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What Does The Difficulty Mode Affect in Starfield

What Does The Difficulty Mode Affect in Starfield

Embarking on a journey through the vastness of Starfield is an adventure tailored to every spacefaring soul. The game, defaulting to Normal difficulty mode, offers five distinctive levels. But what difference does your difficulty make in Starfield?

The difficulty level in Starfield directly influences combat dynamics, including strike and received damage, as well as the number of legendary enemies encountered. Additionally, it affects the quality of loot, providing higher rewards on tougher challenges. Choosing the right difficulty allows players to shape their gaming experience in this cosmic odyssey.


Let’s navigate the intricacies of difficulty selection and understand how each level shapes your Journey in Starfield.

Choosing Your Difficulty

Starfield difficulty Mode settings

Starfield’s difficulty selection is a crucial step in crafting your gaming experience. Accessible through the game’s settings, you can seamlessly switch between difficulty levels at any point during gameplay. 

This flexibility ensures that your journey remains engaging, whether you’re a combat enthusiast or a loredriven explorer. 

Here is how to choose your difficulty in the game:

  • Within the app, locate and click on the “Settings” option. This is usually represented by a gear or cogwheel icon.
  • Once in the Settings menu, look for the “Gameplay” section. It might be listed as “Gameplay Settings” or something similar. 
  • Within the Gameplay Settings, you’ll find an option related to difficulty. Click on it to access the different difficulty levels.
  • You’ll see a list of difficulty levels, including Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard. Select the difficulty that aligns with your desired gaming challenge.
  • After choosing a difficulty level, there might be a confirmation prompt. Confirm your selection to apply the changes.

Things Difficulty Levels Affect

As you progress from Very Easy to Very Hard, complexity intensifies. Dialog choices and the overall atmosphere shift, providing a unique experience at each difficulty level. The challenge isn’t merely about combat; it’s about immersing yourself in a dynamically tailored universe. But here is what it generally affects:

  • Combat dynamics (including strike and received damage) 
  • Number of Legendary enemies encountered

Below, we have provided a table that shows what is affected by the difficulty levels in Starfield.

Impact on Achievements

Starfield breaks the mold by allowing players to earn achievements on any difficulty level. While there are no restrictions, achieving badges might be expedited on easier settings. Your chosen difficulty doesn’t limit your conquest of the galaxy; it merely shapes the pace.

Navigating the galaxy in Starfield isn’t just about overcoming challenges; it’s about customization. Your chosen difficulty influences not only the resilience of enemies but also the quality of loot. 

On higher difficulty settings, enemies become more formidable, but the rewards are commensurate, with better gear and a higher likelihood of acquiring legendary items.

Understanding Difficulty Impact

The impact of difficulty extends beyond combat, influencing various aspects of gameplay. Here’s a breakdown of what each difficulty level entails:

Difficulty LevelStrike DamageReceived DamageLegendary EnemiesHealing Capacity
Very EasyMaximumMinimumMinimumMaximum
Very HardMinimumMaximumMaximumMinimum

Ultimately, your chosen difficulty mirrors how you wish to engage with the cosmos. Whether you seek tranquil story-driven voyages or pulse-pounding space combat, Starfield accommodates every type of spacefarer. 

With this guide, you’re equipped to carve out your ideal path, ensuring an adventure that resonates with your play style.

In the boundless expanse of Starfield, your chosen difficulty isn’t just a setting; it’s a statement. Tailor your experience to match your aspirations, and let the cosmos unfold in a way that aligns with your gaming desires. 

As you navigate the diverse challenges of Starfield, remember that your chosen difficulty is a personal statement in this cosmic adventure. Stay tuned for more insightful guides and updates to enhance your gaming journey. Keep exploring the stars with us!