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Can You Kill the Koi Fish in Grounded?

Can You Kill the Koi Fish in Grounded?

The Koi Pond in Grounded is an underwater biome with its own set of unique features. With such a wide array of things to discover, players will eagerly dive into this pond only to be met with a rather unassumingly menacing surprise. This threat is the roaming Koi Fish in this biome that will hunt you as soon as it spots you. The question is, can you kill the Koi Fish in Grounded?

Unfortunately, you cannot kill the Koi Fish in Grounded. It is more of a living environmental hazard and must be avoided at all costs. You have to either hide from its gaze or distract it to be able to circumvent this aquatic monstrosity.

Koi Fish

Koi Fish in Grounded

The Koi Fish is found exclusively in the Koi Pond biome. It patrols the watery realm from the water pagoda to the other side of the pond. It is constantly on the prowl and at the sight of the player or even some underwater creatures triggers it to attack.

Its left eye is missing hence that side of it is blind to spot you and can be taken advantage of when navigating underwater.

The Koi Fish moves around the pond in a certain pattern and needs to be avoided. Once it has targeted you, it will swim rapidly toward the player and will perform one of two attacks. A quick bite or a slow-eating attack. Both these attacks will most likely insta-kill you or any creature caught in its jaws.

If you happen to outmaneuver it then you can attack it. This is a difficult task in itself and not at all recommended. Upon damaging the fish, it will drop Scales which can be used to create armor and other stuff.

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Can the Koi Fish be Killed?

Avoiding Koi Fish

If you are feeling like the Koi Fish is your Moby Dick and you have to hunt it down then we advise you to hold that thought and listen to us.

The Koi Fish CANNOT be killed. It is designed as a puzzle that needs to be avoided when navigating the pond. Although you can attack it, there is no way that you could finish it off.

You have to either use your environment to hide like the tall grass and move when it is not looking or you can distract it by throwing a Decoy Bait to sneak by.

Although you cannot kill it, you can still have the best underwater weapons in Grounded.

The fish’s blind eye/blind side can be capitalized upon when trying to play hide and seek with it. If the fish spots and began chasing you then the best strategy is to place a Decoy Bait to stop it in its tracks or make a “run” for the land.

No matter what happens, the Koi Fish will always come on top if you are caught fighting it so better leave it alone.

It is quite tempting to kill this massive beast. However, you should let it swim along peacefully and avoid any confrontation. The Koi Fish is like a guard patrolling a prison. Take full advantage of your surroundings when you are in the pond and use Decoy Baits to distract it.