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What to do in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

What to do in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassins Creed Odyssey is such a massive game that most people who start it don’t know what to do. There are so many different areas to explore and missions to complete that some may be overwhelmed with the amount of content slipped into the game.

The way you get through the game is to slowly chip away at things as you play the main story. It is not a game to try to rush your way through because it is filled with interesting content that can be super intriguing. In my opinion, it is a fantastic game, except for the occasional crash.

There is an endless amount of things to do in the game, and most of them can be easily done. You could even compare this game to Assassins Creed Black Flag if you really wanted to. Since it can be hard to know where to start, I am here to tell you what you can do in Assassins Creed Odyssey.

Here are the things you can do in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey:

  • Upgrade your ship
  • Explore the world
  • Defeat Mercenaries
  • Play the Main Story
  • Play Legacy of the First Blade
  • Play The Fate of Atlantis
  • Go hunting
  • Play the Side Quests
  • Upgrade your Gear

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Upgrade your ship

The ship you can commandeer is not something new in the Assassin’s Creed series. The open-world ship-sailing first started in Assassins Creed Black Flag, and it made the mechanic very well-known to all players. In Odyssey, the developers have added much to make the ship gameplay similar but still different from other games.

It comes with no surprise that you are able to upgrade your ship in the game, and you can do that in many ways. You are also able to equip different cosmetics to make your sail, boat, crew, and even figurehead look different. Everything plays a different role when it comes to the upgrades.


Upgrading your arrows allows you to dish out more damage from your arrow attacks. Your arrow attacks are your main weapon and can cause some devastating damage to enemy ships if upgraded enough, so upgrading them is a worthwhile investment.

You can also add fire to your arrows to burn the enemies and weaken their boat. When upgraded fully, it can set the whole ship on fire. Upgrade your arrows all the way to give you a total of five full arrow attacks that can easily take out any boat.


Upgrading your spears lets you deal a lot of damage even though it is not your primary attack. Spears are used to inflict extra damage when your arrows are regenerating. You can upgrade them for a total of five full spear attacks. Each time you upgrade them, it makes it easier to finish off enemy ships.


Your hull is probably the most important thing you can upgrade on your ship. With every upgrade, it gives you one slot for a lieutenant, extra armor for your ship, and also gives you different buffs against certain things. It is not cheap, but if you find the right materials to do it, it’s totally worth it. The higher the level, the less damage you will take from other ships.


The ram of your ship is very helpful to you because of how much it weakens an enemy ship. Every upgrade will give the ram a more and more powerful blow; and, if you hit the weak spots on any ship, it will maximize the amount of damage given. If you get to full speed, you can sometimes even break an enemy ship in half.


The Lieutenant system is a very cool way to give your boat different boosts. When you upgrade your hull, you will be able to add a Lieutenant to your boat. Each one of them has different rarities from common all the way to legendary. They also give boosts like 3% faster rowing speed or 5% more damage with fire arrows.

Every person you add to your crew helps, but you can only have 4 equipped at one time. You can also recruit certain people to help like Mercenaries or Soldiers in the world. There is a max amount you can have in total, so try to get the higher rarity of a person for the best effects for your boat.

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Explore the world

Exploring the world will probably take up most of your time compared to the other parts of the game. People say that in order to complete the game 100%, it will take the average person over 250+ hours to do it. That is a very long time.

Honestly, I have played many hours of this game, and I still have not uncovered a lot of the map. Your best bet is to take one area and clear out everything from question marks to side missions. It will take you a while; but in the end, you will be very proud of all that you did.

When looking at your world map, you will probably see question marks and symbols all over the place. Each one of those stands for something that has been placed there in that specific location. From military camps to caves, there is absolutely so much content in this game.


Shipwrecks can be found all over the place in any body of water. They are very fun to complete, but some can be very challenging. Some require you to swim really deep under the water and try to find the treasure in the sunken ship. Most of them have sharks luring around the area which can, of course, pose a threat.


There are many different types of caves found in the game whether they are caves with treasure, or they could have cultist members lurking about for you to assassinate. You can even find different clues and special weapons and armor from the caves if you are lucky.

They are sometimes very dark so you do need a torch to help light your way because of the different cliffs and scaffolding. The caves are probably the coolest things to explore because of your relying on the light from your torch.


The most enjoyable thing to do is infiltrate a military fort and slowly assassinate all the enemies without anyone seeing you. Every time I find a fort I can’t resist the temptation to go and complete it. A lot of times the fort will have a Polemarch or a leader that is very hard to defeat, but they also give you very good items.

There is also a fire that an enemy can light that will call in reinforcements if you are seen. You can booby trap it though, and when an enemy tries to light it, it will explode and kill him.

Military camps

Small camps are scattered around the giant world that is basically a smaller version of a fort. These camps are what you will be finding most in-game. They are very easy and usually have 10-15 enemies in them. They have some good armor and weapons and can be very good if you find a rare item in it.

Synchronization points

There are a total of 95 synchronization points that you can go to in the game. Sometimes it can be overwhelming the amount of stuff put into the game, but it can be done over time. Every place that you go will have a synchronization point and once you complete one, you will be given the option to fast travel to it.

Alpha animal caves

Alpha animals are harder versions of regular animals, and they usually have a bunch of other animals of the same species guarding them. They are found in their own special caves that have special chests and treasure inside.

The alpha animals give you the same materials as basic animals with the exception that you get more of the materials. They are not too hard at first, but as you progress they do get harder.


Tombs are very fun because they are basically just about exploring. There are totems called Stele that once found, will give you an upgrade point for your character. Upgrade points help give better boosts to your abilities. The only enemies you will run into in tombs are usually snakes and booby traps.

Hunter camps

Hunter camps are probably the most annoying type of camp to liberate just because of the enemies you fight there. The hunters have pets that are wolves or bears and they nonstop shoot fire and poison arrows at you which can be fatal if you can’t heal fast enough. They do have good items and are totally worth liberating though if you want to risk dying easily from fire or poison.

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Defeat Mercenaries

Mercenaries are the most fun but also the worst thing in the game. They usually come and fight you at the worst times like when liberating a fort or camp. If you find them in the world, they can be the most fun type of enemy to defeat. You can get very good items from them from rare to legendary gear and can be very helpful to your boat if you recruit them.

Mercenaries can be found anywhere in the game world that you can track down and kill for good items. Every one of them has its own specific name and gender and their own abilities. They also each have a place in the mercenary ranks.


Your mercenary rank is very valuable because of the number of perks given to you depending on your level. There are a total of 9 mercenary ranks that can slowly make you a higher and higher target for bounty hunters. As you start getting better, the mercenaries get harder and harder to defeat, but it comes with better gear if you defeat them.


Mercenary perks come with each rank. Things like getting 50% off everything at the blacksmith or receiving more damage on certain weapons. Every perk and boost helps you in your gameplay and keeps you alive in certain fights. Perks are very important to have because it helps you through the game faster.

Wanted levels

Always watch your wanted level because it could mean life or death in some cases. The higher your wanted level, the more mercenaries will come and hunt you down. Some of them can be a few levels above you and will be devastating if you get hit with his weapons.

Any crime committed in front of a person will result in you receiving a wanted level no matter how small the crime. You can lower your bounty by killing a bounty sponsor somewhere in the world.

Play the Main Story

The main story is absolutely amazing, and I am not going to give out any spoilers, so don’t be worried about that. It seems like every mission you play of the campaign is actually doing something for the story, and it is like it never gets old. I normally don’t watch all the cutscenes in games, but I found myself just caught in the story and watching every single one.


There are a total of 8 chapters in the main story, and it is said it will take you about 50-60 hours to complete the entire campaign if you watch all the cutscenes. Don’t worry about the time when you are playing, just enjoy how much effort was put into this game and story and those hours will seem like nothing.


Gear in the main story is just the basic gear that you get from playing the game. You can collect a bunch of legendary items that will help you in your game. Every piece of gear that you get is different from one another and all have different rarities.

Play Legacy of the First Blade

Legacy of the First Blade is not as good as the Atlantis DLC, but it is still considered pretty fun. There are about 12 hours of content within it if you can complete everything. It is totally worth the buy if you have not played it yet.


There are a total of 3 chapters in the game, and they are filled with bosses and enemies to beat. You should really consider the Season Pass if you have not already because of all the content it gives you.


The gear you receive is very good compared to the main game and it will help you through the main campaign if you have not beaten it when you play the DLC.

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Play The Fate of Atlantis

The Fate of Atlantis is considered to be a very good DLC. It is filled with all kinds of mythical creatures and hybrids that are very difficult and fun to defeat. It takes a total of 35 hours to complete if you do everything it has to offer.


There are a total of 3 chapters in this DLC, and you will probably be spending a lot of time in it. There are main quests, side quests, and all kinds of things to complete, and you will be pleased with the amount of detail put into this DLC if you have the Season Pass.


There are tons of unique gear and armor sets for you to collect, and all of them look cooler than the main game’s gear. Each piece looks very cool because of the setting it is in.

Go hunting

Hunting is a very fun activity to do in the world of Odyssey. There are plenty of different kinds of animals to hunt that will give you upgrade items and sometimes gear. You can also sell pelts of certain animals to give you a nice sum of Drachmae.

You can find animals about everywhere you go and the easiest way to hunt is to use your bow and arrow. Don’t worry about losing arrows because you can pick up your shot arrows off the ground or from the dead animals.

Play the Side Quests

Side quests are the best way to get experience points because there are just so many different ones to complete. People don’t even know just how many side missions are in the game because there is an extensive amount of them.

Each of them has their own little stories. Don’t get frustrated by the number of quests to complete, just complete them one at a time and you will enjoy every minute of it.

Upgrade your gear

Having the best gear is a very important thing to do just because it makes everything easier in the long run. There are so many different legendary items in the game that you will constantly be changing out your gear until you get a whole armor set. Try not to use materials to upgrade your gear at the beginning levels because you will always find something better to equip.


It seems like there is a lot to do in the game, but to be honest that is a good thing. That means you can get your money’s worth out of the game because of all the time you will be putting in it. For those who are confused about what to do in the game, just keep in mind that there is much to complete when it comes to the game. If you want a great guide to the game, consider looking at this guide on Amazon here.

For those who want to play the game, it is a worthwhile buy that is totally worth the time and money and will entertain you for a very long time. For those already playing the game, keep playing it and even strive to be a completionist by beating it 100%.