low-key story, then Elden Ring might be for you.

Here are some questions that you might be asking:

Which game holds your hand more?

Dying Light 2 holds your hand a lot more than Elden Ring does. It has a full Journal with main and side quests laid out for you. There are also a lot of cutscenes with your choices being important throughout the whole game. In Elden Ring, the only thing that really changes with choices is by the very end of the game, trying not to get into spoilers.

Elden Ring throws you into a world and lets you figure out what is happening. We totally understand that there are people that enjoy both sides of the spectrum so if you only like 1 of these games, then that is totally fine. Some people don’t like the difficulty that Elden Ring brings.

Which game has better graphics?

This is a hard question to answer because both games look absolutely amazing. Dying Light 2 has RTX and a massive world that looks amazing and Elden Ring has soo many Set Pieces that it looks incredible. Some people might argue that Elden Ring doesn’t have good graphics, but we guarantee that those people probably only stayed in the first area.

When it comes to textures and reflections, Dying Light 2 takes the cake, but Elden Ring definitely has better Set Pieces. There isn’t a game with better graphics because both games have an absolutely stunning world. It is entirely up to you to determine which game looks better.

Which game has the bigger world?

Elden Ring has the biggest world between the two games. Dying Light’s world is big, but it is not much different in all the different areas. Even when you get to the second area, the world is a bit bigger, but it definitely is not as big as Elden Ring’s world. When you explore Elden Ring, every area looks different and there are soo many areas to explore.

If you are getting a game for the size, then Elden Ring is definitely a must-have, especially with all the content that is within the world. If you are used to open-worlds being very mediocre, Elden Ring is a breath of fresh air when it comes to content. Dying Light 2’s world is big, but it is not nearly as good as Elden Ring’s beautiful world.

Which game is better optimized?

This is another hard question to answer. They are both not super optimized, at least on PC. If you have older hardware, you will have a hard time running bot games, but it is not terrible. If you have newer hardware, then you will have a great time running these games. Dying Light 2 has DLSS so if you have an RTX card, you can use it.

Elden RIng does not have any of that, but the game is locked at 60 FPS for a smooth experience. All of the FromSoft games are locked at 60 FPS, but that is to bring the community together. If you play the game on the keyboard and mouse though, it will be a struggle so good luck if you do. Dying Light 2 can be played on both pretty comfortably.

Which game has the better story and side quests?

When it comes to the story, a lot of people say that Dying Light 2 has the better story. Yes, Elden RIng has a lot of lore, but if we are talking about the pure story in the game, Dying Light 2 beats Elden Ring. Elden Ring takes the cake with the side quests though. There are soo many side quests in the game that it can be confusing at times.

You don’t get a Journal, so you have to keep the locations in your head, or else you will forget about them. This is not a bad thing though because it doesn’t hold your hand in any way as we said before. The side quests in Elden Ring have been handcrafted and they don’t feel like they were thrown in. Dying Light 2 side quests absolutely suck.

They are pretty much there to fill time and weren’t thought through much at all. There are a few good ones, but for the most part, they are all pretty bad. The main story makes up for it though. If you want good side quests, then go to Elden Ring. If you want a good story, then go to Dying Light 2.