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Tagilla Complete Boss Guide – Escape From Tarkov

Tagilla Complete Boss Guide – Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a brutal simulation-type shooter game where calculating odds and thorough planning before engaging your enemies are absolutely crucial to survivability. Knowing your target and how to approach it is half the battle and we are here to educate you about Tagilla’s boss fight and what strategy you could apply to him

Tagilla is a SCAV boss found in the classical factory lurking about. According to the lore, he is actually Killa’s brother and he has all of the looks and the wisdom that his brother lacks. But by no means is this boss an easy fight. He is a lone wolf so there isn’t the worry of backup hurting you. A fast-firing high-tier weapon can make your job easy and sometimes staying close to him can also work in your favor.

Tagilla’s Location

Tagilla can be located within the factory map though it’s a major challenge in itself because he can spawn all over the place and on top of that his spawn chance is really low at just 18% chance. Though we have found him spawning more frequently in a few different spots around the factory map. The most common of which is around the medical tent in the far corner.

TIPS TO KILL THE FACTORY SCAV BOSS Tagilla Escape from Tarkov 1 0 screenshot

The other location that he can also be seen in is the large underground space where he’ll usually be crouched in one of the connecting underground tunnels waiting for a victim to walk by but other times he can be patrolling that large open space and you’ll be able to hear him walking. Stay high alert in the whole factory area as he can be spooked by other players roaming about.

TIPS TO KILL THE FACTORY SCAV BOSS Tagilla Escape from Tarkov 1 23 screenshot

Tagilla’s Equipment

He is an aggressive fool and will rush you if you get close. He carries a primary weapon to deal with enemies at range and has a hard-hitting sledgehammer for close-quarter fights.

Health Tagilla

He has a large health pool with a total of 1220 HP, compared to Killa who has just 800 HP, this guy is a tank. His individual body parts get these benefits as well. He is one of the largest health pool bosses there are in the game. This huge health pool is further accentuated by the armor he has on his person.

image 22

He is equipped with many types of weapon that are seen in the picture above and each weapon has been modded to near perfection the ammo types he is rocking is always special and much too dangerous which can easily take you out in a heartbeat. Shotguns and assault rifles are his forte.

His Dead Blow hammer can take out most players in a few hits and he is fast whereby out-running him is never a viable option. If he doesn’t kill you with this hammer then you will surely come out with broken limbs. He only whips it out when near the player.

image 23

He wears a custom welding mask that is armor class 5. There are two variants a Gorilla and an Obey one. This mask has a high ricochet chance to further enhance its defensive capabilities. And the best and worst part is that this mask is flashbang resistant, best when you have it on and bad when you have to deal with it on Tagilla. The Boss cap is just a cosmetic addition with no actual advantages here.

image 24
Chest Rig

He wears an armor level 6 special edition chest rig with a disrespectful decal painted on the back. This armor covers the thorax alone and not the stomach. This armor has six 2×1 cells where Tagilla stores many of his important items like Salewa first aid kit, Bitcoins, and grenades of sorts, you can also find L1 stims and lab access cards here too. Tagilla has large pockets as well where he stores all his special ammo.

He is a tactically aggressive boss whereby he doesn’t get aggroed that quickly and will move quietly around certain areas to get a jump on you. Once he locks on to you he will move the cover to cover and close the distance to you while firing his primary weapon. Once close he will switch to the hammer and pummel you to hell.

How To Defeat Tagilla?

Now that we know what this guy has on him and where he is located, let’s take a look at the best strategy to take him out of the picture.

As seen before his health pool is insane and the defensive capabilities are effective too hence you have to bring a high-caliber weapon with a strong ammo type to punish him. Target your fire to his stomach as it’s not protected well-enough and other limbs, leave his thorax to the side.

If you have high penetration ammo then aim for his head rather than his thorax. If you have a better flesh damage ammo then the stomach is your main target. Keep the accuracy of subsequent shots up as the moment you reload is when he gets the upper hand. A high Fire rate is key too when dealing with him.

here comes tagilla

He is more of a nuisance at range rather than at close quarters as he will move the cover to cover and keep the suppressive fire on the player. He can also hide in darker areas to get a surprise shot or two at you. To counter his tactical AI it’s best that we force him to take out his hammer and chase you. That sounds dangerous but hear us out.

Before he chases you try to lure him to places with low-level cover and you can essentially play ring around the roses with him where he chases you and you keep firing at him over the cover, in his hammer mode he will not use any ranged weapons so you will be relatively safe.

Another dangerous strategy that has worked for many players is that if you remain low in front of him then his swings will start missing you can you can unload your magazines in his stomach and get a quick kill. This is a high-risk high-reward strategy.

Though the hammer he chases you with can be menacing but it can very well be used against him in a fight where you can dodge his swings and using a fast-firing weapon take him out quick, a cheese of sorts but dangerous nonetheless.