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Remnant From The Ashes World Bosses Ranked By Difficulty

Remnant From The Ashes World Bosses Ranked By Difficulty

Remnant: From the Ashes is a game similar to Dark Souls in terms of gameplay. Many of the bosses feel like they were pulled straight out of Dark Souls, even though none of the bosses were as good as the ones in the Souls series.

In my opinion, the bosses in Remnant weren’t that great. There are only a couple bosses in this list that I actually enjoy fighting, whereas in Dark Souls there are only a couple that I hate fighting. Most of the bosses were made difficult by having random enemies spawn in the middle of the fight. This resulted in some the fights being unnecessarily difficult.

Also, just know that I really enjoyed the game, and I had a lot of fun playing it with my friends. I take a negative tone towards the hardest bosses on this list, but other than those gripes I thought it was a great game.

While the bosses were a bit disappointing (the final boss in particular), many of them proved to be challenging to defeat. Here is Game Voyager’s ranking of the world bosses in Remnant: From the Ashes.

11. The Root Mother

Is this even a boss? Technically, no, but the wikis categorize it as one so I’ll include it anyway.

You never actually fight the Root Mother, and instead, you must protect her from enemies. She doesn’t have health like a normal boss, as you have to defend her from the enemies. It’s almost like a reverse boss fight in a sense.

All you have to do to win this fight is to keep the Root Mother alive and survive until the timer runs out. It’s by far the easiest fight on this list, even though it can be surprisingly hard for some people.

The normal world enemies are my favorite part of the game, so I thought it was quite enjoyable shredding through hordes of them with my friends. It didn’t last long and it wasn’t difficult at all, but it was one of the more enjoyable “boss” fights of the game.

10. The Unclean One

Even though he’s low on the list, the Unclean One is one of my favorite bosses from the game. The enemies spawning during the fight were barely intrusive at all, so I actually had a chance to learn this boss’s moves and attack patterns.

It didn’t take me long to beat him though, as my friends and I made quick work of him. We never died to him, but afterward, we all remarked that it was an extremely fun boss fight.

9. The Ent

If there’s any boss on here that can be compared to a Dark Souls boss, it’s the Ent. Literally the first thing I said upon viewing this boss was “Curse Rotted Greatwood.”

Just like its Dark Souls counterpart, there are annoying enemies in the arena that help to bring about your death. The enemies in the Ent boss fight are way more persistent and frequent though, making them the most difficult part of the fight.

8. Singe

Singe isn’t a difficult boss, but it’s a very fun boss fight. The fire effects all around the arena look awesome, and the fight is chaotic, but it still wasn’t very hard. I love how the arena has the flammable oil puddles all over, which you can shoot and light enemies on fire.

We didn’t get Singe on our first playthrough which was a bit disappointing, but I think the fight was worth playing the game again.

7. Totem Father

This was one chaotic boss fight. Two of us died by falling off the cliff, while the other died due to random enemies. Then when we tried again, this giant money-like boss jumped around all over the place while bombarding us with his attacks.

We could immediately tell it was a world boss just by the size of his arena, so we knew we were in for a big fight. Fortunately, the boss was quite fun but didn’t pose much of a challenge to us. Once again, the smaller enemies constantly spawning was the hardest part of the fight.

6. The Ravager

There’s a very strange way to get out of beating this boss. When you actually fight him, he’s not that hard to defeat, but you can choose to avoid confrontation with him.

There’s a lullaby than you can play, which requires you to shoot bells in a certain order. Many people have trouble with this, and I never went that route, so I’m not sure how hard it really is. All I know is that he’s not a hard boss at all, so you shouldn’t have much trouble with him.

5. Undying King

I think the Undying King is a pretty cool boss, but he can be difficult for some players. The boss fight isn’t chaotic like some, but he heals himself several times during the fight. Once you finally deplete his health, he resurrects himself (hence the title Undying) and you have to fight him again.

Despite him being difficult, you have the choice of whether to fight him or not. We chose to help him on our first playthrough and got a pretty cool melee weapon.

4. The Harrow

This is one creepy-looking boss. He proved to be a good challenge for us until our last attempt, in which we utterly wrecked him. The challenging part of fighting the Harrow is how the enemies spawn during the fight. At certain points during the fight, he jumps onto the ceiling and sends out his minions to do his dirty work.

The last time we fought him though, we managed to do so much damage to him that he never jumped up and sent out the enemies. we defeated him in less than a minute, which was much shorter than any boss in the game. Besides that one case, he’s one of the more difficult bosses in Remnant.

3. Claviger

He may not look difficult at first, but Claviger is one tough boss! He gets a shield around him that makes him invincible, so you have to destroy the orbs creating the shield. The enemies that spawn aren’t overwhelming, which I was very happy about, but the fight takes a long time and you’ll probably die many times.

2. Dreamer / Nightmare

Being the final boss, this one was a huge disappointment for me. The bosses of Remnant weren’t amazing, but this one was definitely one of the worst. The first stage of the boss was the Dreamer stage, which was incredibly easy (albeit a little strange if you didn’t pay attention to the story), but the annoying part starts once you beat him.

The Nightmare is nearly invincible at first, but after a bit, he’ll teleport you to the nightmare dimension, where you’re forced to kill as many enemies as possible and make it out alive. To make it harder, your health quickly drains while in this dimension.

Once you get back, the damage you do to Nightmare is multiplied by the number of enemies you killed in the other dimension. It sounds interesting, but it’s really not fun to play. I played coop with 2 other people, and only one player would get pulled into the dimension while the others sat idly, only having to dodge some incredibly easy attacks.

Even with the damage multiplier, it feels like your weapons are BB guns against him. We tried several times to beat him (because we got tired of it, not because we died), and weren’t ever able to kill him until we got the recommended loadout from other players. This should be more easily doable with every weapon, not just select weapons and weapon mods.

It’s an interesting final boss concept lore-wise, but it didn’t translate well to gameplay. At least there were many dungeon bosses to beat after him, which I’ll be covering in another article.

1. Ixillis

Ok, whose idea was it to create this boss? I had more fun fighting the Bed of Chaos than I did this abomination. Ixillis is essentially the Moonlight Butterfly on steroids, and there was nothing good about this fight.

Many of the attacks are completely unavoidable. He spawns in these damaging floating orbs that will fly straight towards you, all while he attacks you with his other overpowered weapons. To top it all off, another whole butterfly spawns in the middle of the fight! You’re forced to fight 2 bosses with separate health bars that attack independently from each other.

They both have a scream attack that is pretty much a guaranteed death if you don’t stop them. It took the 3 of us over 15 tries to beat them, and every other boss in the game never took us more than 5. As a Dark Souls fan, I think that the boss was unnecessarily difficult that the second enemy shouldn’t have been added to the fight.